Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 158

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Trust from the Leader of the Feather Dragons Ye Chen indeed never expected Zhurong to be so broad-minded.

Most of the records regarding Zhurong in the main world praised its powerful strength, but no one knew that a Divine Beast known for its combat strength had such a past.

“I’m sure my main body is currently in a hurry to cultivate and recover its strength, but now it’s a good time.

The fact that the Heaven Mending Barrier in your hand can be used means that although it isn’t used to reinforce the outer regions of the universe, it’s definitely a completed product.

After letting it perform an owner recognition ceremony with other races, it should be able to achieve its goal.

” After Zhurong explained its heavy past, it also seemed to be a bit more relieved.

It said with a smile before its expression changed.

“So, in order to quickly spread this matter to the outside world, you have to work hard now and wake Goulong up!” It suddenly pecked Ye Chen on the head.

“I have to conserve energy and can’t leave the secret chamber for too long, so I’ll rest here first.

Wake Goulong up and come to find me within three days!” Ye Chen jumped up immediately.

“Okay, okay! I’ll go now!” His respect for Zhurong before instantly disappeared, leaving only resentment.

“I’m also asking about serious matters!” “Now, the only thing you have to do is to get us all out of this damn place!” Zhurong didn’t give him any face.

“Hurry up and do your job.

No matter what, you have to resolve this matter within three days.

If not, once the time is up, you will be the one starving to death here!” After saying that, it kept possessing the Immortal Phoenix as it tucked its head into the feathers and fell asleep without caring about Ye Chen’s objection.

“Let the Immortal Phoenix come back! It’s the only fire-type Divine Beast here.

How can I wake Goulong up without its power?” “Cut it out.

You have the fire-type constitution yourself.

” Zhurong reluctantly replied to him, “Possession consumes power.

It will shorten the time I’m awake.

If you want me to shorten three days to one day, that’s fine too.

” .



This was a very obvious rejection.

“Forget it, I’ll settle the score with my main body when I get out,” he advised himself.

“Why is the consciousness developed in this fragment so annoying?” With that thought, he didn’t wait any longer and strode out of the chamber.

Monkey, still holding the golden feather, looked fearfully into the chamber.

“Boss, what did you and Big Sister talk about in there for so long?” it asked worriedly, “Why is Big Sister sleeping inside.

Is she not coming Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM out?” “That inside isn’t Sun God Envoy.

It’s only the consciousness of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool fragment that possessed Sun God Envoy.

” Ye Chen said speechlessly, “We don’t have to bother about it.

It won’t harm Sun God Envoy.

It even told me the fastest way to break through the secret chamber.

” He looked at the golden feather in Monkey’s hand and felt speechless in his heart.

“Our current mission is to help that guy wake up Goulong, who’s sleeping next door.

” He sighed heavily.

“Ah, I really don’t want to see that old man, but I have to.

” He still remembered what Goulong’s consciousness did to him when he entered the array a few days ago.

However, if he could awaken Goulong’s consciousness quickly, he would still be very happy.

Just as Zhurong had said, if Goulong didn’t wake up, he would probably have to wait in this realm for eight to ten years until the two of them woke up.

Or rather, to wait for eight to ten years was only a more ideal situation.

Because based on the progress of the Divine Beasts, they would have a very strange bottleneck period.

When they didn’t have advancing materials, they would easily be stuck at a certain level of strength for more than ten years.

Without some time, it was very difficult for them to improve their combat strength.

This was only about the mutated beasts.

For a human like Ye Chen, the most important thing was food instead.

Although he had placed enough prey in his inventory and his inventory had the ability to preserve their freshness, the amount was still limited.

Ye Chen had looked at the system before.

Although this place was technically still in the Primitive Burial Ground, the trading function of the previous world was still closed, probably because of the arrays, so he couldn’t buy any resources.

And even though the food was indeed enough for him to eat for a few years, what should he do after that? So, the current situation was that Ye Chen couldn’t wait, nor did he want to wait.

He could only quickly wake Goulong.

He quickly returned to the ice array area with Monkey.

In a spherical space in front of them were the Feather Dragon, and the three Divine Beasts, the Kun Peng, Little Purple, and the Godly Sea Steadying Needle.


Ye, you’re back so early.

Is there a problem with the fire array?” The leader of the Feather Dragons saw Ye Chen walking over and went up to him as well.

“I’m still teaching them how to awaken their special abilities.

The progress is a little slow for now.

You can ask whatever you want.

’ Behind it, Little Purple and the Godly Sea Steadying Needle were indeed closing their eyes tightly as they entered a state of comprehension.

Meanwhile, the Kun Peng, who had already successfully comprehended the new Mystic Ability, Spirit Wall Space, was practicing in a small area where ice spikes were constantly falling Seeing that Ye Chen was paying attention to the Kun Peng, the leader of the Feathered Dragons explained, “That’s a place that I’ve modified.

It’s specifically designed for it to practice defending against pure attacks with the Spirit Wall Space.

I’ve placed a forbidden spell on it.

If its Spiritual Energy is insufficient, the ice spikes will also turn into liquid and won’t harm it.

” However, what Ye Chen was paying attention to was actually something floating in the middle of the Kun Peng’s Spirit Wall Space.

He could vaguely see that it was an ice core.

There was a familiar aura on the ice core, and it seemed to be very similar to the aura of the leader of the Feather Dragons.

“What’s inside the Kun Peng’s Spirit Wall Space? Why does it have your aura?” he asked.

“That’s the Spirit Core I lent it,” the leader of the Feather Dragons generously admitted.

“This is a cultivation art that can help it increase its combat power in a short period of time.

Besides, if the perception of its Spirit Wall Space can be increased, it will also be more convenient for you to search for the array center.

It would certainly be great if I can help.

” The Spirit Core of a beast was the key to its meridians.

It was used to absorb and convert Spiritual Energy, similar to the Yin Yang Taichi Fish in Ye Chen’s body.

However, the difference was that Spirit Cores were neither born nor installed.

They were obtained through cultivation.

After reaching a certain level of combat strength, Spirit Cores could be extracted from the body to control Spiritual Energy more agilely.

However, under normal circumstances, no mutant beast would hand this item to someone else.

If the spirit core was taken away by other mutant beasts, it would have a huge impact on the original owner’s cultivation unless it used a large amount of what it had achieved in cultivation to create the Spirit Core again.

The Feather Dragons lending its Spirit Core to the Kun Peng now showed its trust for the Kun Peng.

Ye Chen was a bit touched.

“You’re really a good leader.

” He exclaimed, “Now, let these brats train by themselves.

I have something more important to tell you.