A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 70

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 70

Chapter 70 “It’s not a suspicion, it really happened, “ Yu Yuntao replied.

“I just went straight to that hotel, and found out that it belongs to Old Goo.

After asking him for the CCTV records, his face changed, and I immediately knew something was wrong.

He said something about the system being down, it sounded just like an excuse.

” Zhi Xuan frowned.

“President Goo is involved as well? Why would he lay such a trap for Renzi? Is this possible?” “At first, I also didn’t think that he’ll do something like this, so I looked for him directly for help.

Then I saw that he didn’t seem quite right, and after giving an excuse for not providing me with the CCTV records, he also found an excuse to leave.

” “Then you must definitely have not let him leave.

” Zhi Xuan seemed to have already guessed what happened after.

How could Yu Yuntao let Olf Goo leave? It was Old Goo’s office, and there were only the two of them there.

Yu Yuntao straight away grabbed hold of Old Goo, forcing him to give up the CCTV records.

Old Goo insisted that his system was really down.

Yu Yuntao then said, “Fine, I’ll call the police immediately!” Old Goo was amused.

“This is a legal business, all our dealings are above board.

I’m not scared if you call the police.

” However, Yu Yuntao smiled.

“I’ll call the police every day.

Today they’ll inspect your fire safety, tomorrow they’ll check to see if there’s any prostitution going on.

They check everything thing from head to toe, we’ll see if you’ll still be able to continue doing your business?” Most police reports were usually easily to handle.

However, Yu Yuntao was not someone who could be dealt with easily, and naturally knew how to hit them where it hurt.

Of course, it was not confirmed if anything illegal would be discovered, but even like this, it would be very troublesome, and bad for business.

Old Goo could only beg for mercy.

“Ah, Young Master Yu, how have I offended you that you’ll insist on giving me such troubles?” Yu Yuntao bulldozed ahead.

“Last night, something happened to my brother here, and he became depressed upon going home! He was even injured! I’m asking you, what exactly happened?! If you don’t give me an explanation today, I’ll beat the crap out of you! We’ll both go into the police station! At most they’ll keep me in for five days! Five days later, I’ll come out and beat you again!” .



Old Goo was alarmed.

A young master, a president was speaking just like a hooligan.

However, looking at Yu Yuntao’s posture, he really looked as though he was not lying.

His muscles were all tensed up, shoving Old Goo against the wall, and Old Goo could not even move an inch.

“You should have said that it had to do with President Ren! He’s a friend of mine, if you mentioned it, I would have done my all!” Old Goo’s attitude changed immediately.

“Let go of me first…” Yu Yuntao released Old Goo.

Old Goo wheezed, and could only ask his subordinates to bring the hard drive over.

The CCTV system was really down, someone had most likely manipulated it in advance.

Yu Yuntao thought, since he was here already, and had already given his threats, he definitely could not just leave like this.

So, he sat on the couch, saying, “Looking at my brother’s reaction, something big must have happened.

Were your people all dead? No one knows anything about it? No one heard anything? Want me to ask them one by one?” Old Goo only wanted to send this god of pestilence away, and so summoned the staff that was there that day.

The staff then followed according to Old Goo’s directions, saying that Renzi had a conflict with a lady.

He did not dare to look over, and anyway, nothing happened after.

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COM Yu Yuntao was silent upon hearing it.

Old Goo smiled, “See, they’re also not very clear about it.

” Yu Yuntao ignored him, standing up, breaking the table with a couple of kicks.

“You think I’m a fool?! A conflict in your territory, are your people deaf and dumb? It seems like you guys are working together to lay a trap for my brother.

You guys won’t know how to be scared if I don’t destroy this place today!” Old Goo recalled Old Mister Yu’s brilliant legacy, and thought, with his son’s posture, this sort of manners was really inherited! Old Goo hurriedly tried persuading him, but Yu Yuntao picked up a chair with one hand and smashed the Fengshui fish aquarium with it.

“Don’t worry! I’ll pay for the damages!” The staff mopped the floor and picked up the fish in a panic.

Old Goo tried holding Yu Yuntao back, persuading him, and found another staff who was of a higher ranking.

The staff could only say that the lady was a scammer, and it probably was a case of seizing the yellow-legged chicken.

Yu Yuntao slapped that rotten fellow, “Still lying? How do you fucking do your work, you don’t know anything? I’ll give you a lesson on your President Goo’s behalf!” Old Goo had always thought that Yu Yuntao had grown up in a sheltered environment.

Now, he realised that Yu Yuntao probably did have quite a lot of experience in such “societal matters”.

Old Goo knew he could conceal it no longer, and could only let the manager on duty that day to come.

He told Yu Yuntao that it was a habitual criminal called Tan-jie who brought Renzi here, and then he was later rescued by Shu Jingyi.

After hearing this, Yu Yuntao pretty much understood the whole situation, and clapped Old Goo on the shoulder, “Oh, then this is really a misunderstanding.

” Yu Yuntao smiled, as though nothing had happened.

Seeing it, Old Goo swore silently, but he also fixed a smile on his face, “Right, it’s all my fault, I’ve let something happened to President Ren on my territory, I’m the one to blame.

” Yu Yuntao laughed, pounding Old Goo on the chest seeming jokingly, nearly causing his lungs to burst.

Yu Yuntao said, “Since that Tan woman is a habitual criminal, you should be familiar with her.

Get her to come speak with me.

” That manager replied, “She was taught a lesson by President Shu then, she probably ran away already.

” Yu Yuntao snorted, “You’re making this very hard for me.

” “How so?” The manager asked.

“If she’s disappeared, then who can I vent my anger on?” Old Goo immediately understood, and slapped himself on the chest.

“You can vent your anger on me! It’s my fault, I let this happen to President Ren on my territory! I’m the one at fault!” Yu Yuntao patted Old Goo’s shoulder, that force nearly collapsing Old Goo’s chest.

“Aiyah, President Goo, you must be joking? How can I vent my anger on you? Am I supposed to beat you up?” “No, no, no,” Old Goo smiled.

“President Yu is a cultured person, how would you beat anyone up?” “Yes, yes, yes.

” Yu Yuntao nodded, “I’m quite cultured.

” Old Goo had no choice but to sign a deal giving the Yu empire the rights to supply liquor to his establishment with much grievance.

Of course, this deal was biased in the Yu empire’s favour as well.

Old Goo gave Shu Jingyi a call as soon as possible, saying that he had lost big.

Shu Jingyi was surprised by Yu Yuntao’s actions, but still consoled Old Goo, “What’s a few million to you? When the Country C project is settled, this is nothing.

” Old Goo thought the same.

Yu Yuntao glossed through the process of how he threatened Old Goo into telling the truth, but Zhi Xuan could imagine the chaotic situation himself.

Zhi Xuan then said, “I think, whether it’s that Tan woman, the study group friend… and even Old Goo, they’re not the main focus.

” Yu Yuntao nodded.

“The main focus is ‘Shu Jingyi’.

Why would he appear there? Why would Old Goo try to lay a trap for Renzi out of the blue? There must be something going on between him and Shu Jingyi.

” “What do you think it is?” “Renzi had said it before, Shu Jingyi likes Gu Xiaoshan! In my opinion, Shu Jingyi is creating trouble on purpose to break them up, and conveniently splash some dirt onto Renzi this ‘love rival’.

” “Are you serious?” Zhi Xuan was taken aback.

“Why would Shu Jingyi like Gu Xiaoshan?” Yu Yuntao was not familiar with their ongoings, and so did not have a clear idea of the situation.

All he knew was what Yu Yunren had told him, that Shu Jingyi wanted to seduce Gu Xiaoshan.

Yu Yuntao was at first not bothered by it, but now that things were like this, he could not help but see this as a possibility.

He thought that Renzi might have a wrong understanding of it, but Gu Xiaoshan was definitely not a fool.

So, he purposely gave Gu Xiaoshan a call to ask about the situation, “Do you know that Shu Jingyi wants to come between the two of you?” Gu Xiaoshan heard this question, and asked in reply, “Why? You finally found that it had to do with Shu Jingyi?” Yu Yuntao was surprised, “It’s true?” Right from the start, Gu Xiaoshan felt that Shu Jingyi was the mastermind.

It was Yu Yuntao who was shocked, “Aren’t you supposed to be very impressive? You can’t handle one Shu Jingyi?” Gu Xiaoshan laughed, “You’re the impressive one, want to try handling Shu Jingyi yourself?” “Hah, you think I don’t dare?” Yu Yuntao was very complacent.

Gu Xiaoshan was now afraid that Yu Yuntao had really did something.

He warned, “Shu Jingyi’s dealings aren’t very clean.

If cultured people like us go against him, we’ll definitely lose out.

” How could Yu Yuntao not know this? Who did not know that Shu Jingyi was a human with a beast nature, a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothings, and was a real life devil.

Yu Yuntao laughed, “This Shu Jingyi is a scourge you summoned.

Everything was fine, why did you have to go on a blind date?” Gu Xiaoshan had also completely regretted his actions.

Why did he go on a blind date? Instead of getting a date, all he got was an enemy.

He then said, “Yes, yes, I’ll never go on a blind date again.

” “You better not!” Yu Yuntao spoke, “I’ve dealt with Old Goo already, I’ll hand Shu Jingyi over to you!” Old Goo was very easy to deal with, but Shu Jingyi was not.

Yu Yuntao had vented his anger on Old Goo, and so had calmed down, thinking, if I settle everything, doesn’t that mean Gu Xiaoshan can just enjoy the fruits of my labour? Yu Yuntao spoke rudely, “Are you still on that island?” “No,” Gu Xiaoshan smiled.

“I’m outside your house.

” Yu Yuntao was stunned.

But he thought it made sense.

If such a matter happened to Zhi Xuan, even if Yu Yuntao had to fly a helicopter, he would also make his way back overnight.

However, thinking carefully, how could something like this happen to Zhi Xuan? Zhi Xuan was not a person who would fall for such tricks easily.

Renzi had been protected from young, and neither whored nor gambled.

He rarely came into contact with such underground matters, and his mind was simple, and so easily became a victim.

Renzi was still tortured over this matter, only to see the butler walking over with a smile.

“There’s a guest waiting for you outside.

” “If it’s a guest, why didn’t you invite them in?” Renzi asked.

The butler laughed.

“You’ll know when you see it.

” Although the butler was smiling, Renzi could not think of anything good that could happen.

Because, no matter whether it was good or bad, the butler always had a smile on his face.

In the past, the butler had also smiled and said, “Young Master, you’re home.

Master is waiting for you.

” In the end, when Renzi had scooted into the house to see his father, he was immediately hit on his head.

From then on, he never believed in the butler’s expressions anymore.