Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 95

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 95

Everyone in the audience was shocked when they saw this scene! Their expressions went from doubt, to shock, and finally to awe! Everyone’s pupils dilated.

The climax of the battle was when Ye Feng used his AOE skill to kill the dozen or so rescuers.

Everyone in the audience stood up solemnly and cheered.

Ye Feng’s actions shocked everyone.

No one expected that an ordinary human could release such a shocking skill.

And he could directly kill the Murlocs.

One had to know that Murlocs were vastly different from humans.

No matter which aspect, the Murlocs’ overall attributes were superior to humans.

However, Ye Feng was able to easily kill the dozen or so Murlocs that suddenly appeared.

Moreover, these Murlocs were definitely not low-level, but they were still killed by Ye Feng in one strike! The most explosive thing was that Ye Feng was actually able to cross levels and heavily injure a C+ grade Murloc expert! Please Keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M What kind of concept was this? It was like using a cold weapon to fight against an opponent who was holding a submachine gun.

However, not only could this opponent not deal any damage to you, you could even heavily injure him! In the level system of symbiotes, fighting across levels was the biggest taboo, because one could never imagine how much strength was higher than one’s level.

Moreover, the difference in levels was very big.

Not to mention the difference of a big level, this was originally an unimaginable gap, but Ye Feng did it.

He actually succeeded in heavily injuring Fitz! Although he might have used many techniques, and there was some element of luck in it, it had to be said that the victor was still leaning towards Ye Feng’s side.

“F*ck, God Feng is too godly! He actually managed to heavily injure a C+ grade expert, and he even has an attack with AOE damage! Even playing games is so exciting.

This is simply a stroke of genius!!” “God Feng is too strong.

He has been holding back and not making a move.

So it turns out that he’s just hiding his strength!” “I originally thought that God Feng was just good with his brain and that he would never encounter great danger.

I did not expect that his combat strength was also so strong.

This is too awesome!” “God Feng is definitely going to make it to the champion list for this freshmen assessment.

The dean’s scholarship will definitely belong to him.

He is too strong.

God bless China for another strong person to appear!” The eyes of the few elders in the judges’ seats became deeper.

Ye Feng’s performance had already far exceeded their expectations.

Among them, the one who was the most excited was Professor Lei.

He boasted that he would bring this student all the way to B grade and above Transcendence, but now it seemed that B grade was still considered modest.

It should be A grade and above! This was what he, as a professor, should pursue to help students! Professor Lei stared at the screen and said in ecstasy, “He is simply a perfect genius.

He can fight across levels and still have the upper hand! He is simply too perfect!!” “En, this student is very out of my imagination,” Andy nodded and said softly.

The few people beside him recovered from their shock and looked at each other.

Since the dean said so, there was more than 90% chance that it was Ye Feng! please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M These old men from the Board of Education had witnessed so many freshmen assessments.

This was the first time that Andy was so excited.

Everyone knew what this meant.

The candidate for the dean’s scholarship was now very obvious.

Ye Feng had a great chance! Water Training Hall, Murloc Palace.

The dust and debris that had been raised by the huge impact dissipated.

This wave of operations had truly shocked everyone present.

Such an ability could actually be released by a human?! The Murlocs watching from afar were all filled with shock.

The person who could release such power was actually their own Murloc King! This was simply unimaginable.

After all, Ye Feng had never made a move before even when they first met Ye Feng in the sacred land, Tianqing River.

They had never seen Ye Feng make a move before either.

This was to the extent that many people thought that Ye Feng was only a person with a brain that could think of many perfect strategies, and that he was only suitable to be behind the scenes.

But seeing this scene, everyone looked at Ye Feng in a new light.

How was this the level of a military counselor!? This was simply the level of a war god!! Joseph’s expression was very complicated, and it looked at Ye Feng in shock for a long time.

The wave of skills that Ye Feng released really shocked it too much.

Such a huge ability was actually released so easily by Ye Feng.

It was simply amazing! “You are destined to stay in this place today!” Ye Feng said indifferently as a cold aura spread out from his body.

This was after the evolution of the water element Slime subsidiary body.

With the unique addition of spiritual energy, it would have a feeling of ice, increasing the purity of Ye Feng’s spiritual energy to different degrees.

“With just you?! Hehehehe, the one who will die will only be you!!!” Fitz roared angrily as its body once again disappeared from the spot.

An incomparably inflated killing intent pounced toward Ye Feng.

Although Fitz’s speed was still not low, its injuries were still too severe, causing its figure to be far from what it was before.

The direction its body moved and where it was going to attack from… Ye Feng had already seen everything clearly.

Ye Feng grinned and extended his right hand.

Countless threads shot out from all directions.

“[Web Transformation]!” The skill was released.

Those threads that were as tough as steel bars wrapped around Fitz in almost an instant.

Ye Feng did not leave any chance for Fitz at all.

He coldly spat out a word and retracted the spider web.

An incomparably powerful force immediately shot out! A spider web directly pierced through Fitz’s body! No matter how powerful a creature was, its body would always be weak, let alone after being heavily injured! As one web passed through, a second followed closely behind, and then a third! The incomparably strong and sharp spider silk continuously passed through! An extremely mournful and painful voice sounded.

In the next moment, Fitz spat out a large mouthful of blood.

The various toxins, numbness, and effects of the poison in the spider web caused Fitz’s consciousness to suddenly stop, causing it to completely lose all ability to resist.

After an unknown number of hits, Fitz’s body was completely split into two halves, falling to the ground.

On the ground, it fused with the blood and water, and its huge body also stirred up a lot of dust.

Ye Feng saw this, but he still did not stop attacking.

The spider web seemed to have a spiritual sense, enveloping Fitz’s entire body.

Its movements did not stop, and it continued to surround Fitz without stopping! After all, the other party was a C+ expert, and it was also a Murloc.

If it had some sort of resurrection spell, wouldn’t it be very difficult to resist!? Ye Feng surrounded Fitz because he did not want the audience to see this bloody scene.

At the same time, Ye Feng wanted to absorb and devour Fitz.

He did not want anyone else to see this process.

He still had to hide the skills that he should hide.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have successfully killed a C+ Grade Murloc.

You have received an attribute bonus!] Only when the other party had turned into a pile of minced meat and he heard the system’s notification that the other party had been confirmed dead did Ye Feng stop.

‘Devour!’ Ye Feng thought to himself.

The spider silk wrapped around the minced meat and continuously absorbed the spiritual energy within.

A C+ powerhouse not only contained a lot of spiritual energy, but it was also pure.

Almost instantly, the spiritual energy synchronized with Ye Feng’s body.

His body, which had previously released many skills, seemed to have been injected with a new wave of spiritual energy.

Gradually, Ye Feng felt that he had become even stronger! Seeing that their leader had already fallen, the other tribe knew that the tide had turned and they all surrendered.

The [Waterfall Clan] had the advantage in the main battlefield.

However, they didn’t expect that Fitz would lead the Swamp Villains to launch a sneak attack from behind, resulting in the tragedy of their rear being defeated.

However, after killing Fitz, there was no longer any power that could stop the warriors of the [Waterfall Clan].

Many of the [Swamp Clan] that were still resisting were also killed by the warriors of [Waterfall Clan].

They formed an unstoppable offensive and defeated their opponents in one fell swoop!