Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 145

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 145

Early the next morning, Ah Shu and Qiao An arrived at the commercial house.

Chang Huan was still worried that Su Jiu would be as sad as yesterday, but when he saw her stretching as she walked out of the room with Qiao An, he was surprised.

“Why didn’t you go to court?”  “Court is adjourned today, so I don’t have to go into the palace.

” Qiao An replied and continued, “I went back last night and heard what Nanny had to say about the Ji Manor.

I didn’t expect that Miss Su was still alive!”  Su Jiu sat in a chair, took a sip of her tea, and said casually, “God is virtuous, but living is not necessarily better! Besides, we have got everything we need, and it’s time we leave the Ji Manor!”  Chang Huan looked at Su Jiu as he recalled the woman who said she was very sad last night.

Was that a mere illusion?  However, seeing how Su Jiu was behaving now, Chang Huan was relieved.

He grinned and said, “Yes, I think the Chief should have left the Ji Manor a long time ago!”  Ah Shu frowned and said with regret, “I don’t think so.

I think Eldest Young Master Ji is a very good man.

He is good to us and has helped the Dragon Conqueror Gang a lot! If he can be our Dragon Conqueror Gang’s son-in-law, that would be great!”  Su Jiu pinched the teacup’s hand tightly.

The tea shuddered, with a circle of ripples flowing through its surface.

 Chang Huan glanced at Ah Shu.

Alas, he seemed to be unable to grasp what was brewing.

 Although Qiao An also had several regrets, he said, “If the real Miss Su comes back, there is nothing more to say.

Chief, you shall stay with me in the future.

Anyway, the courtyard at my place is spacious.

”  Chang Huan immediately followed, “Chief, you can also live in the commercial house.

I’m currently very busy and I cannot handle everything by myself.

You can help me here, Chief!” .



 Su Jiu smiled at him.

“I’m too lazy to help you read the ledger.

I think Master An’s courtyard is really good for me.

I will live there in the future!”  Qiao An smiled lightly and replied, “Excellent!”  Chang Huan raised his eyebrow.

“I knew you wouldn’t stay here!”  Su Jiu came over and raised her hand to ruffle his hair.

“My little Huan’er, please don’t have such a grudging look.

I’ll come over and spend time with you when I’m free!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM  Chang Huan smiled as he heard those words, his handsome face glowing with a brilliant light.

 Su Jiu and Qiao An went back.

When the nanny finally saw her, the worries she had in her heart the previous night finally settled down.

 Qiao An lived in a courtyard with three entrances.

There was a small garden in the front, east, and west yards respectively.

 He stayed in the Western Courtyard, named the Western Elegant Manor.

He instructed his servants to clean up the Eastern Courtyard for Su Jiu and the nanny.

 “Naturally, it is not comparable to the Ji Manor, but this yard was originally chosen by the previous lords, so I think you’ll also like it.

Once everything is tidied up, it is still reasonably clean and orderly!” Qiao An laughed.

 Su Jiu nodded and smiled.

“Living here is peaceful and quiet.

I happen to want to be lazy for a few days!”  Qiao An saw that although she was smiling, her eyes were bleak.

He knew that it was because of Ji Yuxian, but he did not want to mention it.

Instead, he took her to look around and kept her entertained.

 He had witnessed Su Jiu and Ji Yuxian get along for almost a year, and the two of them were extremely close.

For them to be separated so suddenly like this, there was bound to be a sense of unwillingness.

 In just one day, the news that the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor was a fake and was a mountain bandit gradually spread throughout the capital.

 People who heard this thought this was strange and the gossip became more and more bizarre as the news spread through the mouths of the entire population.

 For now, though, it was merely a private rumor.

People were confused as no one had come forth to confirm it yet.

It was rather unbelievable a piece of news, much like trying to catch the wind or chasing after a shadow.

 In the Ji Manor, Chen Yuchan woke up later than usual.

The servant who was assisting her with washing up whispered to her as she did her chores, “Fourth Mistress, have you heard? The original Young Mistress in our house is fake.

The real Young Mistress arrived recently!”  Chen Yuchan’s smooth and gentle face became a little perplexed as she replied, “I heard!”  With the Young Mistress in the house changed, she had to start inquiring about the new Young Mistress’s tastes, so that she could continue to make good pastries for her.

 She just wasn’t sure how long this Young Mistress would stay in this house.

 Something else was strange too.

Since there was a new Young Mistress, without the Second Mistress taking charge, Old Housekeeper Yu should have brought people to visit the new Young Mistress instead.

However, no such events were being organized.

 Miss Su had lived in the Manor for two days, and she knew from the servants that the Lotus Pavilion was originally for Ji Yuxian’s concubines.

The real Young Mistress of the Ji Manor should live in the Perched Phoenix Pavilion.

 Moreover, she heard that there were people who had died in this Lotus Pavilion, by hanging themselves in the bedroom.

 Frightened by this piece of news, Miss Su became more and more uneasy.

She bought the trust of a maid named Lian Zhi with silver to act as her confidant.

She then asked her what she should do.

 She had been in the Ji Manor for the past two days.

She had never seen Ji Yuxian except for the first day.

 On the previous day, she couldn’t help but walk out of the Pavilion.

She first gave thanks for being able to live with the rich man of the Ji Manor, and then she inquired about which pavilion Ji Yuxian lived in.

 However, as soon as she approached the main courtyard, she was stopped by the guards.

They told her that the courtyard was off-limits.

Without Ji Yuxian’s permission, no one could enter.

 There were so many rules in the Ji Manor!  Miss Su was indignant.

She was the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor, but since when did she become a nobody?  She learned that the fake Young Mistress lived in the main courtyard.

Hearing this, the anger boiled even further in Miss Su’s heart.

 Although she was angry, she didn’t dare to offend people as she had just entered the Ji Manor.

She sullenly returned to the Lotus Pavilion.

 She talked about the matter with Lian Zhi, who replied, “I heard that the Eldest Young Master has been sick for the past two days.

When a man is sick, he needs the utmost care.

If the Young Mistress can personally serve the Eldest Young Master, he may like you.

”  “Really?” Miss Su asked happily, but her smile immediately drooped.

“I can’t enter the main courtyard, so how can I take care of my husband?”  “The servants in the main court are just like this as they like to bully people.

Young Mistress, why don’t you make a big fuss about it? After all, you are the Mistress in this house, and they can’t be too overboard with you!” Lian Zhi said with her eyes wide open.

 “Then… what should I do?”  “Young Mistress, you need to be tougher.

You always have to remember that you are the Mistress.

The former Young Mistress was very powerful, so the people in the house were all afraid of her.

Even the Eldest Young Master likes her.

” Lian Zhi thought that the Ji Manor favored Su Jiu because she was ‘powerful’.

For example, she would go overboard, evidenced by the incident where she had slapped Xie Ying unconscious with a single blow and sent her flying with just one kick.

 Miss Su suddenly seemed to understand.

 Lian Zhi leaned over and whispered something in Miss Su’s ear.

The Mistress and her servant secretly discussed the strategy.

 After lunch, Miss Su took Lian Zhi to the main courtyard again.

 The guard of the main courtyard stopped her as usual.

“Young Mistress, please go back.

No one can enter without the Eldest Young Master’s command!”  Miss Su stared at the guard with her arms firmly placed on her hips.

“Who do you think you are? You are nothing but a servant.

How dare you stop me? You are a horrible servant.

Hurry and get lost now!”  Amazed, the guard gawked at the woman, who was initially soft and weak in the morning.

How did she suddenly become someone else?  Despite that, however, the guard held his stand.

“I am a servant, so I can only act according to my orders.

I cannot let you in, Young Mistress!”  “How dare you?! She is the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor! How dare you not listen to the words of the Young Mistress?!” Lian Zhi blew up, acting as if she was protecting her mistress.

 The guard glanced at her and replied, “Please forgive me.

I only listen to the Eldest Young Master’s commands!”  Seeing that the guard was distracted, Miss Su raised her feet and ran inwards.

“I just want to see him! You can’t do anything to me!”  The guard took a step back and extended his arm to stop her.

“Please, Young Mistress! Please don’t make things difficult for me!”  Miss Su deliberately hit herself on his arm and immediately fell to the ground, covering her arm as she wept bitterly.

“Well, you are a dog servant indeed! How dare you beat me, the Young Mistress? I have just entered the Ji Manor, but you see me as an easy target to bully!”  Lian Zhi got onto the ground and yelled.

 “Someone come here quickly! A servant hit the Young Mistress!”  “Someone come quick! The Young Mistress is injured!”  …  Her shouting immediately brought the people around to come over.

They gathered and looked anxiously at the new Young Mistress, who was crying whilst lying on the ground.

 They didn’t know what was going on, and nobody dared to help.

 Miss Su’s wailing was growing more desperate by the minute.

 “When I was at home, my parents didn’t even dare to reprimand me.

Currently, I am the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor, but I had to be scolded by a servant instead.

How do you expect me to live?”  “If the Ji Manor cannot have me, I will go home now!”  “The Ji Manor would rather want a mountain bandit to be the Young Mistress over an innocent Mistress like me.

Aren’t you all afraid of being ridiculed by the heavens?!”  …  The guard frowned and stared at the Young Mistress on the ground.

He knew that she was deliberately making trouble.

He knew that he didn’t hit her, but she had run into him instead.

 Was this what had become of Miss Su of the Su Family?  Instead, she was behaving much like a petty shrew.

How was she in any way similar to the previous Young Mistress?  The more people gathered, the louder Miss Su cried.

The way she cried was as if she was deeply wronged by someone.

 Old Housekeeper Yu heard the commotions and came over.

The onlookers immediately gave way and let him through.

 Looking at Miss Su who was wailing on the ground, Old Housekeeper Yu frowned deeply and asked in a deep voice, “What’s going on? Hurry up and help the Young Mistress up!”  As soon as he spoke, a few women went forward to help Miss Su.

 Lian Zhi looked at Old Housekeeper Yu and was a little intimidated by him.

She spoke with politeness, “Reporting to Old Housekeeper Yu, the Young Mistress heard that the Eldest Young Master was sick and wanted to visit him.

However, this guard over here did not only refuse to let her in, but he also pushed the Young Mistress to the ground!”  Miss Su stood up and repeatedly wiped her crocodile tears with her veil, sobbing earnestly.

 The guard looked at Old Housekeeper Yu innocently and defended himself.

“Old Housekeeper Yu, I did not do that!”  Old Housekeeper Yu had experienced many things.

However, looking at the scene in front of him, he wasn’t sure what had happened.

But in the presence of so many people, he had to maintain the reputation of the Young Mistress.

Thus, he reprimanded the guard coldly, “Showing disrespect to the Young Mistress… I shall dock your pay for this month! If this happens again, I will throw you out of the Ji Manor!”  The guard was indeed wronged.

However, he also knew that although Old Housekeeper Yu was punishing him, he was secretly protecting him too.

He then lowered his head and said, “I willingly accept my punishment!”  Miss Su sneered coldly.

 Old Housekeeper Yu got the servants to disperse and said to Miss Su, “Young Mistress, the Eldest Young Master is indeed ill.

The Eldest Mistress ordered that he recuperate.

Young Mistress, please do head back instead!”  Miss Su opened her eyes wide and laughed coldly.

“I am the Young Mistress of this Ji Manor.

I merely want to have a glance at my husband, what is wrong with that? What are the rules of the Ji Manor? Or did you all not treat me as the Young Mistress at all?”  Old Housekeeper Yu hurriedly replied, “I dare not to!”  “I will go and see my husband.

What further harm can I possibly do? The Eldest Young Master is sick, and I am his wife! I have to go and serve him, for that is my duty as his woman.

Do you even have to bother me with this?” Miss Su chided very quickly and aggressively.

 Old Housekeeper Yu frowned and was put on the spot.

“I did not mean that!”  “I don’t care what you mean.

In short, I must see my husband today.

If I will not be let in, I will wait here.

I will let the people of the Ji Manor see how you all are bullying the new Young Mistress!”  Old Housekeeper Yu’s brows grew tighter and tighter.

He didn’t expect Miss Su to be so arrogant and difficult.

They had just experienced the storm of the real and false Young Mistress, and they were now on the cusp of the storm.

If anything else happened, they would be caught up by the people of the capital as the next talking point.

 After pondering for a moment, Old Housekeeper Yu said, “Since that is the case, Young Mistress, please follow the old servant!”  Miss Su proudly raised her eyebrows, brushed her sleeves, and walked into the main courtyard with her chest raised.

 The main courtyard was larger than the Lotus Pavilion, and it was also exquisite and elegant.

The corridor was adorned with magnificent decorations and jade-blue tiles.

The richness and extravagance of the courtyard were ubiquitous.

 Miss Su followed behind Old Housekeeper Yu and looked around.

She was even more certain that she must live in this courtyard.

 Old Housekeeper Yu took her up until both of them were outside the bedroom, where Doctor Gu was pressing a needle on Ji Yuxian.

When he saw Miss Su, he deliberately said mockingly.

“Look! The Ji Manor has someone new again!”  “How dare you?!” Miss Su raised her chin and said angrily, “I’m the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor! You better come and pay your respects!”  Listening to Lian Zhi’s words, Miss Su decided that she must behave as if she was ‘very powerful’, especially since she had blown her temper earlier, and indeed, Old Housekeeper Yu let her in.

Therefore, she felt that she had to keep up this appearance with everyone else to maintain her position.

 Doctor Gu looked at the woman in astonishment and sneered, “The new Young Mistress? What an arrogant attitude.

You are indeed not as cute as the previous girl!”  Old Housekeeper Yu frowned frantically and hurriedly said, “Young Mistress, you misunderstood.

He is a doctor from the prefecture who specifically treats the Eldest Young Master.

The Eldest Young Master had always been respectful to Doctor Gu!”  Miss Su’s face flushed red.

She snorted and turned her head around.

 “Doctor Gu, the Eldest Young Master seems better.

The Young Mistress is here to visit him!” Old Housekeeper Yu asked.

 Doctor Gu didn’t like Miss Su and didn’t want her to enter.

However, he rolled his eyes, slipped a bit of water, and changed his mind.

He smiled and said, “Come in.

You can come in, come on in! Just don’t touch him.

Mind you, if anything happens, you bear all consequences at your own risk!”  “What else can I do to my husband by just looking at him?” Miss Su scoffed and pushed open the door to enter the bedroom, with Lian Zhi immediately following.

 Looking at the woman’s arrogant back, Doctor Gu shrugged his shoulders.

He was still gloating over Ji Yuxian’s affair, but now he had a little more sympathy for the man.

 He shook his head and said, “For your Ji Manor, it’s a blessing to marry such a Young Mistress!”  Old Housekeeper Yu smiled bitterly and replied, “Don’t tease me, Doctor Gu.

Aren’t you also a part of the Ji Manor now?”  Doctor Gu nodded.

“That is true.

I will have to stay in the Ji Manor for the rest of my life.

Oh yes, that girl, is she not coming back?”  Old Housekeeper Yu knew that he was talking about Su Jiu.

He stayed silent and did not speak further.

 “Old Housekeeper Yu, let me ask you something.

If that girl was truly a bandit, would you still be willing to let her be your Young Mistress?” Doctor Gu asked with a chuckle, as he and Old Housekeeper Yu walked out, side-by-side.

 “If the Eldest Young Master is willing, we would also be willing.

But what is the use of these thoughts now?”  Ji Yuxian suddenly fell ill.

Old Housekeeper Yu instinctively knew that Su Jiu was the reason.

He felt sorry for his Master, but he was also worried about the future of the Ji Manor.

 To speak the truth, he would rather have Su Jiu stay in the manor.

 Doctor Gu smiled and said, “The world is unpredictable.

What if, one day, the girl can come back?”  Old Housekeeper Yu stared at him blankly.

 However, he knew that Doctor Gu was merely making a joke.

 Now that Miss Su was already the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor, how could Su Jiu come back?  Miss Su entered the bedroom and inexplicably held her breath.

 The room was completely silent.

It was elegantly and comfortably furnished, accompanied by a light lotus fragrance.

The fragrance was refreshing, though it created a chilly sensation in the atmosphere.

 Lian Zhi suddenly felt timid.

She grabbed Miss Su’s arm and said, “Young Mistress…”  “Hush!” Miss Su made a shush gesture as she pried open the translucent gold-yarned and cloud-patterned curtain and entered the inner room.

 Her eyes fell on the man sleeping on the wooden bed carved with golden silk-threaded flowers, his body under a deep-purple quilt.

The man’s hair spread out, and his narrow eyes were firmly shut.

His eyelashes were longer than a woman’s, and his skin was so fair it was almost transparent.

Although he was pale, he was so handsome that one could not help but ease their breathing, afraid that their breath would pollute this fairy-like person.

 Miss Su walked carefully to the bed, looked at him dumbfoundedly for a while, and shyly said, “Is this… my husband?”  Her voice was one that carried hints of shyness, pride, and joy, all at the same time.

 Lian Zhi chimed in, “Young Mistress, you are so beautiful.

You are very compatible with the Eldest Young Master!”  Miss Su shot a glance at Lian Zhi.

However, deep in her heart, she was even happier.

 Did good await all who suffered? She had experienced so much suffering before.

Perhaps God was now rewarding her with the most handsome and wealthy husband in the world.

 From here onwards, all her misfortunes would have passed.

They would marry and grow old together.

 Thinking about all this, the woman’s heart softened as she caressed the man’s ink-black hair, and said softly, “My husband must get better soon!”  “With the Young Mistress personally serving him, I am sure the Eldest Young Master will recover soon!” Lian Zhi chuckled softly.

 Miss Su looked at the bed for a while.

She then stood up and looked at the other furnishings in the room.

 On the low couch by the window was a woman’s thin shirt.

She glared at it coldly, before throwing it onto the ground.

She turned and walked towards the dressing table, picked up the jade hairpin, and snorted.

“All these are good things, but when I see them, I get so frustrated!”  “That imposter has already left, and since the Young Mistress doesn’t like it, we can throw it away!” Lian Zhi said.

 Miss Su found a makeup box, put all the jewelry and rouge inside, and threw it to Lian Zhi.

“Throw it all away!”  “Yes!”  On the desk, there was an account book that Ji Yuxian would usually read, along with two opera excerpts next to it.

Miss Su picked up one and looked at it disdainfully.

“It’s all rude and vulgar and low class! Indeed a rough fellow!”  With that, she threw them into the makeup box as well.

 She walked around the room and threw all of Su Jiu’s things into the makeup box.

Lian Zhi would then throw them away.

 The two were looking around for things to throw when they heard a yell from the man in bed.

 Miss Su hurriedly walked over and sat by the bed, asking excitedly, “My husband, are you awake?”  Ji Yuxian’s long eyes slowly opened, and the light flashed into his pupils in an instant.

It was as if his eyes contained an endless stream of brightness, majestic and glorious.

They were indeed beautiful.

 Staring at the woman in front weakly, he furrowed his brows and asked in a hoarse voice.

 “Who are you?”  Miss Su was startled.

She did not expect that he would not remember anything that had happened when he was in the reception pavilion.

 “Husband, I am Yuejiu, your… your wife.

” The woman muttered shyly with her head lowered.

 The man’s eyes twitched as he squinted at the blushing girl.

His eyes turned cold, and the look he gave became icy in an instant.

With an outpour of cold treatment swiping through, he shouted.

 “Su, Yue, Jiu!”  His clear long fingers clutched the woman’s neck, exuding bloodthirsty murderous intention as his grip tightened.

 The woman felt the danger in her veins, but as she looked at the man’s seductive and handsome face, she couldn’t move at all.

Instead, she let him squeeze her neck, her eyes gradually turning into a look of horror as she looked straight at him.

 “Why are you still alive?!” The man’s voice was hoarse and low, his words brimming with hatred and contempt.

 Miss Su’s face turned purple.

Sobbing and speechless, she held the man’s hand with both of hers as she twisted and struggled.

 Taken aback, Lian Zhi hurried over and said in a panic, “Eldest Young Master, this is the Young Mistress!”  Ji Yuxian’s eyes suddenly fell on the makeup box in her hand and he asked, “What is this?”  Lian Zhi froze for a while, before replying, “This is something that used to belong to the fake Young Mistress, and the Young Mistress ordered me to throw it away!”  The air suddenly turned frigid.

The man’s breath was so cold it could permeate one’s bones.

His arms twitched as his overpowering intent to murder emerged.

 “Who made you move my wife’s things?!”  Lian Zhi’s face wrinkled in pain as her body flew straight out and hit the low couch.

Her spine seemed to be broken, as she screamed out loud in agony.

 The things in the makeup box were scattered all over the place.

Ji Yuxian squinted coldly at them, before getting up to pick them up.

 Miss Su seemed to be in a trance as she collapsed to the ground with a ‘thud’, holding her neck and gasping loudly for air.

She seemed to have brushed shoulders with the gates of hell, which made her petrified.

 Ji Yuxian kneeled on the ground on one knee as he grabbed at the scattered jade hairpins and opera excerpts.

He spoke coldly, his voice seething with murderous intent.

 “Get out!”  Miss Su shuddered and hastily went out, with no regard for Lian Zhi.

 “Young Mistress, wait for me!” Lian Zhi was in so much pain that even her cold sweat stings.

She couldn’t stand up and fell to the ground.

She then crawled out of the room in fear.

 Miss Su did not care about her.

She did not dare to look back and instead ran out in panic.

 “Wait!” The man said suddenly.

 Miss Su trembled incessantly as her hand landed on the door.

Once again, she didn’t dare to move.

 She didn’t expect that such a handsome person could be as fierce as he was.

Earlier, she had almost died under his hands!  Ji Yuxian wore a thin red coat and his hair was tousled.

He walked over in his bare feet as he stepped on the thick blanket.

He had evil-looking eyes that were filled with danger.

 He walked behind Miss Su, reached out, and pinched her pale face.

He tilted her head, and her ink-black hair slipped down.

He spoke with a voice that was hoarse yet sexy, a trademark of a man who had just woken up.

 “Tell me, who arranged for you to come to the Ji Manor?”  Miss Su suddenly opened her eyes wide.

 “Tell me!” The man’s eyes were dark and bottomless, like a vortex spinning with violent rage.

It could make people involuntarily sink into a sense of despair.

 Miss Su was short of breath.

Trapped in those eyes, she even forgot to be afraid.

She replied blankly.

 “Lan! Miss Lan!”  The man’s eyes slowly squinted.

“Lan Zhihui?”  Miss Su nodded in a hurry.

 Ji Yuxian lips smirked with a murderous sneer.

He let go of the woman’s face and said in a low voice, “Go! If you want to live, stay in the Lotus Pavilion, and don’t let me see you ever again!”  All color had drained from Miss Su’s face as she struggled to open the wooden door.

Her legs were as soft as jelly, and she stumbled as she tried to hurry her way out.

 When Lian Zhi ran out, she almost hit Old Housekeeper Yu.

Her body tilted, causing her to fall and roll down the steps.

 Old Housekeeper Yu glanced at her indifferently and turned his glance into the bedroom.

 Ji Yuxian still held the makeup box in his hand, looking at its contents with rage.

 Old Housekeeper Yu walked in, bowed with concern, and asked, “How do you feel?”  Ji Yuxian trudged to the dressing table and slowly placed the things in the dressing table in the same position as before.

His handsome face was as cold as steel as he asked quietly, “Who opened the door for the Second Mistress that day?”  Old Housekeeper Yu bowed his head and replied, “This old servant has already done an investigation and I will bring the person to see you soon!”  “Yes,” Ji Yuxian responded faintly.

 Soon, Jin Feng grabbed a man and entered the room.

He threw him in and the man fell to his knees on the ground, begging for mercy.

“Eldest Young Master! Please spare my life! Please spare my life!”  Ji Yuxian was still wearing his blood-red coat, which was adorned with lotus blossoms.

He reclined lazily on the soft couch as he held the opera excerpts Su Jiu usually read in one hand.

His eyes were cold, and his body exuded the aura of a sullen man.

 “Who made you open the door?” The man slowly began to speak.

 His voice was icy cold.

It made the servant on the ground shudder uncontrollably.

He dared not hide anything from the man, so he quickly said, “It’s Miss Lan! She gave me two hundred taels of silvers and instructed me to secretly open the doors of the Jinglan Pavilion.

”  With that, the man took out two hundred silver taels and placed them on the ground.

 Ji Yuxian glanced at him and nodded.

“Well, go on then!”  Thinking he had been forgiven, the man quickly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

He kowtowed furiously to express his gratitude and stood up, quivering.

He did not dare to look at Ji Yuxian’s face, kept his head bowed, and left.

 As soon as the man went out, Ji Yuxian spoke slowly.

 “Kill him! Whoever gets close to the Jinglan Pavilion, all are to be killed! Spare no one!”  “Yes!”  Jin Feng and Old Housekeeper Yu answered at the same time.

 “From today onwards, Lan Zhihui will be stripped of her position as the proprietress of Robes Square.

She is to leave the place before it turns dark.

Also, send my word out that the Ji Family will no longer shelter Lan Zhihui.

Regardless of whether she is dead or alive, she will have nothing more to do with the Ji Family!” The man’s voice was indifferent and cold.

As Old Housekeeper Yu listened to his words, he even shivered a little.

 Lan Zhihui’s father had served in the courts for many years.

He had been a righteous and upright man who naturally made countless enemies throughout his time in court.

In the past, he had helped Ji Yuxian when the Ji Family was in trouble, speaking up for him in front of the Emperor.

Thus, as repayment, when the Lan Family was in trouble, he agreed to have Lan Zhihui to be part of the Ji Manor and protected her for ten years.

 Lan Zhihui might not have known that if it were not for the shelter provided by the Ji Family, the enemies her father had made prior would have long crushed her to death.

 But now, Ji Yuxian had sent out his ultimatum.

 It was undoubtedly the end of Lan Zhihui.

 “Yes!” Old Housekeeper Yu responded in a deep voice.

 “All of you, leave me!” The space between Ji Yuxian’s eyebrows was still pale as he leaned tiredly against the low couch.

 Old Housekeeper Yu and Jin Feng retreated and closed the door gently.

 Ji Yuxian leaned back and covered his face with the opera excerpts.

The fragrance of the ink was light as if it was still carrying the girl’s fragrance.

However, he felt that there was boundless darkness pouring into him, driving him into a bottomless pit.

No amount of light could illuminate the abyss that he felt he was in.

 Lan Zhihui didn’t expect Ji Yuxian to discover her deed so swiftly.

However, she was not sad.

Rather, she merely felt the pleasure of revenge.

 The more Ji Yuxian hated her, the more it showed that he was suffering now.

This was what she had wanted!  She just wanted him to suffer.

She wanted him to suffer for the humiliation and rejection she had felt that day!  In the beginning, it was he whom she was going to marry.

Nevertheless, she lowered her dignity and threw herself at him, but he flatly refused!  How could she bear such humiliation?  Lan Zhihui instructed Qinxiang to pack her things up.

She then left Robes Square without any attachment left behind to the place.

 Knowing that this day would come sooner or later, she had made preparations over the past two days.

She took all the silver and jewelry she felt she deserved.

 She knew clearly that this time around, she would never come back!  Qinxiang wiped her tears and said, “The Eldest Young Master is so ruthless.

To think that he will drive the lady out again! Miss, is it worth offending the Eldest Young Master for that Su Yuejiu?”  When Lan Zhihui heard this, she was stunned for a moment.

She did it not for Su Yuejiu, but as her revenge!  She felt that Qinxiang should have instead asked: To get revenge against Ji Yuxian and Su Yuejiu, she ended up losing everything they had managed to build up for the past ten years.

Was that worth it?  Lan Zhihui didn’t know the answer to that thought, but she knew she couldn’t stay in Robes Square anymore.

Every time she heard an embroidery maiden talk about how Ji Yuxian loved Su Jiu, she felt like she was being cut with a knife.

 It seemed that everything that belonged to her had been taken away.

 She didn’t know whether her actions were worth it or not, but at least she didn’t regret everything she had done.

 When they came out of Robes Square, Lan Zhihui took Qinxiang to find an inn first.

She intended to buy another house in the capital.

Besides, the silver she had was more than enough, so she need not worry about clothing and food for the rest of her life.

 Leaving Ji Yuxian, and leaving the Ji Manor, she could live well too!  Su Jiu had lived in Qiao An’s manor for the past three days.

She stayed in the courtyard every day, gazing at the sky, the flowers, and the water.

Sometimes, she would sit in the pavilion for half a day.

It seemed that there were many things on her mind, but at the same time, it seemed like she was not thinking about anything.

 Qiao An headed to the courts in the daytime and came back in the afternoon to chat with Su Jiu and drink tea with her.

 Chang Huan and Ah Shu had also been around a few times.

Su Jiu complained about them being noisy.

After sitting for a while, she would chase them away.

 Noon had soon passed.

Su Jiu sat in the garden and took a nap.

 The nanny came over, covered her with a cloak, and looked at Su Jiu’s thin face.

Sighing, she turned around and saw Xiao Lie standing a few feet away.

He was looking at them from a distance.

 The nanny hurriedly walked over and greeted, “Paying respects to Master Xiao!”  Xiao Lie stepped forward slowly.

“I have a few words to speak with your Mistress.

Leave us!”  “Yes!” The nanny peered back at Su Jiu and went out to pour tea for the two.

 He entered the pavilion, and the girl opened her eyes when she heard his voice.

She grinned as she asked, “How did you know I’m here?”  Xiao Lie looked at the girl.

He always felt that she smiled a little reluctantly these days.

She didn’t seem to have the spirit that she had in those clear eyes.

 She spent so much time with that man, day in and day out.

Had she truly fallen for that person?  He compressed the stuffiness he felt in his chest.

Xiao Lie then sat across from her and smiled lightly.

“If I want to know, I will naturally know.

”  Su Jiu sat up.

Under the sun, her facial features were exquisite, and her eyebrows were picturesque.

She pursed her lips, which curled into a smile.

“Yes, but why would you be looking for me? Is something wrong?”  Xiao Lie long eyes condensed on her face as he stayed silent for a moment, only to ask.

 “I heard that you have left the Ji Manor.

”  Su Jiu raised an eyebrow, saying half-ridiculously, “The capital is really small.

Things spread so fast.

However, this is just a small thing.

To think that it had already reached the ears of His Royal Highness!”  “The news that the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor is a fake, how can it be a trivial piece of information?” Xiao Lie laughed.

 Su Jiu nodded.

“Yes, I, the fake one, have finally been thoroughly exposed!”  Xiao Lie listened to what she said, glanced over, and asked, “Why? Are you reluctant to leave the Ji Manor?”  Su Jiu looked up at him.

Her eyes flashed a little, but she instantly looked away.

 “If you want me to comment, leaving the Ji Manor may not be a bad thing for you! Ji Yuxian…” Xiao Lie paused for a while and didn’t say anything again.

 He wanted to say that Ji Yuxian’s ambitions were too deep and that the Ji Manor’s complex situation was not suitable for Su Jiu.

His words were heartfelt and sincere, but because he had a thing for Su Jiu, it would sound as if he had an ulterior motive.

As a result, he stopped himself.

 Su Jiu merely laughed, incognizant of the complex emotions in his heart.

“No matter if it is a good thing or a bad thing, I have already left.

”  “Hmm…” Xiao Lie nodded.

“So what are your plans for the future?”  “Of course, I will continue to be the Chief of the Dragon Conqueror Gang!” Su Jiu shrugged as she replied.

 “Oh!” Su Jiu suddenly remembered something and continued, “I have something to give you! Wait here!”  With that, she got up and walked out of the pavilion, heading for the east courtyard.

 Xiao Lie leaned against the wooden fence, gazing at the scenery in the garden.

 The garden was not large.

Outside the pavilion was a fish pond with several lotus flowers.

Now that it was approaching the end of autumn, the lotus leaves had withered, and the pond was full of decay.

However, when Xiao Lie looked at it, he felt that it looked somewhat decadent.

 As he was appreciating the view, he heard a faint sound from behind.

“Your Royal Highness is so free.

To think that you can sit in a fifth-grade official’s house so casually.

However, associating oneself with Qiao An is rather sensitive, so you still need to pay attention to your actions, Your Royal Highness!”  Xiao Lie stood up, watching the man in a red robe come over.

He smiled and retorted, “Eldest Young Master Ji, as a businessman, I must say that you are rather savvy in your thinking! It is a real pity you aren’t doing strategy work!”  Ji Yuxian slowly stepped into the pavilion.

In his red clothes and his ink-black hair, he was beyond handsome.

Perhaps no one in this world would dare to wear that flashy red robe except for him.

 “Your Royal Highness, you are too kind.

I am just a businessman, and I certainly do not have such great ambitions!” The man smiled in the corner of his lips, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

He said softly, “Your Royal Highness, I just feel that you being here is rather out of place, that’s all!”  Xiao Lie’s tall posture and distinguished temperament were in no way inferior as he stood opposite Ji Yuxian.

 He pursed his lips and replied, “Instead, I feel that it is inappropriate for Eldest Young Master Ji to appear here now! Everyone in the capital knows that Eldest Young Master Ji has finally reunited with his true Young Mistress.

Su Jiu was already at the cusp of the storm, and with your reappearance here, it will certainly make tongues wag again.

”  “What about you, Your Royal Highness? At this moment, might you be taking advantage of the situation?” Ji Yuxian raised his eyebrows and sneered.

 “Miss Su’s identity as the Young Mistress is fake, but her identity as a friend of mine has always been true.

No matter if it’s in the past or right now, I’ve never felt that she had something that I could take advantage of.

” Xiao Lie sneered in reply.

 “It would be better if His Highness Prince Rui could always be so frank about things.

I heard that Your Highness and the granddaughter of Teacher Zhang are likely to get married.

Therefore, I am merely worried about Your Highness, afraid that Miss Zhang will misunderstand your actions.

That will be extremely bad for you, Your Highness!” Ji Yuxian smiled coyly.

 Xiao Lie’s face changed slightly.

His marriage with Teacher Zhang’s granddaughter was occasionally mentioned by his father, the Emperor.

To think that Ji Yuxian even knew about this!  “Eldest Young Master, you worry too much about things that are not necessary!”  “Is it?” Ji Yuxian’s eyes flashed as he grinned.

“Then let me wish His Royal Highness King Rui and Miss Zhang a fruitful union ahead!”  Xiao Lie slightly raised his eyebrows.

“Then I will also wish Minister Ji and the real Young Mistress of the Ji Manor to have babies real soon!”  The two men of equal nobility glared at each other silently, each fighting countless silent battles against the other with their eyes.

 “Stay away from Su Jiu!”  “She is no longer the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor, Minister Ji! You’re not qualified to say this!”  “She is my wife! She used to be, and will forever be my wife!”  “What a joke! She has already admitted that she is no longer involved with the Ji Manor!”  “That’s what she thought.

But she married me and slept with me.

She has already become my woman!”  “So Eldest Young Master Ji wants to go against traditions and have two wives?”  “Your Highness, you need not be bothered with this.

You can’t marry Su Jiu, so you better not pursue her!”  …  The two plotted against each other in silence.

Silent daggers flew across the chilly autumn atmosphere.

 “What are you two doing?” The girl asked, her crisp voice tinged with a sense of curiosity.