A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 68

A President’s Out-of-Body Experience - Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Tan Zhugui sneered.

“Then I’ll spread the photos of you and I in bed together everywhere! I’ll say that you refused to take any responsibility after coming on to me!” Renzi turned pale with shock.

“You don’t want your dignity anymore?” “I don’t!” Tan Zhugui replied loudly, “If you want, then give me money!” Renzi finally understood how a person would have no fear of anything once they did not care for their dignity! Tan Zhugui waved her phone.

On its screen was the photo of Renzi and her in bed together.

Renzi saw it, and reflexively covered his eyes with one hand, waving the other.

“Disgusting!” However, he realised something, and leapt up to snatched Tan Zhugui’s phone away.

Tan Zhugui was a lady, and naturally was not as strong as him.

In a moment, she was pushed to the ground, and her phone taken away.

Hugging the phone, Renzi ran out of the room, only to see two tattooed men standing outside the door, looking as muscular as Stallone.

Aiyah, this seizing the yellow-legged chicken method, of course there would be big fellows involved! One of the tattooed men immediately caught Renzi, and Renzi started yelling, “Help! They’re kidnapping me!” .



Renzi turned his head and saw that Tan Zhugui had already picked herself up, walking over threateningly.

She scolded, “You’re still not blocking his mouth?!” Renzi was struggling for his life, all he could think of was that he was doomed… Then, a sudden silence fell upon them.

“Isn’t this Renzi?” From the other side of the corridor came Shu Jingyi’s voice.

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COM When Renzi saw Shu Jingyi, it was just as though he had seen his saviour.

This case of seizing the yellow-legged chicken really happened too unexpectedly.

Renzi was still hungover, in a trance, his brain exhausted, and was frightened.

It was fortunate that Shu Jingyi had appeared just then.

Although Tan Zhugui had two tattooed men with her, Shu Jingyi had four, and there was nothing to say about that.

Also, Shu Jingyi was someone with a certain reputation, and no one dared to offend him.

Tan Zhugui immediately pled for mercy, and with the two tattooed men started begging at their feet as though they were praying to their gods.

Before Renzi could think of something to say, these three people started slapping themselves non-stop.

As the smacks went on and on, their faces soon swelled up.

Renzi hurriedly spoke up, “Don’t, don’t, don’t…” Shu Jingyi asked Renzi, “You’re going to let them off like this?” Renzi had never seen a situation like this before, and his heart immediately softened.

“Let them go, just let them go.

” Until Tan Zhugui left, Renzi’s heart was still palpitating.

Shu Jingyi removed his coat, covering Renzi with it.

“You should put on your clothes first.

” Renzi suddenly jolted up.

“She has my nude photos!” “Was it really a case of seizing the yellow-legged chicken?” Shu Jingyi laughed.

Renzi nodded in embarrassment.

Shu Jingyi smiled at him.

“It’s fine, I’ll get someone to ask her to delete it.

” Renzi looked surprised.

“You know her?” “She looks a little familiar, but I can’t pinpoint where exactly have I seen her.

However, to do such things in this territory, Old Goo should most probably know her.

I’ll ask around.

” Yu Yunren was still dizzy, and followed Shu Jingyi into the hotel room, putting on his clothes one by one.

Shu Jingyi sat on the bed, one ankle across his knee, watching Renzi wear his clothes.

In Shu Jingyi’s eyes, Yu Yunren was undoubtedly adorable and pretty, very attractive.

However, what interested Shu Jingyi the most was that he was competing with another formidable man over this target.

And this target, was just like a rabbit or a reindeer, a prey with a beautiful appearance and a docile temperament.

Shu Jingyi enjoyed such matters, just like how he enjoyed hunting.

Renzi did not know about Shu Jingyi’s thoughts.

He asked, “This territory belongs to Old Goo? If you talk to Old Goo, wouldn’t Old Goo know about this matter too? If Old Goo knows, then… then wouldn’t my boyfriend know as well?” Shu Jingyi laughed, “If you don’t want him to know, we can work it out.

” “Huh?” “When I talk to Old Goo, I’ll ask him to watch his mouth, he would understand.

” Renzi sat down on the foot of the bed, his head still buzzing.

“You’ve drank too much,” Shu Jingyi drew closer to him, rubbing his back.

“Everything’s fine.

I’ll send you home first, if not your family would worry.

” Renzi looked at the clock and found that it was already midnight.

He gave Shu Jingyi a grateful look, and followed him downstairs.

Shu Jingyi started his car and drove him back, saying on the way, “This sort of things happen very commonly, you’ll fall into the trap when you’re caught off guard.

Actually, it’s no big deal.

If you can trust me, I can settle this properly.

You can treat it as though nothing has happened.

” Renzi was still giddy, and slowly nodded after a while.

When Renzi returned home, his head was still spinning.

He clearly had done nothing wrong, but was feeling rather guilty, and so did not dare to swagger in.

Instead, he sneaked into the living room without turning on the lights, feeling ill at ease.

Then, hearing a sound, he jumped up high in fright and slapped the lights on, shouting, “Who is it?!!” Even his voice was trembling.

Normally, he would definitely not behave like this.

It was only because he was currently entranced with fear, and so his reaction was that great.

So when Zhi Xuan and Yu Yuntao climbed out from under the piano with their clothes dishevelled, everyone was rather embarrassed.

The three of them looked at each other for a few minutes, and Yu Yuntao decided to take a pre-emptive strike.

“Where did you go?! Coming home so late, your clothes so messy, what exactly did you do?” Renzi happened to have something to hide, and so quickly waved his hands.

“No, no, nothing…” Yu Yuntao himself was feeling guilty, and his mind was also occupied with thinking about quickly continuing what he and Zhi Xuan had yet to finish, and so did not notice Renzi’s unnaturalness.

He only said, “Then hurry up and head to bed! You’re already so old, and yet you’re coming home so late stinking of alcohol! If Dad were to see you, he’ll beat you to death!” Renzi then made his way to his room, swaying.

Zhi Xuan rarely stayed overnight at the Yu’s mansion, and did not expect something like this to happen.

However, this did not diminish Yu Yuntao’s passion, and he wanted to continue composing music with Zhi Xuan under the piano.

Instead, Zhi Xuan turned and looked in the direction where Renzi disappeared.

Yu Yuntao asked, “What are you looking at? He’s already gone!” “Don’t you feel that there’s something wrong with him?” Yu Yuntao stopped.

“No, I didn’t!” Actually, with the interruption, Zhi Xuan had already lost interest in the proceedings.

“Should you go show some concern for your little brother? I seem to smell perfume, alcohol, and cigarette smoke on him.

” “Hmm? I didn’t smell any perfume or cigarettes, but I did smell the alcohol.

” Yu Yuntao was taken aback, as his brain had finally started working, his blood travelling from his lower part of his body back up to that head, and realised what was strange.

“I saw his social media page in the day, he said that he was going to a study group.

Why did he come back smelling of alcohol? Also, why didn’t he turn on the lights when he came back? He would only do that when he has something on his conscience.

” Zhi Xuan was slightly stunned.

“He, he… It can’t be that when his lover’s on a business trip, and he starts cheating?” “This is impossible!” Yu Yuntao denied flatly.

“You don’t know how much he loves that idiot!” Yu Yuntao could no longer stop himself.

“What’s the point of speculating? I’ll ask him directly!” He then wanted to run upstairs in an aggressive manner.

Zhi Xuan hurriedly stopped him.

“Even his voice just now was shaky, he seemed more like he was frightened by something.

If you ask him as though you’re interrogating him, won’t he be scared to death?” “He’s always been like this! This is how Dad and I have been communicating with him.

” “This can be considered communication? No wonder he has such a personality.

” Zhi Xuan was rather resigned.

“I’ll ask him tomorrow instead, you don’t go and ask him anything.

” Renzi hid in his room, feeling guilty like a thief.

He put his hand in his pocket, then realised that he had forgotten about his phone! He was doomed, he was doomed.

Renzi looked up, then remembered that since Gu Xiaoshan left on his business trip, they would call each other at night.

Had Gu Xiaoshan already called him? Of course, Gu Xiaoshan had already called.

And called many times.

Ever since Renzi had been dragged into the hotel room, his phone had started ringing.

Tan Zhugui quickly shut his phone off, waiting for Shu Jingyi to arrive.

Now, his phone was in Shu Jingyi’s hands.

When Shu Jingyi turned it on, the phone immediately rang with a call from Gu Xiaoshan.

He smiled, rejecting the call twice before answering, “Hello?” Gu Xiaoshan’s hearing was sharp, and instantly knew that it was not Renzi’s voice.

“Hello?” “Is this President Gu?” Gu Xiaoshan’s voice seemed to be smiling.


It’s President Shu?” “It’s me.

” “Did I call the wrong number? I’m looking for Renzi.

” “You didn’t.

” Shu Jingyi replied very leisurely.

“If you want to talk to him, I can let him answer.

” “Sure.

” Gu Xiaoshan’s tone was breezy.

“Let him answer.

” Shu Jingyi choked.

“He should be asleep.

” “He’s either asleep or awake, what’s with the ‘should be’?” Gu Xiaoshan’s voice sharpened.

“I only made a blind guess.

I saw that he was drunk at a KTV, and was nearly sold by others, and so sent his home.

His phone must have dropped in my car.

Hence, I guess that he should be asleep.

” Gu Xiaoshan’s tone still sounded as though he was smiling like usual, seeming like a phone operator.

“Mn, then we’ve really troubled you.

” “It’s fine, no trouble.

” “Then I won’t disturb your rest anymore.

” Gu Xiaoshan said, “Good night.

” “Good night.

” Shu Jingyi laughed in reply.

Their conversation ended with a beep.

Gu Xiaoshan swore, Shu Jingyi that son of a bitch.

Under Zhi Xuan’s strong demands, Yu Yuntao returned to his room.

Just as they were ready to get down to business, a phone rang.

Annoyed, Yu Yuntao picked up the phone.

Seeing that it was a call from Gu Xiaoshan, he immediately rejected it.

Zhi Xuan asked, “Who was it?” Yu Yuntao was about to reply, but Zhi Xuan’s phone started ringing.

Zhi Xuan looked at his phone.

“Gu Xiaoshan?” Yu Yuntao waved his hand in resignation.

“Just answer it, if not he might even just call my dad.

” Zhi Xuan laughed, “Wouldn’t that be something to see?” “It’s better to just avoid it.

” Yu Yuntao had a slight headache.

Zhi Xuan was only joking, and so answered the phone.

“Good evening, President Gu.

” Yu Yuntao was still rather vigilant against Gu Xiaoshan, and so grabbed Zhi Xuan’s phone and put it on loudspeaker.

Gu Xiaoshan’s voice came out from the speakers.

“Good evening.

Apologies for being rude, may I ask if you’re currently with President Yu?” Hearing Gu Xiaoshan’s polite tone, Yu Yuntao did not have much of an attitude towards him.

Zhi Xuan contemplated for a moment, and decided to be honest.

“I’m at the Yu mansion, and about to go to bed.

May I ask if there’s anything you need me for?” “I called Renzi many times tonight, but he didn’t answer.

” Zhi Xuan recalled the situation just now, and frowned as well.

However, his voice was as steady as usual.

“Oh? I’m not very sure about that.

” “Is he home yet?” “He is, I think he’s probably asleep.

” Gu Xiaoshan was still worried.

“Are you sure?” Zhi Xuan smiled, “I’m sure, I just saw him at home.

” Gu Xiaoshan was finally relieved, “Then it’s fine.

Sorry for bothering you so late.

” The conversation ended.

Yu Yuntao pulled at Zhi Xuan, wanting to seek his pleasure.

Who would have thought that a phone was now ringing outside.

Zhi Xuan walked out of the room to take a look, dragging Yu Yuntao along, only to see the butler hurriedly answering the phone.

“Hello? This is the Yu mansion… Oh, it’s Young Master Gu.


You’re asking after Second Young Master? Mn, mn, I’ll go take a look…” Yu Yuntao mocked, “Is this Gu Xiaoshan crazy? He’s doing his spotcheck to this degree? He might as well just lock Renzi up.

” Zhi Xuan gave him a resentful look.

“You even stalked me!” Yu Yuntao shut his mouth, thinking, it’ll be good if I can legally and reasonably lock Ah Xuan up too.

The butler hurried up the stairs, opening the door carefully.

Looking into Yu Yunren’s room, he then went back down and picked up the phone.

“Second Young Master is sleeping.

Would you like me to wake him up? … Mn, sure, good night.

” Yu Yuntao wanted to go back and continue what was yet finished, but with all these ongoings, even if he had the energy, but Zhi Xuan no longer had the mood.

Yawning, Zhi Xuan went to sleep.

Yu Yuntao had no choice, and silently cussed, Gu Xiaoshan this son of a bitch!