Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 5

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Why Must It Be You? Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios After receiving Gong Hao’s promise, the warmth in Fu Xi’s eyes deepened.

In her previous life, he had treated her like a god and tried his best to protect her.

In this life, he still did not hold back.

No matter what she asked, he did not withhold anything from her.

He hid no secrets from her.

He was completely transparent and trusted her completely.

“Ah Hao, you’re not allowed to leave me.

” Fu Xi held his face and kissed his thin lips lightly.

She would make it up to such a good man with her life.

Sensing Fu Xi’s change, Gong Hao pulled her into his arms and pressed her ear against his chest.

The atmosphere intensified and the distance between the two of them closed once again.

“Oh right, there’s something I haven’t done yet.

” Fu Xi suddenly thought of something.

She broke free from his embrace and picked up her phone to call her subordinate.

“Bring Wang Xiaoling back.

” The subordinate at the other end of the phone immediately obeyed the order.




Wang Xiaoling was the call girl that Fu Xi had thrown out earlier.

She had a feeling that things were not that simple.

Gong Ming’s trap was probably part of a scheme.

Perhaps Gong Hao had already fallen into the trap from the moment he was drugged.

The Fu family moved quickly.

Before long, a rucksack was thrown in front of Fu Xi.

Fu Xi opened the sack with disdain.

Wang Xiaoling, whose mouth was covered by a towel, immediately rolled out.

Her eyes widened in fear and her face grimaced.

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COM Fu Xi sneered and raised her eyebrows.

She patted Wang Xiaoling’s face forcefully.

“Tell me, who sent you here?” Wang Xiaoling shook her head vehemently.

“Are you still pretending not to know?” Fu Xi couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on her and stepped on her neck ruthlessly.

The sharp heels pierced through Wang Xiaoling’s skin and blood gushed out from the bottom of Fu Xi’s shoes.

Fu Xi looked coldly at the ashen-faced woman on the ground and wiped the soles of her shoes clean.

“You can slowly consider when to come clean.

I have plenty of time and patience, as long as your blood is enough to last until tomorrow.

” The murderous intent in her eyes was so strong that Wang Xiaoling felt as if she had fallen into an ice cellar.

She could not help but shiver.

She had never felt so close to death.

Fu Xi saw that Wang Xiaoling’s psychological defense had collapsed.

She pulled off the towel that was covering her mouth and let go of the rope.

Once Wang Xiaoling regained the use of her limbs, she clutched the wound on her neck tightly.

Her whole body was shaking and her voice was trembling even more.

“It was Chen Liang who asked me to come.

He said that he wanted me to sleep with Young Master Gong and pass on my disease to him, so he gave me five million dollars.

” Fu Xi suddenly narrowed her eyes.

“Venereal disease.

” Wang Xiaoling’s eyes flickered, and she shrank back carefully.

Fu Xi noticed the red spots on her neck and thighs and suddenly understood.

She had gotten syphilis and had quite a lot of festering areas on her body.

It was clearly mid to late stage.

Gong Hao also reacted and clenched his fists coldly.

Fu Xi threw a roll of tissue at Wang Xiaoling.

“Get lost.

” Wang Xiaoling quickly grabbed a tissue and covered her bleeding wound.

She wanted to go out in a hurry, but Fu Xi’s subordinates threw her back into the sack and took her out of the room.

Only Fu Xi and Gong Hao were left in the room.

Gong Hao’s expression was cold as he slowly took a deep breath.

“Xi’er, it’s fortunate that I have you, otherwise I would have been tricked by Gong Ming and received this great gift.

” Chen Liang was one of Gong Ming’s men.

If it wasn’t for Fu Xi’s reminder, he might have already gotten involved with Wang Xiaoling and been infected with syphilis.

He had been too kind to Gong Ming.

“Ah Hao, stop holding back.

” Fu Xi reminded him and he nodded slowly.

It was time to make a move.

“That Wang Xiaoling can’t be thrown away.

She’s still very useful.

” Fu Xi pinched her chin and gave Gong Hao a complicated smile.

Wang Xiaoling’s looks were not bad.

Licentious men like Gong Ming would probably not reject such a beautiful woman that came knocking on their door, especially when they were drunk.

Gong Hao understood and his eyes flickered dispassionately.