Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 143

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 143

The next day, Su Jiu was heading to the bodyguard agency.

As she passed by Qingyuan Tavern, she saw a familiar horse carriage parked outside the door.

 She turned her head, asked Er Mao to stop, jumped off the carriage, and entered the tavern.

 Going directly to the top of the tavern, she saw a black figure sitting on the wooden fence of the pavilion.

His posture was lazy but elegant, as he looked at the pedestrians downstairs.

 “Sure enough, you are here!” Su Jiu walked over with a chuckle.

 Xiao Lie looked back, and his handsome face smiled lightly.

“Do we have some kind of fate?”  Su Jiu shrugged and said, “I saw your horse carriage downstairs!”  The man smirked.

“Can’t you entertain me a bit?”  “Huh?” Su Jiu raised her eyebrows puzzledly, her eyes wide and bright.

“Why should I entertain you?”  The man’s lips put on a bitter grin.

He sat upright with his back against the pillar, put down his long legs, and pointed at the place next to him.

He said softly, “Come here, sit down!”  Su Jiu walked up to the pavilion and sat side by side on the wooden fence next to the man.




 “Regarding Hu Dapao, I came to see you early in the morning.

I know consolation from other people won’t do any good, so I decided to go over and see you!” The man with luscious black hair said softly, with a smile on his well-endowed face.

 “Well, you don’t need to comfort me! The saddest person here is Dapao.

I’m just nothing but a ‘bystander’!” Su Jiu remarked.

 Xiao Lie turned to look at her and asked, “Hu Dapao likes Nangong Bi?”  Su Jiu nodded and said, “Yes.

Otherwise, why would he be so stupid?” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM  “It’s not just him who is stupid, knowing that it’s impossible…” The man took a deep breath and said to himself.

 “What?” Su Jiu looked at him suspiciously.

 “It’s nothing!” The man shook his head gently and changed the subject.

“Why haven’t you been to the palace lately?”  “The Empress Dowager has summoned me once, and I found an excuse and pushed it away.

You know I’m not the real Su Yuejiu.

The Empress Dowager is old, and it is not me who she is thinking of.

Why should I continue deceiving the old lady?” Su Jiu curled her lips, smiling in a self-deprecating manner.

 “If she perpetually does not know you are lying to her, then you would not be lying to her!” Xiao Lie smirked.

 Su Jiu raised her eyebrows as she was trying to understand what Xiao Lie meant and also chuckled.

 The young woman’s smile was so pure.

Her eyebrows were slightly curved and seemed to be adorned with sparkles.

She was an exquisite and beautiful sight to behold.

Stunned by her overwhelming beauty, Xiao Lie involuntarily raised his hand and combed her scattered hair on her forehead to the back of her ears.

His gaze became dense as he muttered, “Su Jiu.

”  “Huh?” The smile on Su Jiu’s face had not faded as she turned to face him.

 Xiao Lie embraced her neck, stretched his arms forward to embrace her, and whispered her name, “Su Jiu!”  He whispered as if he was engraving her name in his heart.

 Su Jiu’s eyes widened suddenly.

“What’s wrong?”  “Don’t move, a spider fell behind you!” The man panicked and came up with a lame reason.

 “What is there to be afraid of a spider?” Su Jiu wanted to get up.

 “Don’t, you’ll scare it.

Wait for it to crawl over.

” The man whispered in her ear.

 He just wanted to hug her for a while, just for a while, to mark an end between the two of them.

 Yesterday, his father, the Emperor, mentioned the matter of having him marry Concubine Zheng, the granddaughter of Teacher Zhang’s family.

Although he did not sound out at that time, he understood that his father was keen, and he might soon be married.

He could neither bring himself to go to the palace gate to kneel for one night to refuse the marriage like Hu Dapao nor could he go and guard Northern Xinjiang.

Thus, before they knew it, everything had been settled between the two of them.

 Before all that happened, he wanted to hug her for the last time, so he could account for his feelings.

 The young woman’s body was as soft as he had imagined countless times, emanating an alluring body fragrance.

He wished that he could hug her like this forever.

 At that moment, he suddenly felt that if she could be in his arms, he did not mind if he was not the prince and not have the whole world under his feet, nor if he was ridiculed by the world.

All of it would not compare to holding her in his arms now.

 However, she did not belong to him, and even if he got the whole world, he does not have her.

 “Xiao Lie, what’s wrong with you?” The young woman did not move, and she seemed to find that the man was acting abnormal, so she asked with concern.

 “I am hurt, it hurts!” The man closed his eyes and murmured.

 Something on his chest seemed to be torn apart, and he was about to suffocate.

 “Where’s the injury?” Su Jiu asked nervously, pushing his shoulder back to check.

 “Don’t move! Just stay like that, and let me hug for a while!” Xiao Lie hugged her tightly, being chummy with her.

He hoped he would never have to let go.

 “Xiao Lie…” Su Jiu listened to the man’s gloomy voice and panicked inexplicably.

 That day, Xiao Lie seemed a bit off.

 “Did I disturb any good things between the two of you?”  Suddenly, a deep, sonorous, and sweet voice came with a tinge of sarcasm.

 Su Jiu suddenly raised her head and saw a man in a red robe staring at the two with a sinister gaze.

 “Ji Yuxian…” Su Jiu murmured subconsciously.

 Xiao Lie turned his back to the stairs.

His eyes were gloomy, and he slowly stood up without looking back.

He only looked at the young woman with a scorching gaze and smiled.

“I’m leaving.

You take care of yourself, and don’t make me worry, alright?”  He did not want to marry someone else and continued thinking of her!  Su Jiu frowned.

She did not understand why Xiao Lie would speak of such a thing.

 Xiao Lie gave her a longing look, turned around, and exited the pavilion.

He did not even glance at Ji Yuxian as he walked past him and slowly walked down the stairs.

 “Your Highness, Prince Rui!” Ji Yuxian said coldly with a calm and expressionless face.

Xiao Lie stopped, his voice bland and monotonous as he replied, “What’s the matter, Eldest Young Master Ji?”  “By tangling with a married woman, there are no benefits for the great cause of Your Highness.

I hope that such things will not happen again in the future!”  Su Jiu suddenly stood up, looked at Ji Yuxian coldly, and gave a cold eye to the man.

Her heart shook slightly.

 Xiao Lie chuckled.

“Since you know Su Jiu is your wife, then you should treat her with honesty and sincerity, Mister Ji!”  Ji Yuxian’s eyes flashed.

He slowly turned around and plastered a smile on his face.

“The one not being honest and sincere is you, Your Highness.

What happened to us as husband and wife is not something that should bother you, Your Highness!”  “Husband and wife?” Xiao Lie sneered,” Su Jiu is Mister Ji’s wife?”  He wanted to say that Ji Yuxian’s real wife was Su Yuejiu, and how Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu did not even share the same bedroom so far.

His eyes suddenly turned sharp as he said dimly, “The feelings between the both of you are very good, even your private affairs can be discussed.

”  When Xiao Lie heard the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, he felt disgusted and turned away without saying further.

 There was a moment of silence on the roof of the building.

Ji Yuxian turned back to face Su Jiu, his eyes dim.

“Can my wife go home with her husband now?”  “Ji Yuxian…” Su Jiu opened her mouth wanting to say something, but she saw the man turn his head and take big strides down the stairs.

He walked as fast as he could, and the red robe swept across in a desolate fashion, like the last yellow leaf of the late autumn withering away without any attachment.

 Su Jiu’s chest felt constricted.

She took a deep breath before she followed after him.

 After leaving the tavern, Ji Yuxian was already on the horse carriage, and only Jin Feng was waiting for her outside the carriage.

He greeted her, “Young Mistress!”  Su Jiu nodded and stepped up.

 The man reclined lazily against the insides of the carriage.

His red robe was spread out and seemed like a large datura flower, gorgeous and fascinating.

However, there was no fiery passion; only a bloodthirsty and cold atmosphere was palpable.

 Upon sitting down, Su Jiu was caught around by the waist by the man, who then raised his hand to squeeze her chin.

His handsome face still had a smile, but the slightly squinted eyes were extremely cold.

 “No wonder you kept refusing to let me have you.

It turned out that you kept your virginity to do it with him.

In your eyes, does being the Young Mistress of the Ji Family lose out to being the concubine under Prince Rui?”  Su Jiu had not had Ji Yuxian talk to her in such a cold and detached manner after being with him for such a long time.

She clenched her fists slowly, her eyes sharp and cold, and said one word at a time, “Ji Yuxian, take back your words!”  Ji Yuxian tightened his hold on Su Jiu’s chin, and his facial expressions were cold and livid.

 “Su Jiu, is it because I have spoiled you too much, and caused you to become arrogant? Do you think that I wouldn’t be able to survive without you?”  Although Su Jiu’s chin was sore and her heart was even more hurt, she did not move.

Her whole body tightened, and she looked straight at him, her eyes gradually reddening.

 Ji Yuxian closed his eyes and the image of her and the prince hugging each other tightly resurfaced.

Soon more and more images emerged, like how he suddenly released Su Jiu, his body leaned back, as well as his cold demeanor.

The darkness rose like a tide, overwhelming the tenderness to his heart till there was nothing left.

 It turned out that no matter how much he did, he could not soften a stubborn stone.

She was a mountain bandit, with no thoughts and no feelings.

She only had the Dragon Conqueror Gang and her interests in her eyes.

 She could wake up in his arms in the morning, but out of his door, she could immediately throw herself into the arms of other men, and be affectionate in other people’s embrace.

 He thought she had real feelings for him, and now he felt so ridiculous!  …  The nanny had realized something was wrong since the afternoon.

Both Ji Yuxian and Su Jiu came back one after the other.

Ji Yuxian shut himself in the study room for the whole afternoon.

At night, Su Jiu was the only one having dinner.

 Su Jiu didn’t speak, only burying her head in the food.

Although she ate three bowls of rice like usual, she felt that the Young Mistress was forcing herself to finish them.

 In the night, Su Jiu read a book in the bedroom till late at night.

After taking a bath, she went to bed, with no one by her side.

She stretched out her hand to touch the space on her bed, and she shivered due to its coldness.

 Covering the blanket over her head, Su Jiu bit her lower lips, curled up her body, and embraced herself in her arms.

 Without knowing when she fell asleep and when she woke up, the nanny came in with a basin to wash her up.

 Su Jiu got up and peered at her side, still groggy.

 The nanny sat by the bed, lovingly combing Su Jiu’s long hair behind her ears, exposing her delicate white face, and said, “Miss, are you and the Young Master arguing? The Young Master only went back to his room at midnight and went back to the study room a couple of hours later.

”  Su Jiu raised her head in astonishment.

“Last night, did Ji Yuxian come back?”  The nanny nodded.

She knew that something had happened between the two of them.

She could not sleep well and could hear the door open and close.

 Su Jiu lowered her gaze, looking crestfallen.

“Nanny, my heart is feeling unbearable, but I don’t know what to do!”  “Miss, you like the Young Master right?” The nanny giggled softly.

 “Like?” Su Jiu looked lost.

 “Yes, if you like someone, you will suffer like this.

If the other party is happy, you will be happy.

If the other party is not happy, you will be sad.

You will be reluctant to leave him, and you will miss him when you don’t see him.

Your heart will always think of that person and yearn to always be close to him.

” The nanny said slowly.

 Su Jiu’s dazed eyes gradually became clear as she grinned.

“Nanny, I…”  “You feel this way with the Young Master, right?” The Nanny smiled reassuringly.

 Su Jiu nodded frankly and exclaimed, “Yes!”  Her tone was resolute, but she was still frowning.

“I feel the same towards Chang Huan and Dapao!”  “That’s different.

Go to the Young Master and tell him about what is bothering you.

He will give you the answer, and tell the Young Mistress what the meaning of a relationship between men and women is!” The nanny gently stroked Su Jiu’s long hair as she said.

 “Okay, I’ll go find him and ask!” The gloominess on Su Jiu’s face dispersed and was replaced by a hearty smile.

 “Young Mistress, go wash up and eat first, then get dressed to find the Young Master!” The nanny took the tunic and put it on Su Jiu.

 Su Jiu nodded, and her eyes turned.

Her long eyelashes hung down to cover the emotion of her eyes as she whispered, “What if I do like him?”  Like how Dapao liked Nangong Bi and how Zhao Shan liked Ah Shu; if her heart had feelings for someone, would it be very tough?  “There is no what if! Just naturally be the real Mrs.

Ji of the Ji Manor!” The nanny said with a laugh.

 Su Jiu had firmness in her eyes.

“Okay!”  If she liked him, then she would not leave, and be the real Mrs.

Ji!  At that moment, Lan Zhihui went to the study room after getting Jin Feng’s report.

 Ji Yuxian leaned back on the carved wooden chair and turned his head to look out of the window.

The sun shrouded his perfect silhouette through the wooden window, neither bright nor dark, neither blurred nor clear.

His pair of narrow and long eyes were dull, like the gloomy autumn wind, devoid of life.

 “Zhihui pays respects to Young Master Ji!”  Lan Zhihui held the account book in her hand and bowed.

 After a long time, without hearing any response, Lan Zhihui said again, “Zhihui pays respects to Young Master Ji!”  Ji Yuxian then seemed to realize that someone was there, and he responded faintly, “What’s the matter?”  “Zhihui came to report about the accounts to Young Master Ji!” Lan Zhihui wore a lotus-colored embroidered dress.

She looked dignified and had a gentle voice.

 Since the previous incident, she had been letting the housekeeper of Robes Square report matters.

That day was the first time she came by herself.

 Ji Yuxian was not the least bit happy when he saw her.

Her enthusiastic mood to meet the man was also thoroughly dampened.

 Ji Yuxian’s face was dull.

“I have something to do today, you come again in another day!”  Lan Zhihui’s eyes dimmed slightly, but she did not leave.

She placed the accounting book on the table, poured a cup of tea, and placed it in Ji Yuxian’s hand.

Her eyes were half-drooping as she said softly, “I haven’t seen Young Master for a long time.

I thought I would forget you if I did not see you, but now I know that will not happen.

Seeing how Young Master is so depressed, my heart aches for you.

”  The woman’s voice was faint.

She was not complaining about her emotions but was talking about her feelings indifferently.

Such forbearance was touching.

 Stunned, Ji Yuxian looked up at her.

“What are you talking about?”  Lan Zhihui looked up at him straight in the face.

Her voice was still calm, but her eyes were blazing with a fiery passion.

“I like you, Young Master! Can’t you feel it?”  Ji Yuxian squinted his eyes slightly and frowned at her.

 Lan Zhihui laughed at herself.

“Before this, I had been too stupid and thought the feelings I had when I was young was a life-long affection.

But I did not realize that the person I love was the one whom I stayed by for ten years.

Until I left and lost him did I come to realize that!”  The woman’s eyes were brimming with tears, and they seemed to overflow soon, but she stubbornly endured and looked at Ji Yuxian gently.

 “Young Master Ji, you said you want to marry me! Does that still count?”  The woman who was always strong-headed suddenly became so affectionate.

No men could hold back from that.

 Ji Yuxian’s initial shock had subsided, but that feeling was still lingering faintly, and he smiled.

“Zhihui, where is your pride? Are you willing to be a concubine?”  Lan Zhihui shook her head.

“None, my pride and arrogance are all gone.

When I found out that I liked someone, everything was gone! I am willing to be a concubine, as long as I am by your side.

As long as it is for you, I have no complaints and no regrets!”  Ji Yuxian glanced at her indifferently, with coldness in his eyes.

 “Sorry, I told my wife that I will not get a concubine in my life.

I cannot go back on my words.

So, I have to disappoint you as I cannot live up to your feelings.

”  Lan Zhihui suddenly froze there, and the tears in her eyes finally rolled down.

 She already put herself so low, only to get rejected in the end.

This was such a ruthless rejection!  Lan Zhihui’s soul felt cool as coldness started to freeze her heart.

However, she smiled miserably and nodded slowly.

Then, she raised her hand and began to undress.

 The woman seemed to have come prepared.

She did not wear a blouse underneath her outerwear.

After removing it, she flashed her light pink embroidered undergarment, and a great amount of snow-white skin could be seen around her chest area.

Below the beautiful figure, she had a slim waist that longed to be gripped delicately.

 Ji Yuxian frowned.

“What are you doing?”  The woman’s expression was not shy, but resolute.

She smiled coldly and said, “Knowing that it is impossible to marry you in this life, today I shall offer my body to you Young Master.

Then I will not have any regrets for the rest of my life and end this satisfyingly!”  After saying that, she went to untie the thin straps of her undergarment around her neck.

 Ji Yuxian frowned and his face was in despair.

He got up and held her hand.

“Zhihui, you don’t need to do this.

I can pretend all these did not happen today.

If you continue to do this again, then the Ji Manor can’t keep you here anymore.

”  Lan Zhihui raised her eyes, which were welling with tears.

She bit her lower lip, suddenly tiptoeing and kissing the man’s lips.

She then whispered, “Why am I not good enough for you? Where do I lose out compared to your wife? I already did all these and you still don’t even want me!”  Ji Yuxian’s expression remained unchanged.

After listening to the woman’s words, the scene he saw yesterday suddenly flashed in his head, and there was pain reflected in his eyes.

 Why was he not good enough for her? Why would she throw herself into that man’s arms?  Su Jiu stood outside the window and saw the two who were inappropriately dressed and hugging and kissing together.

Her eyes suddenly widened.

She then stepped back and leaned against the wall.

Her chest was pounding vigorously, like a boulder that came crashing down several times.

Her whole head was in a chaotic state.

 The affection in her eyes gradually went down.

She looked up at the distant clouds and felt the wind blowing.

Her lips smirked in a way that was more desolate than the autumn wind.

Like?  Like her head!  The young woman turned away.

 In the study room, Lan Zhihui embraced Ji Yuxian’s waist, tiptoed, and went in for a deep kiss.

Her arms were pulled away by the man who then pushed her away mercilessly.

“Don’t compare yourself with my wife.

There is only one woman like her in this world and no one can be compared to her.

Now go back!”  He then sat on the chair without even looking at the woman.

His whole being was cold and reserved.

 Lan Zhihui was both ashamed and annoyed.

Indignant, she looked at the man while biting her lips.

Good, very good, Ji Yuxian, you would regret it!  The woman slowly put on her clothes, took two steps back, turned around, and walked away.

She had been thinking about it for the past two days, and she did not want to help Su Yuejiu into the Ji Manor, so she came to see Ji Yuxian today.

If Ji Yuxian agreed to marry her, she would tell him the truth about Su Yuejiu.

 The truth is that Su Yuejiu lived in a mountain-home for a year.

Who knew if she was still a virgin or not? Even if Ji Yuxian would not marry her, he would also drive the current mountain bandit woman out of the manor, and then she would be the Ji Manor’s Young Mistress.

 And if Ji Yuxian got the news in advance, maybe he would secretly settle scores with the Su Family, and the Ji Manor would not be seen as a joke by everyone else.

He would be grateful to her!  However, she did not expect that even with her bold actions.

He did not want her, not even touching her at the very least.

 She had never suffered so much humiliation before!  In that case, she did not care anymore.

Now, she was all the more eager to let everyone know that the Ji Family married a mountain bandit into their manor.

 The woman left with determination, brimming with hatred.

 Jin Feng left for a while to attend to something.

When he came back, he looked at Lan Zhihui’s back and slowly frowned.

 Old Housekeeper Yu brought out some tea, pushed the door, and entered.

Ji Yuxian was sitting against the back of his chair with his eyes closed, his face somber.

 “Young Master, tea!” Old Housekeeper Yu said aloud.

 “Put it there!” Ji Yuxian’s voice was faint, tinged with displeasure.

 After Old Housekeeper Yu placed the tea, he knew Ji Yuxian was in a bad mood, so he got up and left.

 Ji Yuxian had a restless feeling in his heart that he could not fathom.

He straightened up and stretched his arms for the tea.

Suddenly, he saw the account book that Lan Zhihui had placed on the table.

Squinting his eyes, he threw out the book, which landed with a loud ‘thud’.

 Su Jiu left the Ji Manor without even finding Er Mao and drove directly to the bodyguard agency.

 The horse carriage was moving very quickly along the way.

 She was so angry that her chest was about to explode!  Ji Yuxian!  Don’t you dare to expect me to forgive you again! You can go and embrace that hypocritical Lan Zhihui!  Liar, he was a liar through and through!  He lied to her that he did not know martial arts, lied to her that he would not kiss others, and lied to her that she was the only one for him.

Bastard!  Su Jiu flew to the bodyguard agency, grabbed Ah Shu, and went to the backyard.

Without saying a word, she started to fight him!  Ah Shu, who was inexplicably hit by a few punches, fell to the ground and pretended to be dead.

 “Get up!” Su Jiu kneeled on one knee behind him.

Her face was full of anger, and she was about to hit his face with another fist.

 The corner of Ah Shu’s mouth turned swollen, and he said miserably, “Chief, you can just hit me any way you want.

I’m in a bad mood!”  Ah Shu was visibly upset.

Yesterday, the cousin of the Zhao Family came to the house and boasted to the bodyguards that he slept with Zhao Shan.

He could not wait to kill someone!  That bastard.

If they slept together, then so be it.

However, he did not have to show off.

Did he not know that the reputation of a woman was very important?  “Get up and fight since you are in such a bad mood! Don’t go and be like those city people who only know how to pretend!” Su Jiu yelled.

 Ah Shu frowned tightly, his face turning green as he exclaimed, “Sorry Chief for offending you!” Just then, he threw a punch at Su Jiu.

 Su Jiu flipped back, composed herself, then threw a flying kick.

Their legs slammed against each other, and the shock was numbing.

They passed by each other and fought together.

 The two exchanged moves very quickly, and their movements were extremely fast.

Many bodyguards came around, and they were mesmerized and applauding.

 A moment later, Ah Shu fell to the ground again, panting and trying to get up.

He felt pain in his chest and fell back again.

 Su Jiu grabbed his collar and said, “You lost, so you shall accompany me to go drinking!”  The two sat on the bamboo pole, each holding a jar of wine.

Su Jiu remembered the times she drank with Hu Dapao at this same spot and felt depressed.

She took off the lid, lifted her head, and took a big gulp.

 The fragrant wine was glistening as it ran down from her pink lips.

 Ah Shu turned to look at Su Jiu and asked, “Chief, did something happen to you?”  Su Jiu looked at the distance and nodded.

“I got cheated!”  Ah Shu sneered, “What did you get cheated of? Money? Did some people dare cheat the Chief of our Dragon Conqueror Gang? I think that person must be bored with living.

We have always been the only ones who cheat others!”  Su Jiu held the wine jar against her lips and suddenly turned to look at Ah Shu after hearing what he said.

 Yes, she cheated Ji Yuxian and the Ji Manor first.

It turned out that the two of them were cheating each other!  Husband and wife?  What a joke!  How could there be such a couple in the world?  Yet, why were they so intimate when they were together? The intimacy seemed to unite them into one and reluctant to part with.

 The most loving couple in the world was also nothing more than that!  Su Jiu leaned back and laid between the two bamboo poles.

Her eyes were distant and confused.

 This feeling was uncomfortable for her.

Her feelings seemed suspended in the middle.

She could neither spit it out nor swallow it down.

If this was what the nanny meant by liking someone, she would rather not experience it.

 When she did not know all this, she had a better time.

 However, the joy of being with him was something she never had experienced before too.

 Su Jiu heaved a long sigh.

She still could not find a way to resolve the problem.

Instead, her thoughts became more and more chaotic.

 At noon, Old Housekeeper Yu entered the study room and asked where to place his meal.

 The account book in front of Ji Yuxian was not even flipped over at all since the morning, and his mind was all on how the young woman looked like, how she was loud and cunning, or serious and pure.

If he was angry previously, she would come to him and kiss him innocently, and all his anger would vanish into thin air.

 He did not see her the whole morning, and his heart grew more irritable.

 Had she truly fallen for that person?  Ji Yuxian glanced out of the window, got up, and walked out.

 Back in the bedroom, there was no one in it.

A faint fragrance permeated, reflecting the lonely autumn wind.

The man inexplicably panicked and was about to turn around to call someone.

At that moment, he saw the nanny enter the room, who hurriedly paid respects to him.

“Young Master!”  “Where is the Young Mistress?” Ji Yuxian asked in a deep voice.

 The nanny was startled, “The Young Mistress went to the study room to find the Young Master!”  Ji Yuxian’s heart sank.

“When did that happen?”  Before the nanny could answer, Jin Feng walked in.

He was frowning, and his voice was solemn.

“Young Master Ji, the Su Manor’s parents are here!”  Ji Yuxian suddenly turned his head in alarm.

“When did they enter the capital?”  Jin Feng shook his head slowly.

 It was because they did not even know when the Su parents entered the capital that they felt things were spiraling.

 “They also brought a woman with them!”  Ji Yuxian narrowed his eyes and stepped out.

 The face of the nanny, who was standing behind, changed slightly and she suddenly panicked.

 “Young Mistress!” she exclaimed.

She then hurried out of the room to look for Su Jiu.

 Su Jiu’s parents were waiting at the reception pavilion, with Miss Su sitting on a wooden chair.

She looked at the furnishings around the room, and her eyes beamed with joy and greed.

 The servant went up to serve tea and told them to wait for a little while longer, as they had already informed the Eldest Young Master.

 Feeling a little uneasy again, Miss Su carefully pulled the sleeves of Madame Su and whispered, “Mother, I’m a little scared!”  Madame Su held her hand and said comfortingly, “What are you afraid of? This will be your future home!”  Miss Su bit her lips and nodded gently.

 Suddenly, there was a figure at the door, and Ji Yuxian walked in slowly.

He was dressed in a purple robe, with satin-black black hair, a beautiful face, and noble temperament.

Miss Su was stunned for a moment and froze in her spot.

 Ji Yuxian glanced across the faces of several people and naturally did not recognize the woman next to Madame Su.

His heart was shocked, but his face remained composed.

He slowly smiled.

“I, your son-in-law, pay his respects to Father-in-law.

Why did Father-in-law not send someone to inform me when you were entering the capital? So that my wife and I would come and pick you up together.

”  Su Wenqian looked at Ji Yuxian with a perplexed look and smiled respectfully.

“Thank you for your politeness, Eldest Young Master.

We just came suddenly and wanted to see Yuejiu.

Is she in?”  Ji Yuxian’s eyes flashed and he smiled lightly.

“The Young Mistress is attending to something outside!”  Madame Su could not help but take a step forward and said hastily, “Eldest Young Master, the Ji Manor has been deceived.

We were also deceived.

By the way, the woman whom you married was not Yuejiu at all, not our daughter! This is our daughter, Su Yuejiu!”  After that, she pulled the woman with her forward.

 Miss Su bowed her head shyly, and muttered, “Pay…paying respects to Young Master Ji!”  Ji Yuxian’s heart flipped.

His eyes slowly squinted and glided across the young woman’s face like the cool spring water.

He walked slowly to the main seat, sat down, and smiled lightly.

 “What is Madame Su joking about? The wife that I married was handed to me personally by Father-in-law and you.

Now you claim that she is a fake! Are you tricking me?”  Madame Su said in a panicked manner, “No, we were also cheated by that thief! Last year, Yuejiu entered the capital and met mountain bandits at Yuhu Mountain.

The dowry was robbed and all the servants were killed.

That group of mountain bandits came into the capital by using Yuejiu’s identity.

When our Su Family entered the capital, the mountain bandits and the nanny colluded with each other, tricking us by saying that she was seriously ill and could not see anyone.

Her face was veiled all the way, and we did not even saw her face, so our Su family got cheated as well!”  Ji Yuxian sneered, “There are so many loopholes! Yuejiu is your daughter.

Even if she was covered with a veil, won’t you be able to recognize her? And you said that when they were making their way here, the people from the Su Family were all killed by the mountain bandits, then where did this Miss Su come from?”  “Everything I said is true! Our Yuejiu was seriously injured at that time, but she was rescued by a mountain dweller.

Now, her injuries are healed.

She is the real Su Yuejiu!” Madame Su hurriedly explained.

“If the Eldest Young Master does not believe it, you can summon the Young Mistress and the nanny in the manor.

When we confront them, then we will naturally know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying!”  “This is ridiculous!” Ji Yuxian’s face was frigid.

“Back then, the person I married was sent by you.

Now you say that she is a fake.

Why should I believe it?”  He stood upright, his aura magnificent as his eyes swept across the room.

 “If Father-in-law is not satisfied with the Ji Manor, you can tell me directly.

You do not have to come up with this absurd story.

I still have things to do, so please excuse me!”  Panic-stricken, Su Wenqian stammered, “Eldest Young Master, that is not the case! Listen to me…”  Ji Yuxian did not want to listen anymore.

His footsteps quickened as he made his way towards the exit.

 Miss Su grabbed Madams Su’s arm, flustered.

“Mother…”  Suddenly, a chuckle could be heard at the door, “I heard that my in-laws are here, and it was rude of me to not welcome you earlier.

”  Ji Yuxian stood there.

Looking at the Second Mistress who suddenly appeared, his face suddenly sank.

 The Second Mistress entered the reception pavilion and immediately laughed.

“I heard from the servants at the backyard that my in-laws are here.

All of you came from Fuyang City and it must have taken a toll on you.

The Ji Manor is slow to serve you all well!”  Seeing the Second Mistress, Madame Su regarded her as the savior.

She walked over quickly and greeted, “Nice to meet you Second Mistress, you have to stand up for our Yuejiu!”  The Second Mistress’s eyes glistened, and she pretended to be amazed.

“Oh, what happened to Yuejiu? Did she endure any grievances and complained back to her family?”  Su Wenqian stood up and said, “Second Mistress, this matter sounds ridiculous.

We did not expect it, but the truth is right in front of us, and we have no choice but to accept it!”  The Second Mistress’s face turned solemn as she asked, “What exactly is the matter?”  Madame Su repeated her whole explanation that she told Ji Yuxian earlier.

 The Second Mistress’s face changed to that of shock.

“Is there such a thing?”  “Second Mistress!” Ji Yuxian said coldly, “If I remember correctly, you should be at Jinglan Pavilion now.

”  The Second Mistress’s face was unflinching.

“Yuxian, I am also from the Ji Manor! Such a big thing happened in the manor, and as an adult, how can I not care and ask?”  “Yes, the Second Mistress must help and support us!” Madame Su clenched onto the arms of the Second Mistress and begged.

 “Yuxian, since the in-laws are here, why would they fake their daughter? I think it is only right to bring the Young Mistress in and confront her.

Then the truth will be naturally revealed!” The Second Mistress said aloud, and then commanded the servants, “Go and summon the Young Mistress!”  “No need!” Ji Yuxian said, turning back and sitting on the main seat.

He said blandly, “The Young Mistress is not in the manor, and she does not need to prove anything.

Since she is my wife, I will just decide for myself!”  After that, he looked up at Su Wenqian and Madame Su and said, “No matter who you brought over to marry me, she was already married to me through proper ceremonies.

That is the truth.

Only she is my wife and there can be no one else!”  Miss Su, who was standing behind Madame Su, suddenly turned pale.

She did not expect Ji Yuxian to say that.

 Su Wenqian and Madame Su were also surprised.

Madame Su said in a hurry, “Eldest Young Master, that woman is a bandit who is known for killing people and pillaging goods.

She is an evildoer, so how can she be the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor?”  “Yuxian, are you bewitched by that woman? If she is a mountain bandit and not Miss Su like what Madame Su had just said, how can we let a mountain bandit be the Mistress of the Ji Family? Furthermore, the person who has been betrothed to you since childhood is Miss Su!” The Second Mistress chided with a straight face.

 At that time, the nanny stood outside at the window and listened clearly to the words exchanged in the room.

She hurried away in a panic.

 “I’ve said already.

I will only regard the person who went through the rituals with me as the Mistress of the Ji Manor.

Any other people are not related to the Ji Manor!” Ji Yuxian’s pursed his thin lips and sneered.

He said heartlessly, “If my wife is not the daughter of the Su Family, then the two of you have nothing to do with the Ji Manor.

Please go back!”  Su Wenqian and Madame Su were overwrought.

They never thought Ji Yuxian would say such a thing, which left them dumbfounded.

 Miss Su was even more grieved.

She stood behind Madame Su and started crying.

 “I disagree!” The Second Mistress’s face was livid.

“When the Eldest Mistress left, she entrusted your marriage to me.

No matter what, I am the elder in this manor after all, and I must abide by the Eldest Mistress’s wishes.

The Mistress of the Ji Manor must be the daughter of the Su Family!”  Ji Yuxian sneered, “This is about my wife, and you don’t have to bother yourself with it, Second Mistress.

Moreover, you still have your affairs to attend to!”  The Second Mistress glared coldly at Ji Yuxian’s face.

 At that moment, Madame Su also understood that Ji Yuxian and the fake Su Yuejiu were with each other for a year, and both had developed feelings.

He did not want to let her leave, and the Su Family meant nothing to him.

 Without being panic-stricken like before, Madame Su’s was livid.

She stepped forward and her face was fired up as she scoffed.

“The marriage contract made back then between the Ji Manor and our Su Family is not something that the Eldest Young Master can frivolously destroy! My daughter is the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor, and no one can change that.

Furthermore, that imposter mountain bandit killed people from our Su Family, seriously injured my daughter, and robbed our Su Family’s dowry.

Do you think you can just dismiss the case like this? Please summon the Young Mistress now and give the Su Family a proper explanation.

Eldest Young Master, you must also give Yue Jiu a satisfactory explanation!”  Ji Yuxian’s eyes glanced over coldly, and his aura was gloomy as if winter had suddenly arrived.

Everyone could not help but feel tense.

 At that moment, Su Jiu’s horse carriage pulled up outside the door of the Ji Manor.

 The nanny was waiting anxiously.

When she saw Su Jiu return, she immediately stepped forward and grabbed her wrist.

“Miss, something happened!”  Su Jiu frowned.

“What’s the matter?”  “Su Yuejiu did not die.

The old man and Madame Su brought her to the Ji Manor, and now they are demanding to confront the Young Mistress!” The nanny said anxiously.

 Su Jiu froze there.

 Su Yuejiu… was not dead?  Su Jiu suddenly remembered that one year ago, she saw a woman in the woods.

At that time, she also found clothes to cover her up.

She was dead, and it was Chang Huan who buried her.

 How could this happen?  The reception pavilion was near the entrance.

After entering the manor, it was only a short walking distance, and she heard a woman crying.

 “My daughter was killed by a mountain bandit and was replaced by someone else.

Eldest Young Master, not only did you not enact justice for my daughter, but you also took the side of the bandit! You, Ji Manor, are a bunch of bullies!”  “My daughter is already pledged to the Ji Manor, and now you don’t want her.

What is she going to do with the rest of her life?”  “No matter what, today you have to account for our Su family!”  “Our daughter is the real Su Yuejiu and the Young Mistress of the Ji Manor.

Even if you go to the government office, the Old Master Qingtian will give us the justice we deserve!”  …  The bellowing of the woman was mixed with the wails of a younger woman, and they sounded like they were accused and in great grievances.

  Su Jiu walked towards the reception pavilion step by step.

Her footsteps had never been so heavy before.

 Opening the door, many people were sitting and standing in the pavilion.

They all turned around in the direction of the sound, and the whole reception pavilion fell into silence.

 Su Jiu swept across the faces of everyone.

Her features were beautiful and elegant, and her eyes were crystal clear.

 She said indifferently, “No need to speak further.

I am not Su Yuejiu.

I am an imposter!”