Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 6

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Take the Money or Leave Your Life Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Gong Ming wasn’t having an easy life.

Gong You threw a stack of documents at his face, fury burning in his eyes.

“Look what you’ve done.

” “Hanging around with young models and having a messy private life; your gossip is even trending.

Is this what you meant when you bragged about managing the company well?” Gong Ming was scolded to the point where he was practically spitting out blood as he answered in a submissive and soft voice.

“Give me some time, Dad.

I’ll take care of it.

” “Bullshit.

” Gong You slammed the table angrily and swept the documents onto the floor.

“The four companies in your hands will now be under Ah Hao’s management.

You should suppress the public opinion first.

” At that, Gong Ming abruptly raised his head.

“Dad, those are the companies I’ve been managing.

” He had just finished speaking when Gong You glared at him so fiercely that he lowered his head again.




“If you weren’t so useless, would I have given them to him? Hurry up and suppress the public opinion.

” Gong Ming wanted to say more, but when he met Gong You’s man-eating gaze, he could only swallow the words he was about to say.

An hour later, Gong Ming received the transfer document from Gong Hao.

His hand trembled as he held a pen and signed on the document.

It was as if Gong Hao’s smug smile had appeared in front of his eyes.

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COM “Isn’t he just relying on Miss Fu? What’s there to be proud of? She’d picked up trash and treated it like a treasure.

” Gong Ming cursed under his breath and asked Chen Liang to come over, “Suppress all these rumors and find me a few young models tonight.

” He had held back a lot of anger today.

He had to vent it out properly.

Chen Liang agreed carefully.

Just as he went out, he was caught and brought to Fu Xi.

Fu Xi glanced at him arrogantly and lazily filed her nails.

“You’ve done quite well working for Gong Ming.

” Chen Liang did not dare to raise his head.

He replied carefully, “This is my responsibility.

I have to do what I’m paid to do.

” “Then work for me.

” Fu Xi threw a stack of money in front of him.

“Arrange for Wang Xiaoling to sleep with Gong Ming.

You know what to do.

” Chen Liang gulped and did not dare to take the order.

This stack of money was extremely thick; it was worth two months of his usual salary.

However, when he thought about the consequences of betraying Gong Ming, he withdrew his hand.

If Gong Ming knew, he would not come to a good end.

Seeing Chen Liang’s hesitation, Fu Xi snorted.

“Don’t be so shameless.

I’m giving you money because I’m flattering you.

” She threw another stack of money at Chen Liang.

“Either take the money or leave your life.

” Her bodyguards stepped forward and glared at Chen Liang.

The leader of the bodyguards said gloomily, “Kid, you’d better not take the money.

If you continue to be stubborn, we will be rewarded one thousand dollars for every punch you take.

Don’t die so quickly.

” Chen Liang was shocked and quickly grabbed the money on the floor.

If they were to beat him up, he would be tortured to death! With money, who wouldn’t want to maximize their benefits? Seeing that Chen Liang knew what was good for him, Fu Xi smiled and crossed her arms.

“If you make him sick, your bonus will be doubled.

From now on, you will work for me.

” “Yes.

” Chen Liang lowered his head even more.

That night, Gong Ming drowned his sorrows at the clubhouse he frequented.

“Second Young Master, the person you want is on the second floor.

” Chen Liang smiled obsequiously and led the way to his usual room.

As soon as she entered, a naked and passionate woman wrapped herself around him.

“Second Master, you made me wait so long.

” Gong Ming did not wait to grab and kiss her.