A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 69

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 69

Chapter 69 When Yu Yunren woke up the next day, he still did not know that his behaviour had already been labelled as suspicious by others.

He thought that he had hid it pretty well.

Renzi only woke up in the afternoon, still feeling groggy, and wanted to drink some revival beer to clear his head.

However, he was stopped by Zhi Xuan, and Zhi Xuan gave him some strongly-brewed tea instead.

In the afternoon, Shu Jingyi invited him to a cafe, and he left his house.

Shu Jingyi passed Renzi his phone.

“You dropped this in my car last night.

” Renzi finally felt relieved.

“Ah, that’s great.

I thought I had lost it somewhere.

” “When I brought it home with me yesterday, Gu Xiaoshan happened to call you, so I answered.

Would you mind that?” Renzi was taken aback.

“What did you tell him?” “Since we’ve agreed to treat it as nothing happened in the hotel, so nothing happened.

” Shu Jingyi answered, “I told him that I saw you drunk in front of the KTV, and sent you home, that’s it.

” “Huh?” Renzi was extremely uncertain.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t suspect anything at all.

” Renzi thought about it.

“Then… when you said that I was at the KTV, he didn’t get angry?” .



“No?” Shu Jingyi smiled.

“He’s attended so many drinking parties for business, he’s definitely been to such places more often than you.

You’re both men, you both understand what’s going on, why would he be bothered by it?” “Uhh…” Renzi contemplated, “I think, I should still tell him about it.

” “What are you going to tell him? That you have a nude photo scandal with another woman? Imagine, if Gu Xiaoshan said that he shared a bed with another person after getting drunk, would you be able to accept it?” Renzi was muddled.

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COM Shu Jingyi continued, “I’ve already helped you clean up this matter.

As long as we don’t mention it, this matter would not exist.

Trouble will be saved for everyone too.

This is the art of interacting with people.

” Shu Jingyi threw out one fallacy after another, and lured Renzi into his trap.

After all that talk, Renzi nodded his head hesitantly.

Shu Jingyi said he wanted to help Renzi relax, and so brought him to play golf.

Renzi’s mind was fully occupied, and did not play much.

As such, only after a short period of time, Shu Jingyi then drove Renzi back home.

When Renzi got home, he was also not in the mood to go anywhere else.

He thought that he should just stay at home quietly, cultivate and improve his mind, until Gu Xiaoshan came back.

Renzi was still listless.

Sitting by the pool at home, he watched Ha-cube run here and there, finding no meaning in anything.

Zhi Xuan walked over to under Renzi’s umbrella with two mojitos in his hands, putting them down, and taking a seat on the deckchair.

Renzi glanced at Zhi Xuan, sighing, “I better not drink any alcohol, every time I get drunk nothing good ever happens!” “Alcohol is good, but being too fond of it is not.

” Zhi Xuan replied with a smile.

“This is non-alcoholic, don’t worry about drinking it.

” Renzi drank a mouthful.

His mouth was full of the mint flavour, but there was no hint of alcohol, and felt that it was missing something.

“I’ve long wanted to tell you to think about the consequences when you do something, especially when you’re drinking.

” Zhi Xuan recalled all the various experiences of cleaning up after Renzi in the past, shaking his head and sighing, “However, I’m just an employee, so I couldn’t say anything! I could only try my best and rescue the situation, to make sure that I earn my pay.

” “Mn, I know.

I’m also pretty grateful towards you.

” Renzi smiled, “Also, we’re now a family!” Hearing this, Zhi Xuan accidentally choked on his mojito.

He coughed, “I’m not worthy…” “Why not? Dad has already acknowledged you.

Your relationship with my brother is also so good!” Renzi shook his head, “It makes people envious.

” Zhi Xuan removed his shoes, putting both his feet up on the deckchair.

Adjusting it to a comfortable position, he leant back.

“Your relationship with Gu Xiaoshan isn’t too bad as well, you should be in the honeymoon period now.

Being so far apart, are you a little not used to it? Like last night, were you too bored, so you went out to play?” Renzi became flustered.

“No, no, I… I only went to read.

” Zhi Xuan chuckled, rattling the ice cubes in his glass.

“Reading till midnight, that study group of yours doesn’t sound very decent.

” “Umm…” Renzi faltered, and could only drink the ice cold drink to cool his heated brain down.

Zhi Xuan pretended to speak casually, “Your study group is so strict, to the point where you couldn’t bring your phone? Last night, Gu Xiaoshan even ended up calling me, asking about your whereabouts.

” Renzi nearly spat out his drink.

He covered his mouth, his eyes widening, and only spoke after a moment, “R-really? T-then, what did you say?” Zhi Xuan laughed, “I’m on your side, of course I’ll help you! I told him that you were long asleep.

He didn’t ask anything else after that.

” Renzi finally calmed down.

“Where exactly did you go?” “Umm…” Renzi started feeling conflicted about it again, chewing on his straw.

Zhi Xuan chuckled, “Fine, it’s ok if you don’t say it.

As long as you can explain it to Gu Xiaoshan.

” Renzi then asked Zhi Xuan, “Does my brother know that you used to go to the nightclubs and play like crazy?” “Why are you asking this?” Zhi Xuan frowned.

Renzi thought about it.

“You’re such an introvert, and always so mysterious.

There must be many things you’re hiding from my brother right? How do you accomplish that?” Zhi Xuan naturally denied it, “What are you talking about? How can I be hiding anything from your brother? Don’t talk nonsense!” “Ahh…” Renzi was a little doubtful, “Really? You’ve never hidden anything from him before?” Zhi Xuan replied composedly, “Of course, a couple has to be frank and sincere with each other.

” Renzi nearly believed it.

Seeing that Renzi was unwilling to talk about it, Zhi Xuan no longer questioned him.

Thinking that he was someone else’s boyfriend, and someone else’s brother, to continue pressing him he would be ostracised on both sides.

If there really was a need to worry, he should just hand it over to Gu Xiaoshan or Yu Yuntao.

Zhi Xuan finished his drink and left.

When he neared the garage, someone called out to him.

Turning around, it was Yu Yuntao glowing with sweat, under the sun.

His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his firm, muscular arms, and Zhi Xuan really wanted to caress them.

“What happened? Why are you so sweaty? Where did you go?” Zhi Xuan casually reached out and stroked at Yu Yuntao’s muscles, and even wrapped his hand around him.

Yu Yuntao was not bothered by his lover taking advantage of him, and had a stern look on his face.

“I know what happened last night!” Zhi Xuan was taken aback.

“How are you that impressive?” Being praised by his lover like this, Yu Yuntao was very proud of himself.

“Of course!” He then took out his phone and showed Zhi Xuan a photo.

In the photo was the friend who invited Renzi to the study group.

He was completely naked, and the sign in his hand kept his important bits out of sight.

On the sign was written: I am a dog.

“What happened?” Zhi Xuan was startled.

Yu Yuntao laughed, “A case of seizing the yellow-legged chicken!” Zhi Xuan was confused.

“Are you getting addicted to seizing the yellow-legged chicken?” “Hah, no, this is dealing with him the same way he dealt with others!” Yu Yuntao explained, “I found out that last night, Renzi was deceived by this dickhead into attending the study group.

Then, according to the GPS records of Renzi’s phone, he didn’t stay at the study group for too long before he left for a chain KTV, and after that, he went to a hotel before finally coming home.

” After hearing this, Zhi Xuan quickly grasped the keypoint.

“How did you get the GPS records of Renzi’s phone?” “It wasn’t me,” Yu Yuntao hurriedly clarified.

“It was Gu Xiaoshan.

” “How did he have the GPS records of Renzi’s phone?” Zhi Xuan was baffled.

“Maybe he’s scared Renzi would be lost!” Yu Yuntao was unbelievably on Gu Xiaoshan’s side.

“This worry is not unreasonable.

” Renzi thought about it, and asked Yu Yuntao, “I mean, how did Gu Xiaoshan get the GPS records of Renzi’s phone?” “It’s not difficult.

Gu Xiaoshan has Renzi’s iCloud account,” Yu Yuntao replied.

Zhi Xuan asked, “Then, that time when you said you wanted to fix the wifi for me, and asked me for my iCloud account…” “Ah Xuan, why are you talking about this? Is there not a bit of trust between the both of us?” Yu Yuntao quickly cut Zhi Xuan off.

“The keypoint, look at the keypoint.

His whereabouts was too strange!” Zhi Xuan recalled Yu Yunren’s words just now.

“Just with this, you suspect that someone has involved Renzi in a badger game?”