Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 4

Sensational! The Crippled Mister Gong Is A Big-Shot - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Setting an Example Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Gong Ming looked at Fu Xi who was walking out from behind the door and was completely stunned.

Fu Xi’s cold gaze swept past the two of them as she leaned softly against Gong Hao’s side.

Her red lips curled up slightly as she spoke slowly.

“Ah Hao and I were in a secret relationship.

I didn’t want to cause any trouble, but I didn’t expect to be labeled a call girl.

It seems like the Fu family isn’t big enough to catch the Gong family’s eye.

” These light words caused Gong Ming to break out in cold sweat.

Fu Xi was the Fu family’s only daughter! The Fu family was a first-rate corporation in the city.

Old Master Fu had established the Fu family, and after half a lifetime of hard work, Father Fu expanded the Fu family’s business empire.

Fu Xi was the apple of their eyes.

If she wanted the stars, the Fu family would find a way for her to get what she wanted.

Offending her was akin to offending the entire Fu family.

Gong You was the first to return to his senses.

Waving his hands repeatedly, he looked at her in surprise.

“Xi’er, you’re being too harsh.

I misheard the servants gossiping and caused a misunderstanding.

Are you… dating Ah Hao?” .



“Yes,” Fu Xi agreed lightly.

“I hope Uncle Gong won’t disturb our sweet moments again.

” Gong You felt a little embarrassed as he forced a smile and nodded.

“It’s Uncle Gong’s fault.

You youngsters like to play exciting games.

Please continue.

” He turned around and left.

Gong Ming looked at the two of them hatefully and reluctantly followed Gong You’s footsteps.

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COM How could Gong Hao be involved with Fu Xi? Why hadn’t he received any news about this previously? Although the two of them grew up together, Fu Xi had always been cold to Gong Hao since they were young.

How did he end up in bed with her in the blink of an eye? With the help of the Fu Family, Gong Hao would probably be even harder to deal with! After the two of them left, the servants also wanted to leave, but they were stopped by Fu Xi’s words.

“You want to run after gossiping? Are all the servants of the Gong family so unruly?” They were stunned and turned around uneasily.

Fu Xi waved her hand impatiently.

“Tell the butler to dismiss everyone who came to watch today.

” With that, Fu Xi closed the door.

She heard the servants begging outside the door.

Satisfied, she turned around, yawned, and sat on the edge of the bed.

Fu Xi was already exhausted and was annoyed to have to deal with this situation.

However, this seemed to be quite effective.

She was obviously throwing the book at someone to set an example.

Fu Xi heard the sound of fingers tapping on the keyboard.

She looked up and saw Gong Hao looking at the computer screen seriously.

There were lines of codes flashing rapidly on the screen.

The firewall was quickly cracked and private photos of extremely large sizes appeared.

Staring at the familiar face in the photo, Fu Xi pretended to be surprised.

“Isn’t this Gong Ming?” “That’s right.

” Gong Hao pressed the return key and closed the laptop.

Fu Xi looked at him and immediately switched on her phone to search for the local news.

As expected, the top trending topic was Gong Ming’s scandalous private life with several young models.

There were also dozens of intimate photos of him and the young models.

These were the ones that Gong Hao had uncovered! Surprise flashed across Fu Xi’s eyes as she looked at Gong Hao in admiration.

“Gong Ming must have kept these private photos very well hidden.

Ah Hao, how did you do it?” “I’m good at programming and can crack his password.

In other words, I’m a hacker.

” Gong Hao met her clear eyes and unknowingly said what was on his mind.


” Fu Xi clapped and hugged his arm.

“You must be the best hacker.

If I run into any trouble in the future, you’ll have to help me.

” The faint fragrance of flowers lingered around the tip of Gong Hao’s nose.

He nodded in captivation, and held her hand.

“I will do my best to protect you.