Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 159

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 159

Chapter 159 The Altar in the Ice Array Secret Chamber Ye Chen brought the leader of the Feather Dragons to the secret chamber of the ice array and briefly explained the situation to it.

He especially emphasized that he had to awaken Goulong within three days.

This was because Zhurong’s time of being awake was limited.

If not, he would really have to wait more than ten years.

“But I know clearly about the situation of Divine Beast Goulong.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons was very helpless about this.

“As it is already dead, the mental energy left behind by Divine Beast Goulong is limited.

Although it can help us provide energy to the array, it can cause the time when it wakes up to be fragmented.

Therefore, it has long controlled its waking time to be very short.

This way, the frequency of its awakening will be higher.

” Ye Chen was confused with this.

“If it doesn’t have enough energy, why does it have to force itself to wake up? Wouldn’t it be better if it accumulates energy and wakes up once?” “Mr.

Ye, you may not know this, but Divine Beast Goulong’s consciousness was never awakened before the Spiritual Energy here was accumulated.

After it woke up for the first time, it had an unexpected communication with the Feather Dragons that had entered this place.

That was why it decided to give us advice.

For this reason, it even set a strict regulation of its awakening so that it could make a resistance plan with us.

After that, Divine Beast Goulong’s consciousness only went into a long slumber once.

” “It’s between the time you made the plan and the time of really resisting, right?” Ye Chen understood.

“Yes, because at that time, we had to borrow the power of Divine Beast Goulong.

We had to let it recuperate, or else it might not be able to help us at the critical moment.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons nodded.

“But just when we successfully resisted, Divine Beast Goulong released Spiritual Energy outside the array to help us, causing a problem in its mental energy.

It couldn’t control the dispersion of its energy and fell into the current state for a long time.

” Ye Chen fell silent.

Before this, he had heard that Goulong’s consciousness had awakened on its own.

He thought that waking it up would be easier than waking Zhurong up, which was why had time to chat with Zhurong a while longer in the secret chamber in the fire array.




Unexpectedly, Goulong couldn’t control when it woke up and it was a side effect of the resistance of the Feather Dragons.

This kind of loss of control of mental energy was like a lesion in the brain.

It couldn’t be forced.

“You said that it lost control of its mental energy because it used too much Spiritual Energy.

Do you have any concrete evidence?” He couldn’t help but ask, “What if it was due to other reasons… For example, injuries in certain areas?” Since it was a problem caused by an old injury, he still had some hope.

He wanted to pretend to be a doctor and give Goulong a checkup, so he started with the cause of Goulong’s problem.

It would be great if he accidentally solved it.

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COM “We suspected it too, but this is the answer given by Divine Beast Goulong’s consciousness, so we can’t question it,” replied the leader of the Feather Dragons, “Besides, if we could affect the chamber’s array itself, we would have been able to destroy it by force, and we wouldn’t have been trapped for so long.

” “That’s true.

” Ye Chen became distressed.

“But is there really no damage inside the secret chamber? What if something happened that damaged the hidden array center in the secret chamber during your attack? Isn’t the thing covering the fragment of Goulong’s Spirit Pool able to control the perception and release of the Spiritual Energy of the fragment? If it affects the mental energy…” Of course, this was Ye Chen’s wild imagination, but it wasn’t without reason.

Mental energy was different from Spiritual Energy, but it was dependent on Spiritual Energy.

As long as the Spiritual Energy existed, the mental energy would also exist.

Therefore, after many ferocious beasts died for many years, although their bodies had long been petrified into mystic realms, there was still some mental energy left in their Spirit Pools.

Unless the remaining Spiritual Energy in their bodies was completely exhausted, the mental energy would continue to exist.

As long as there was an opportunity, the mutated beasts could still be awakened.

Simply put, if the mental energy was water, the Spiritual Energy would be a bottle filled with water.

Once the Spiritual Energy disappeared, the water would no longer take shape.

The relationship between the two was quite deep.

Therefore, although there was no direct evidence that the state of mental energy was directly related to the state of Spiritual Energy, Ye Chen was still willing to take a gamble on this possibility.

But after hearing this, the leader of the Feather Dragons thought of something.

“Just as Mr.

Ye thought, the interior of the secret chamber was indeed damaged.

” It recalled.

“There was something like an altar in the secret chamber, and it was engraved with controlling spells.

It was used by humans for the sacrificing rituals and was destroyed during the battle.

However, the Divine Beast, Goulong, said that it hated that kind of behavior, so we cleared out the fragments of the altar.

” “Altar?” Ye Chen pricked up his ears.

“There’s such a thing in the secret chamber? Why isn’t there any in the secret chamber in the fire array?” He had heard Zhurong mention the act of sacrificing before.

It was people’s act of sacrificing a mutated beast to Zhurong when it woke up.

The purpose was to let Zhurong’s consciousness attach to the mutated beast in an attempt to make it work for them.

However, Zhurong didn’t mention the altar.

“No, the secret chamber of the fire array doesn’t have any in the first place,” the leader of the Feather Dragons explained, “For some reason, the sacrificing rituals in the two secret chambers that those humans carried out were also different.

On this side, they released the blood of the chosen mutant beasts and killed them on the altar.

On that side, although I’ve never seen the sacrificing process with my own eyes, I know that the mutant beasts used for the sacrificing ritual were brought in from the itside.

Their deaths were quite tragic and they were almost smashed.

” Ye Chen reacted instantly.

This sacrificing ritual was simply worlds apart.

If it was as Zhurong had said, those people offered sacrifices to make Zhurong and Goulong obey them, their goal would be to make their consciousness possess other mutated beasts.

Zhurong’s original body wasn’t dead.

To control it, they needed to sacrifice the spirit of living beings.

Goulong had died a long time ago, so they had to sacrifice an inanimate object for it to possess before using the spell on the altar to control its consciousness.

Therefore, there was a clear difference between the life and death of the sacrifices of both sides.

Judging from this, the altar that could restrain Goulong’s consciousness must be a very important item.

At least, it could affect Goulong’s mental energy.

Ye Chen put his hands together and said to the leader of the Feather Dragons.

“Where are the fragments of the altar now? Take me there,” he said in a deep voice, “I suspect that Goulong’s current condition has a lot to do with its destruction.