Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 161

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 161

Chapter 161 The Effect of the Spirit Sealing Altar The altar fragments were more shattered.

Although there were more fragments, all of them weren’t big.

Even Ye Chen could pick them up effortlessly.

However, the most convenient thing wasn’t here.

When Ye Chen cleared away the rubble on the surface, he immediately saw the controlling art the leader of the Feather Dragons had mentioned.

The spell carved on it was black, and they were very eye-catching on the surface of the fragments below.

What was even more eye-catching was that, judging from the carving marks of the spell, the altar fragments had already been roughly pieced together according to the original arrangement.

There was only a slight gap between some of the fragments, but it didn’t stop Ye Chen from noticing that something was wrong.

It was the surface of a round altar that was basically complete.

The fragments that were originally piled up above and scattered around were just some unimportant decorative carvings.

“Did you guys do this before? That’s too sweet!” he said in disbelief.

Ye Chen’s original plan was to put the pieces together.

He had already remembered this pile of broken fragments.

He was thinking that he wasn’t good at puzzles and that whether asking the system for help would work.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t even need to do it himself.

The other party had already put the answer in front of him.

Hearing this, the leader of the Feather Dragons quickly shook its head.

“We detest this altar very much.

How would we possibly come here to put it together? Mr.

Ye, if it wasn’t that you wanted to see it, I’m afraid this altar would have been left here forever.

” It sounded very puzzled too.

“Who else could it be†Could it be him?” Ye Chen looked at the human bones scattered all over the ground and chuckled speechlessly.

He went forward and pieced the altar fragments together even more closely.

As he put the disk-shaped altar together, a large amount of black and red gas rose from the spell patterns continuously.




At the same time, a system notification appeared.

[Spirit Sealing Altar (damaged)] [By sacrificing mutated beasts, you can control the mutated beasts below the strength of the altar’s owner.

You can also control remnants of mutated beasts below the strength of the altar’s owner, guiding the remnants to possess the bodies of the mutated beasts sacrificed.

The sacrifices required are the blood and Spiritual Energy of a mutated beast that have similar attributes and level to the target.

] [Reminder: The altar is currently damaged and its sealing power has decreased.

It is easy for it to malfunction.

] Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM [Hidden prompt message: Currently, the altar has recognized its owner, Yan Yi.

The range of control is below the Pseudo-Star Level.

Recognizing an owner again requires the altar to be reconstructed to repair the malfunction.

After the sacrifice is completed and the altar is washed by blood, it will be able to recognize a new master by dripping blood on it.

] A bunch of system notifications appeared, making Ye Chen a bit speechless.

“After all this, it turns out that this altar is the one behind everything— He checked the details in the notifications again and then raised his head to look at the swirling black-red gas above the altar.

It was obvious that it was emitting a bloody smell.

“Didn’t this guy enter the secret chamber of the ice array when you successfully resisted? Did he carry out a sacrificial ritual?” Ye Chen turned to ask the leader of the Feather Dragons.

“Of course.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons nodded.

“He should be the new family leader at that time.

It was his first time coming to the array, so he brought a mutated beast as a sacrifice.

We wanted to save it, but Divine Beast Goulong’s consciousness told us to wait until he used the Art of Goulong, so the sacrifice was completed in the end.

” This time, Ye Chen finally understood.

The Spirit Sealing Altar was used to control Goulong’s Spirit Pool fragment, and the sacrifice back then was to make the altar recognize Yan Yi, who had already turned into a skeleton, as its master so that he could control Goulong.

According to the information obtained by the leader of the Feather Dragons, Yan Yi was the new family leader and also a new continent-level master.

His strength should indeed be above the corresponding level, the Pseudo-Star Level, which matched the level required to control the altar.

Although Goulong was powerful, that was only a fragment of its Spirit Pool.

After the energy body contained within it was restricted by the array in the secret chamber, its combat strength was probably about the same as the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool, only at the Millionth Level.

Most of its strength was used to support the trap setup.

Therefore, it was indeed able to be restrained by Yan Yi.

However, after the sacrifice, Yan Yi quickly encountered resistance from the Feather Dragons.

The altar was shattered, and he eventually died in the array.

But perhaps because of resentment, Yan Yi still chose to bring the altar fragments here before his death.

He used the power of the altar in an attempt to seal Goulong’s consciousness.

Ye Chen really didn’t know what kind of person he was and could only guess like this.

However, because the altar itself had been shattered, only the mental energy of Goulong’s consciousness was affected and it wasn’t sealed as he wished.

This way, it could also explain the strange space trap setup.

It was just that Yan Yi didn’t want the Feather Dragons to take away the fragments of the altar.

He was afraid that the power of the altar would weaken further, so he made the inanimate objects in this space unable to be taken away.

Now that Ye Chen and the leader of the Feather Dragons had accidentally broken this trap, they could naturally dismantle the altar.

However, as long as the owner that the altar recognized still existed, the power to control Goulong’s consciousness would still be there.

This would still be disadvantageous to what they were going to do next.

The ownership of the altar had to be clear.

After listening to Ye Chen’s reasoning, the leader of the Feather Dragons immediately agreed with his point of view.

At the same time, it also raised a question.


Ye, I believe that you and your mutated beasts can repair this altar, but you mentioned that a sacrifice is required for the recognition of an owner and washing the altar with blood.

How should we do that?” The leader of the Feather Dragons was indeed concerned about the sacrifice.

Seeing how nervous it was, Ye Chen couldn’t help but joke.

“Since a mutated beast with compatible attributes and level with Divine Beast Goulong is needed as a sacrifice, the only mutated beasts that can be offered here are the Godly Sea Steadying Needle and the high-leve Feather Dragons here…” He deliberately slowed down and observed the expression of the leader of the Feather Dragons.

The other party panicked almost instantly.

“I can’t accept this!” it said loudly to Ye Chen, “Things have come to this point and we still have to make new sacrifices? We might as well think of another way to destroy this altar!” “Don’t be anxious.

Let me finish.

” Ye Chen patted the wing that the leader of the Feather Dragons flapped emotionally and asked it to calm down.

“I didn’t say that someone must die as a sacrifice.

” Looking at the expression of disbelief on the leader’s face, he secretly laughed in his heart.

“Don’t worry, no one will die.

I just have to trouble you more,” he added.