Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 144

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 144

Su Jiu walked in and looked at Miss Su.

 Ji Yuxian, who was sitting on the main seat, stood up abruptly.

His movements were too big, and he overturned the teacup on the table, spilling the tea.

The teacup rolled around on the table, seemingly performing a final struggle, but eventually succumbed to its fate and fell to the ground with a loud ‘bang’, smashing into many pieces.

 The sound also had the effect of awakening all the people in the room.

Madame Su ran over and wanted to berate Su Jiu, but she saw the nanny, and at that moment, her eyes were full of resentment.

She raised her hand and hit her face.

“You’re a b*tch who sides with an outsider!”  Su Jiu raised her hand and grabbed Madame Su’s wrist.

She said coldly, “This has nothing to do with Nanny.

I forced her to do it.

”  Madame Su looked at Su Jiu, her eyes throwing daggers at her.

“You *sshole! You killed our daughter, and even posed as Yue Jiu! You will die a horrible death!”  “Neither your daughter nor the servant of your family was killed by me!” Su Jiu said lightly.

 “What a scheming b*tch, you are a mountain bandit! You kill people and do nothing but evil.

If it was not done by you, then who else would do it?” Madame Su was like a piece of fried chicken, screaming with bulging bloodshot eyes.

 Thinking that she once took this fake woman as her daughter and was thereafter cheated, causing her daughter to suffer in the mountains because of her, she wished to step forward, drink her blood, and eat her meat!  Su Jiu pushed Madame Su away whilst exerting a bit of strength.

“I said I did not do it!”  Madame Su fell to the ground at once and howled and cried.

“The wicked woman who murdered and set fire! You are still so arrogant after being caught.

Is there any sense of justice around here? Can anyone serve justice for the wrong my Su Family suffered?” .



 Su Wenqian looked at Su Jiu directly since she came by.

From his appearance, his eyes were in a trance, and he said in a low voice, “Jingrou.

”  That girl looked like his wife when she was young.

 It was just that his voice was smothered by the cries of Madame Su and nobody heard it.

 Su Jiu felt that a pair of thick and gloomy eyes falling on her, and forced herself not to look at him.

Instead, she turned to look at the somewhat stunned Miss Su.

“I will leave the Ji Manor now.

The one who hurt you at first was not me, but I did replace you and stole your identity.

I am sorry!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM  Miss Su stared blankly at Su Jiu, and a sudden inexplicable feeling jumped in her heart.

It made her very uneasy and even panicky.

 She thought that Su Jiu was a mountain bandit.

How fierce and evil would she be? Unexpectedly, she was instead so beautiful!  She was completely different from what she had imagined!  No wonder the Young Master allowed her to stay behind, despite knowing that she was fake.

 She was originally very confident about her appearance, but now that she saw Su Jiu, she became a little bit timid.

Even her previous hatred and anger towards Su Jiu did not dare to manifest in front of her.

 The Second Mistress sneered, “No wonder! I thought that there was something wrong with you early on! It turned out that you are a fake!”  Su Jiu didn’t look at the Second Mistress.

She turned around and wanted to go back to the main courtyard to pack her things and leave.

 However, Madame Su’s rage was not satisfied yet.

She stepped forward to stop her, gritted her teeth, and said with a strong sense of hate, “Is it done with just an apology? It’s funny, you caused our Yuejiu to suffer so much and killed so many people in our Su Family.

I’m going to arrest you now to see the judge! I want you to go to jail in exchange for the lives you took!”  Not waiting for Su Jiu to speak, the nanny guarded Su Jiu.

She didn’t have fear in her heart as she looked at the Second Mistress.

 “I can testify that the Miss did not kill anyone from the Su Family!”  “Miss? What kind of lady is she? Nanny, you are an accomplice, and most definitely cannot run away as well.

I will take both of you in front of the judge!” Madame Su yelled.

 The nanny’s face was cold.

“Second Mistress, do you want to do that? That’s fine, get me arrested as well.

I still have a lot of words to tell Master Fu Yi! Second Mistress, you are not that righteous after all!”  Surprised, the Second Mistress staggered and took a step back.

 Even Miss Su looked at the nanny in fear.

She was afraid that she would reveal her identity, and even more that she would speak of what happened in the forest last year.

If the nanny did not die, then she clearly would have seen what had happened with the mountain bandits!  In a panic, Miss Su hurried forward to hold the Second Mistress’s hand.

“Mother, I suddenly remembered that it was not this girl who kidnapped us.

Since she has apologized, let’s not pursue it and just let her go!”  Madame Su was also feeling guilty.

She nodded reluctantly.

“Since you plead for her, Mother will let her go and no longer pursue the fact that she impersonated you!”  Su Jiu glared coldly at them.

Then, she stepped out of the reception pavilion.

with the nanny immediately following her.

 Madame Su gave a mocking remark to the back of the nanny, speaking with hatred, “A useless servant deserving to die, I don’t know what benefits she has given to you!”  Su Wenqian looked at the girl’s back, his eyes constantly chasing her.

He frowned slowly, forgetting to pursue the matter that she had been pretending to be his daughter.

 Such a beautiful girl who looked so young.

How could it be that she was a mountain bandit?  Since the appearance of Su Jiu, Ji Yuxian had not spoken a word.

He knew that once Su Jiu said that she was not Su Yuejiu, everything was a foregone conclusion.

 She didn’t even dare to look at him!  The way she left the Ji Manor, there was no dissatisfaction, no attachment, and not even a tad of sadness.

It was plain chilling.

 For one year, after so many days and nights and so much tenderness between them, he still could not keep her in the end.

 The way she left was filled with determination.

 It seemed to merely be a cooperative relationship between them.

She left just like that!  Ji Yuxian’s heart cooled by an inch, and in an instant, he felt so cold it chilled his bones!  The Second Mistress turned to look at Miss Su and said lovingly, “My child, you have indeed suffered for the past year.

I hate that we didn’t find out that she was fake earlier, and took you back into our manor sooner.

”  Miss Su grieved and sobbed.

“It has nothing to do with the Second Mistress, it is me who had a bad life and met with wicked people.

”  Madame Su cried and laughed again.

“God has eyes, and our daughter is destined to be a part of the Ji Manor.

She finally came back today!”  “Yes!” The Second Mistress nodded with a smile.

Then, she turned to look at Ji Yuxian and asked, “Ji Yuxian, do you think Yuejiu should live in the main courtyard or the Perched Phoenix Pavilion?”  Ji Yuxian looked terrible, and he stepped forward to leave.

“Lotus Pavilion is empty, live there!”  The Second Mistress’s face changed slightly.

Lotus Pavilion… that is where the concubines stayed.

 Moreover, it was not long ago that Xie Ying died.

 As the Su Family did not know the reason, Madame Su hurriedly said, “Wherever we live does not matter.

Our Yuejiu is not picky!”  The Second Mistress smirked and replied, “Okay, I’ll clean it up!”  Su Jiu returned to her bedroom and found that there was nothing to pack.

Everything was from the Ji Manor.

 “Let me help the lady pack some clothes!” Nanny saw that Su Jiu was in a daze and whispered.

Her voice was low, with a heavy amount of phlegm that made her choke.

 Su Jiu nodded lightly.

 There were a few purple ribbons on the dressing table, which Ji Yuxian had especially tied up for her.

Even this dressing table was added by Ji Yuxian after she moved in.

 Su Jiu walked over.

She didn’t take the jewelry on the dressing table, and only took the hairband and held it in her hand.

 On the low couch, there were dramas she had watched in the past few days.

She had only finished them halfway, so Su Jiu also took them.

 Other than those things, there was nothing more to take away.

 To leave so suddenly.

Su Jiu’s heart was empty as if something had been extracted from her body in an instant.

It was as if everything was not true.

 Inevitably, this day still arrived!  Su Yuejiu didn’t die, and she appeared so unexpectedly that she didn’t even get any news before her arrival.

 She finally had to leave this fake identity.

From today onwards, the real Su Yuejiu would become the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor and live here.

 Before, she always asked Ji Yuxian what would happen if he married the real Su Yuejiu.

 She did not expect that what she talked about would come true.

 The corners of Su Jiu’s mouth curled up in a hint of self-deprecating mockery.

She grinned and found that the person she saw in the bronze mirror was welling up with tears.

 Su Jiu looked at the bronze mirror and froze again.

 “Miss, everything is packed!” The nanny came over, carrying a piece of baggage in her hand that was loaded with two articles of clothes she usually wore.

 Su Jiu also placed the headband and that drama playbook into the baggage and reached out to carry it.

 The nanny held on to it and said, “I’ll go with the lady!”  “The Su Family is here, and Nanny should return to the Su Family.

Or you can stay here to serve the young maiden,” Su Jiu replied.

 Previously, she had kept the Nanny around to deceive the Su Family and the Ji Manor, but now the scam was over.

 “No!” The nanny shook her head and her voice was heavy.

“Now, does the young lady think that the Su Family can tolerate having me around? The new Young Mistress most possibly will not want me around.

If you take pity on me, let me go with you.

No matter where you go, I will still wait for you!”  She only hated that the Eldest Mistress didn’t come to the capital together.

If she came, everything might be better.

 There were some things she was not sure about, and there was no guessing what future she would hold if she went with Su Jiu.

 However, she wanted to follow Su Jiu.

If she had lost the young lady, she would most definitely find her back again.

 Su Jiu nodded and laughed at herself.

She didn’t expect that then, they had threatened the nanny to follow them.

Finally, the nanny switched and remained loyal to her.

As she leaves the Ji Manor, only the nanny remains by her side.

 She, the robber and the bandit, was the one that created the relationship between a master and servant.

What a miracle!  “Then let’s go!” Su Jiu laughed.

 “Yes!”  Su Jiu walked to the door and looked back.

When she left in the morning, she hadn’t thought about it.

The previous night was the last night she slept here!  However, on this last night, she and Ji Yuxian slept facing opposite of one another, and she didn’t even know he had come back at night.

 Was everything a harbinger of what was to come?  Su Jiu turned and walked out.

 Just as she went out, she met Ji Yuxian head-on.

 The man’s phoenix eyes were gloomy.

The wind curled up his long ink-like hair, and they were dancing around in a violent flurry.

He stared straight at Su Jiu, and his deep eyes contained too much emotion.

 Su Jiu’s face was pale and her eyes were faint.

“I’m going!”  With that, she took a step forward and brushed past him.

 Ji Yuxian’s eyes seemed to have hard winter ice formed within them.

At that moment, they started cracking as he stretched his arms out to grab the girl’s arm.

He said in a deep voice.

 “As long as you say you want to stay, the Ji Manor has only one Young Mistress!”  Su Jiu’s breathing stopped for a moment, but she looked calmly at the front, and said, “Miss Su is the real Young Mistress of the Ji Manor, the person you must marry.

If I stay, it is unfair to her!”  “Don’t care about the others! I’m asking you, do you want to stay?” The man’s voice was hoarse, and every word seemed to be squeezed out of his throat.

 The nanny looked up at Su Jiu earnestly and wished to answer for her.

 Su Jiu remembered the scene she saw in the study in the morning.

Her eyes were slightly cold, and she slowly shook her head.

 “I don’t want to.

”  Ji Yuxian was shocked.

Darkness rushed through his eyes, and they were as cold and dark as the night sky.

He asked in a low voice.

 “Didn’t you say that you will always be with me?”  Su Jiu turned her back to him, biting her lower lip and trembling gently.

However, her voice was calm.

 “That was before!”  That was when she didn’t know that Miss Su was still alive, and when they could still trust each other.

 The man gave a desolate and sheepish smile.

He slowly let go of Su Jiu.

His arms slid weakly as he stepped forward, and said quietly.


”  The voice was so weak and sad that Su Jiu’s throat tightened.

She almost wanted to look back.

 She forced down the idea hard, suppressed it in her heart, and quickly left.

 The nanny’s brows tightened.

They liked each other so much, so why should they hurt each other?  She gave a deep sigh and chased after Su Jiu.

 Su Jiu walked to the gate of the manor.

It was Zhang Quandan who was guarding the gate today.

When he saw Su Jiu coming over, he smiled and said, “Madam, are you going out? Where are you going and when will you come back?”  Su Jiu glanced at him.

Her lips smiled lightly, and she stepped over the high threshold over the door and strode out.

 Zhang Quandan scratched his head.

During this time, the Eldest Young Master did not ask him to report the situation of the young lady going out of the manor.

So on this day, should he catch up and ask her this question?  In an instant, Su Jiu had already got on the carriage and left.

 Ji Yuxian entered the bedroom and paced around.

There was nothing much missing in the room.

Even the jewelry on the dressing table was still there, but the whole room felt empty.

The emptiness made him panic.

 Everywhere, there were traces of a girl, and there were residual images of two people who had been intimate.

However, from this day onwards, she was gone, leaving him alone in this cold room.

 All the color drained from Ji Yuxian’s face.

His body trembled as insurmountable fear spread through his body.

 No!  She cannot leave!  He just could not do it without her!  He could ignore her intimacy with Xiao Lie.

He could put it aside if her heart had him.

As long as she stays with him, he can see her at any time.

 Ji Yuxian hurriedly turned and walked out.

 He wanted to chase after her immediately!  However, he merely took two steps forward when suddenly, his body flew forward.

He kneeled on one knee and spurted out blood, which splashed onto the purple blanket.

 The man’s face was pale and terrible.

He propped himself up using the chair beside him with his hands, trying to get up to chase Su Jiu.

Alas, it gave way under his weight and the man turned over and fell to the ground, struggling painfully.

 Jin Feng, who was outside, heard the commotion in the room.

His face changed immediately as he rushed in.

When he saw the man on the ground, he immediately went forward and pressed on a few acupuncture points on Ji Yuxian.

 He yelled loudly, “Mo Yu! Mo Yu!”  Mo Yu rushed over as he heard his name being called.

He was shocked to see Ji Yuxian in such a terrible state.

 “Hurry, go and find Doctor Gu and bring him over immediately!”  “Yes, yes!” Mo Yu’s voice trembled, and he hurriedly turned and ran out.

 Doctor Gu was dragged by Mo Yu into the bedroom, and his usual lazy and impatient expression turned solemn when he saw Ji Yuxian.

He hastily ordered, “Bring him to the bed!”  Jin Feng had not dared to move Ji Yuxian’s body.

At this time, with this command, he carefully took Ji Yuxian to the bed in the hall.

 Doctor Gu took the pulse of Ji Yuxian and frowned.

There was a tinge of surprise in his voice as he said, “Why did it happen at this time, and in such a dangerous manner?”  Jin Feng listened and asked nervously, “Sir, is he in danger?”  The old man’s expression was heavy, and he didn’t answer.

He quickly took a pill from the medicine box and fed it to Ji Yuxian.

Then, he took a silver needle and quickly pierced him with it.

 Ji Yuxian regained a little consciousness and his mouth murmured, “Su Jiu… Su Jiu…”  Applying the needle once more, Doctor Gu said quickly, “Where is that girl? Let her come quick!”  Jin Feng’s eyes dimmed as he whispered, “The Young Mistress is gone!”  “She’s gone? Where did she go and when will she come back?” Doctor Gu raised his head and asked in astonishment.

 “She won’t come back ever again!” Jin Feng said in a deep tone.

 Doctor Gu was stunned, then sneered, “No wonder.

”  He gave Ji Yuxian a few more pokes.

As he watched the man shake his head in pain with his eyes closed, there was a thrill of revenge in his heart as he cackled and said, “Your wife is gone and will not come back!”  Hearing this, Ji Yuxian, whose phoenix eyes were tightly shut, immediately got out of bed and began shouting angrily, “Su Jiu!”  The man’s voice was eager, but his eyes suggested that he was still in a trance.

 Doctor Gu raised his hand and poked him with a needle.

“Lie down now!”  He was surprised because the man didn’t faint, and was struggling to get out of bed instead.

A layer of cold sweat formed across his forehead, and a scary red tide of color appeared across his handsome face.

He also had on a pair of persistent and scary eyes.

 “Young Master!” Jin Feng stepped forward anxiously.

 Doctor Gu sighed and said, “He is simply infatuated! That girl will come back immediately, you just lie down!”  Ji Yuxian closed his eyes and laid back immediately.

 “Previously, you laughed at me and said that I was obsessed with love.

But now, haven’t you ended up like me?” Doctor Gu shook his head and sighed.

 “Doctor Gu, how is he?” Jin Feng asked in concern.

 “He always used his internal force to suppress the poison, but today he is very hurt, and the poison in his body is back! It is very bad!” Doctor Gu had a look of contemplation across his face.

 “What will happen?”  “These three days are very dangerous to him.

I will look at him through day and night.

Rest assured, with me here, he will not die!”  Jin Feng was relieved and bowed deeply to Doctor Gu.

“Thank you, Doctor Gu!”  “You don’t have to thank me.

I stay in this house every day.

I have things to eat and water to drink every day.

All these are so that I can save Ji Yuxian!” Doctor Gu got up, packed up his medicine chest, and ordered, “You look after him well.

The silver needles on his body, don’t touch them! I will grab some medicine for him and come back soon!”  “Yes!” Jin Feng hurriedly responded.

 Doctor Gu had taken a few steps when he suddenly turned back and asked, “That girl, is she truly not coming back?”  Jin Feng nodded sadly.


”  The real Miss Su was here, and Su Jiu naturally couldn’t come back!  Doctor Gu shook his head and walked out, muttering in his mouth, “Then Ji Yuxian will be very miserable! I hated that girl the most, but why is it that, now that she left, I feel a bit reluctant for her to leave?”  Doctor Gu mumbled to himself as he gradually walked away.

 Inside the Ji Manor, the Second Mistress took Miss Su, Su Wenqian, and his wife into the Lotus Pavilion.

She sent a few servants over and said with a chuckle, “Yuejiu, you shall stay here temporarily!”  Madame Su looked at this jade-encrusted courtyard and rejoiced.

“No grievances, no grievances.

How can we feel anything bad given such a majestic house?”  The Second Mistress gawked at Madame Su and Miss Su’s shabby look and sneered in her heart.

However, her face was nevertheless a look of kindness.

 “From now on, Yuejiu will be the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor.

Whatever grievances you have and whatever you need, do tell me.

”  “Yes, I will have to rely on the Second Mistress to take care of myself in the future!” Madame Su’s face grinned.

 Su Wenqian probably didn’t like the attitude that his wife displayed.

He glanced at her and coughed a little.

 The Lotus Pavilion used to be the place where Xie Ying lived.

Naturally, the decoration of the place would not be bad.

Although Xie Ying was gone, the yard was cleaned frequently, and there was no sign of ruin.

 It’s just that there was a huge lotus pond in the yard.

It was now the end of autumn, and the pond was full of withered leaves.

When the autumn wind passes through, it adds symbolism to the place.

 Miss Su entered the house and looked at the magnificent decorations.

She thought that she was dreaming.

Half a month ago, she was still living in a dilapidated house in the mountains, hungry and cold every day.

This day, she had become the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor, a part of the richest man’s harem.

 The huge joy in her heart, at that moment, swelled up as she sat on a carved wooden chair.

As she watched people coming in and out of the house, her excited body trembled slightly.

 She was now part of the Ji Manor!  She did become the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor!  Although there was no big marriage ceremony, which was a pity that she didn’t experience that, she could nevertheless enter the Ji Manor.

She didn’t even dare to dream about this!  As she looked at all corners, Madame Su’s got even happier and happier.

“Our Yuejiu is blessed!”  The Second Mistress chuckled.


Although it was a topsy turvy series of events, no one can take away the blessing that belongs to our Yuejiu!”  “Yes!” Madame Su triumphantly said.

 “It’s not easy for you to come to the capital.

Why not stay in the manor for a few more days?” the Second Mistress smiled and said.

 Madame Su glanced at Su Wenqian and replied with a smile, “Truth be said, my husband and I planned to stay in the capital for a long period this time around.

The family’s business and house are already ready and up for sale, leaving only the grandmother and the Eldest Mistress in our ancestral home.

After a few days, our two brothers will come to the capital with their stewards.

Therefore, my husband and I have to go look for houses and we shan’t bother you further!”  The Second Mistress’s eyes flashed.

“So it turns out to be like that! The Su Family has been away for so many years, and it’s time for you to be back.

In the future, we will be a family and have to look after each other.

Whatever is needed, please say it freely.

”  “Yes, it is inevitable that we will reach out for help in the future!” Su Wenqian smiled gently.

 “Do not be polite to your family! Yuejiu will also be very happy for both of you to move back to the capital!”  Miss Su looked at her parents and rejoiced.

“Dad and Mom, and my brothers are coming to live in the capital?”  “Yes!” Madame Su nodded.

“You are now the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor.

Our Su Family is not as before now.

Now that we are in the capital, whoever we meet will more or less give us some due respect.

”  The Second Mistress’s mouth sneered a little.

 After a while, after Madame Su settled some brief issues with her daughter, they left.

 As they left, Su Wenqian asked, “Why don’t we see the Eldest Young Master?”  “We have too much business in the Ji Manor.

Ji Yuxian alone is very busy, so we hope you won’t find it an issue that he neglected you at this moment!” the Second Mistress laughed and replied.

 “Yes, yes!” Su Wenqian smiled dryly and took Madame Su’s away from the Ji Manor.

 Su Jiu left the Ji Manor and went out to the streets.

Nanny asked, “Mistress, where shall we go?”  Su Jiu’s mind was completely blank.

She raised her head when she heard the question, but she didn’t know where she was going to go.

 She abruptly left the Ji Manor.

She suddenly had no home and did not know where to go.

 It was soon going to be dark outside.

Pedestrians on the street were hurrying back to their homes.

Su Jiu looked at those people with some envy.

 Although it was getting dark, at least they knew where they were going.

 “Stop the carriage!” Su Jiu suddenly said.

 “Miss?” The nanny looked at her suspiciously.

 “I want to walk around alone.

Er Mao, take Nanny to Master An’s first, I will walk over to the commercial house by myself,” Su Jiu lightly ordered.

 “Miss…” the nanny frowned at Su Jiu.

However, knowing that she wanted to be alone, she put a cloak on Su Jiu and said, “It is getting dark and the wind is cold.

Miss, come back soon!”  “Ok.

” Su Jiu nodded and got out of the carriage.

She made Er Mao take Nanny away first.

 On the streets, the first lantern was lit.

As the autumn wind blew, pedestrians were in a hurry to avoid the chills it brought.

 Su Jiu ambled along the long street, alone.

 She walked slowly, and occasionally stopped and looked around for a while.

It seemed like that moment when she had lost her way when she first arrived in the capital, not knowing where to go next.

 A man saw her clean and exquisite face and stepped forward to talk to her.

He asked her if she was separated from her family.

 Su Jiu was cold and young but domineering.

The cold lights fell on her, adding just that little bit of majestic aura that ordinary people didn’t have.

Without speaking a further word, the man who approached her left.

He watched silently as she slowly walked away.

 Walking in front of her seemed to be a newly married loving couple.

The woman also wore red embroidered shoes that had mandarin ducks (1) embroidered on them.

She was heading home, standing side by side with the man as the two walked and laughed on their way back.

They were very close.

 Seeing that it was dark, the man scanned his surroundings, before he stretched his arms out and placed them around the woman’s waist.

He held her in his arms.

 The woman was shy and tried to push away to refuse, but she eventually gave in and snuggled in his warmth as well.

 The man had a long body and jet-black hair.

Under the dim light, he did look somewhat similar to Ji Yuxian, but he was far from the man’s magnificent beauty.

 The two of them walked in front of Su Jiu, whispering sweet words to one another.

They took advantage of the darkening streets to behave intimately with one another.

 Su Jiu’s chest was stuffy and she stopped for a while.

Along the way, she bought two buns from a stall on the street and waited for the two of them to walk away before continuing on her journey.

 The meat in the buns exuded a tantalizing flavor.

Su Jiu suddenly remembered the first few times when the group of them entered the capital.

They used the two silver coins given to them by Nanny to buy two hundred buns.

They were highly satisfied with what they had bought and felt that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to them.

 Now, she can buy as many buns as she liked, but she had long lost that feeling when she first ate those buns a long time ago.

 Seeing a beggar in the corner, Su Jiu placed the bun in the man’s broken bowl, took out a few pieces of silver coins from her sleeves, and gave it all to him.

 The beggar’s eyes glowed as he saw the silver coins.

He kneeled on the ground and kowtowed.

 “Thank you, Miss! You are a living Buddha!”  Su Jiu pursed her lips and smiled.

She had killed so many people, so for her to be a living Buddha, that would be truly ridiculous!  She hurried her steps and walked away quickly!  She soon arrived at the commercial house.

It was already dark, and the place was closed.

 Hearing the knock on the door, it was probably the first time the night shift employee saw Su Jiu wearing a woman’s dress.

The lights were also dim and he momentarily could not recognize her.

He asked, “May I ask who this lady is looking for?”  “Where is Chang Huan?” Su Jiu asked, stepped forward, and walked inside.

 It was only then he noticed that it was Su Jiu.

Startled, he immediately greeted, “Ninth Master Su!”  Su Jiu nodded.

 “Master Huan, h-he is here!” The young man looked at Su Jiu in shock, and his mouth began to stammer.

 After so many days, he didn’t even realize that the Ninth Master Su was a woman.

 “It’s alright, I shall head upstairs to find him myself.

You can go to bed!” Su Jiu lightly explained and went upstairs.

 The young man nodded hurriedly.

He then seemed to remember something, stepped forward, and said in a hurry, “N-Ninth Master Su, let me give you a light to shine a path!”  Su Jiu received the light from him and grinned.

“Thank you!”  The young man’s face flushed red.

Stunned, he stared at Su Jiu, who turned around and headed upstairs.

 Chang Huan was checking the accounts in the study.

Su Jiu stood outside the door for a while and did not disturb him.

She saw that there was a jar of wine on the table outside and carried it up the roof.

 The crescent moon in the sky was like a hook, smooth and sharp.

It lit up the many thousand households in the capital.

Its dim light added a sense of mellowness to the atmosphere.

 Su Jiu sat at the top of the building.

She bent her leg and placed a wine jar on her knee.

 As long as she wanted to stay, she was still the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor!  It was easy for her to stay, but what about Su Yuejiu?  She had lost out on the issue because she took up her identity for a year.

Whatever she had wanted she had gotten.

Now that the real lady came knocking on the door, was it not the time for her to leave?  Speaking of her, Miss Su was also really pitiful.

She was originally married to a rich man in the capital.

Alas, she encountered thieves along the way who then abducted her.

As a result, she lost her innocence and was seriously injured.

When she eventually managed to reach the capital, she found that her husband was taken by someone else!  There was nothing worse than that.

 She did not kill the Su Family.

The person who hurt the Su Family was also not her, but the person who occupied the identity of her in the Ji Manor was her!  Without her pretending to be Miss Su, the Su Family would have soon found out that Miss Su was missing.

Perhaps then, she would have been found a long ago, and she would not have to suffer a year in the mountains.

 Because of her stolen identity as Miss Su, the Dragon Conqueror Gang could have everything they have today.

 So, all-in-all, she owed it to Miss Su.

 Moreover, the mountain robber who robbed Miss Su had violated her innocence.

Would Ji Yuxian…  Su Jiu didn’t know if she wanted to inform him about this.

 Forget it.

She was already an outsider.

If she said it, perhaps there would be the possibility of provocation.

 She and Ji Yuxian had been husband and wife for a year, but they didn’t consummate their marriage in the end.

Several times, they were close to doing it, but because of various reasons, they never got to the act.

Now that she mulled over it, it was likely that the heavens knew that she was not the real Su Yuejiu and deliberately interfered.

This was to not let them be together.

 Now that the real Su Yuejiu was here, would Ji Yuxian consummate with her?  They would also have a daughter, and everything she once planned with him would now become between him and Miss Su.

 Su Jiu felt a little pang in her chest.

She snorted, then laughed.

She had thought too much.

 The wine gradually went down and more than half was drunk by her.

Su Jiu felt a little warm.

It activated her desire for love.

 “I heard someone saying that they saw the Chief coming, but I couldn’t find you everywhere.

To think that you are here!” A laugh came forth.

Chang Huan walked briskly towards her.

 In the moonlight, the man was as bright as a moon.

Wearing a light blue robe, his eyes were crystal clear.

Like a flowing wind blowing through the clouds, he was a warm and handsome man.

 He leaned against Su Jiu and sat down.

Then, he turned his head and chortled.

“Why didn’t you go back to the Ji Manor today?”  Chang Huan was two years older than Su Jiu.

The daily dealings of business had made him lose his former greenhorn self.

His temperament now had the stability of a mature man, but there was still a hint of youthful elegance between his eyebrows.

 Su Jiu clutched the wine jar in one hand and her other hand pointed at the moon in the sky.

She said blankly, “I’m not going back anymore! The real Su Yuejiu is here, and I, the fake one, am finally kicked out!”  Chang Huan was taken aback.

“What, the real Su Yuejiu?”  “Yes!” Su Jiu raised the wine jar and took a sip.

“It turned out that Miss Su was not dead.

She was just seriously injured at that time.

After we left, she was rescued by a woodcutter in the mountain, and she has since returned!”  Chang Huan looked at her in astonishment.

His eyes looked around, puzzled, though he gradually rejoiced and said, “The Chief no longer needs to return to the Ji Manor, and she is no longer the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor!”  Su Jiu nodded.

“Yes!”  Chang Huan opened his mouth and asked, “Do Master An and Ah Shu know about this?”  “I don’t think they know yet.

I came here immediately from the Ji Manor, but I sent Nanny to Master An.

He should know once he leaves the court.

”  “Chief, you shall join me in the business in the future.

The people in the Ji Manor are way too complicated.

It’s also a good thing for the Chief to leave that place!” Chang Huan said with a smile.

He was simply grateful that Su Yuejiu was still alive.

 Su Jiu twisted her lips and remained silent, merely taking more sips of wine.

 Chang Huan finally realized that Su Jiu seemed a bit off, and he reached out to snatch the wine jar in her hand.

Frowning, he asked, “Chief, are you reluctant to leave the Ji Manor?”  “Who said that?” Su Jiu asked, her face flushing red as she opened her eyes wide to ask.

 “You usually drink like this when you are in a bad mood!” The light in Chang Huan’s eyes dimmed a little as he looked at her lightly.

 Su Jiu was a little stunned.

She thought about it for a while, before replying with a light smile, “I am used to staying in that place.

To leave suddenly, I always…”  She paused as the tone of her voice changed.

She took back the wine jar from Chang Huan and continued to drink wine.

 Chang Huan looked at her, worried.

Was she truly just not used to it?  Or was she still reluctant to let go of that person?  Su Jiu rested her head on Chang Huan’s shoulders, closed her eyes for a long time, and said in a low voice, “Chang Huan, you’re right, I feel uncomfortable in my heart.

Tell me, why am I sad?”  The sad feeling in her chest was going to explode.

She was so sad she wanted to kill someone.

She was so sad the wine in her mouth became bitter, and everything in this world seemed to be tasteless.

 The night of late autumn was extremely quiet.

Even the sounds of cicada had long gone.

The silence made people feel desolate.

 Chang Huan turned his head slightly.

Looking at the woman with blank eyes, he whispered, “Probably, you stayed in the Ji Manor for such a long time, you can’t bear to leave.

”  Su Jiu stopped talking and silently drank the remaining wine.

 Chang Huan didn’t stop her.

He leaned closer to allow her to lean more comfortably on him.

 Finally, Su Jiu seemed to be drunk.

Her cheeks were red, and her eyes seemed to be stained with a layer of mist.

 She leaned back to the ground and felt that there was cool water overflowing from her eyes.

She raised her hand and lifted Chang Huan’s robe to cover her face.

She did not like how clear the moon was shining on her.

 Chang Huan raised his hand to touch the woman’s hair.

He looked at her tenderly and deeply.

He thought: Chief, forget that person!  From the beginning, he didn’t belong to you.

Forget him and everything would soon pass!  We are all by your side, I will always be by your side!  Su Jiu closed her eyes, lost in her thoughts.

She murmured unconsciously.

 “Ji Yuxian… Ji Yuxian…”  Her voice was faint, and it was almost unclear as to what she was saying.

 Chang Huan’s hand paused for a moment.

His gaze remained at the same spot as he looked at her faintly.

 He had never seen Su Jiu so weak before.

She had always been tough and strong.

 Can people from the Dragon Conqueror Gang truly experience a passionate love affair?  She loved that person so much.

 So what? This was merely a night of despair filled with tears.

Looking at the beauty, she was just too fragile now.

However, when the sun rises, all will disappear without a trace.

 The only person who stayed with her had been him.

 It was him before, and he would be there in the future as well.

 The young man sighed, picked up the sleeping girl, and slowly walked downstairs.

 May the night soon pass, and may the sun rise again.

 (1) Mandarin ducks symbolize a happy couple.