Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 96

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 96

At this moment, all the warriors of the [Waterfall Clan] cheered.

“As expected of our Wuhu King.

He inherited the strength of the Old Blind the Prophet and easily defeated the sinner, Fitz!” “The Head Knight almost died! If the Wuhu King didn’t act in time, the [Waterfall Clan] might not exist anymore! It’s terrifying!” “I would like to call the Wuhu King the strongest! From now on, the Murlocs in the world will become stronger and stronger under the leadership of the Wuhu King!” “It’s great to see the Murlocs completely united in my lifetime.

It’s all thanks to the arrival of the Wuhu King! He really is like a god of war descending to the mortal world!” Ye Feng instantly became the center of attention.

Hearing these voices, the corners of Ye Feng’s mouth curled up slightly.

What he was excited about was not these praises, but the divine weapon that had fallen far away! One of the components of the Sea Stone Trident, [Long Staff]! Ye Feng’s thoughts moved, and he instantly stored it.

His perception spread throughout the entire area, and he discovered countless corpses.

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)C0M Just devouring Fitz’s enormous spiritual energy alone was enough for Ye Feng to awaken once again! At this moment, Joseph also walked over and looked at him with great admiration.

After all, Ye Feng still had one identity, and that was the Murloc King! Joseph felt that everything that had happened was extremely inconceivable.

His defense was originally quite good, but he did not expect to be ambushed.

Forget it, he actually had not beaten Fitz and was seriously injured.

The original dead-end was broken by Ye Feng alone.

The most ridiculous thing was that before this, Joseph had never known that its King was actually so powerful! “King, you’re really amazing.

From now on, the entire Murloc tribe is completely unified.

Your contributions are enough to record a monument!” Joseph bowed very respectfully and stood up once again, its body trembling.

Everyone on the field looked over in unison.

“Now, such a huge Murloc tribe will officially be handed over to you.

The entire Murloc tribe is very huge and has all kinds of resources.

It will definitely be busy.

King can rest for a few days and slowly familiarize yourself with it,” Joseph said.

It ordered its subordinate to bring some things over.

Soon, a red box was brought up.

Ye Feng looked at the box in confusion, not understanding what was going on.

But seeing that everyone’s eyes became extremely excited and hot, Ye Feng roughly knew what was going on.

‘Could it be that there is something good inside?’ Ye Feng thought to himself, somewhat excited.

If it was something good, then this wave would be too profitable.

This was the Murloc tribe, and he was conferred as the highest leader of the Murloc tribe, so the things he enjoyed would naturally be the best! Under everyone’s expectant gazes, Joseph slowly opened the box and saw a ray of golden light shoot out.

The entire sky seemed to have been slashed open.

Just this energy shock alone was enough to make everyone present gasp in admiration.

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)C0M This was a power that far surpassed the C+ grade! The level definition of this power was something that no one knew.

After all, the power derived from it was too grand and magnificent! In the golden light, Ye Feng saw the scene inside.

It was a vest-like chain armor and a crown! The armor was a very ancient shape.

It emitted a pale blue light and looked very ordinary.

However, when Ye Feng used his perception to look over, it was as if he had entered an incomparably vast ocean.

The ocean laid a path for defense.

An incomparably monstrous wave was enough to destroy everything, but it was also enough to resist everything.

This vast power made it impossible for Ye Feng to look over for a long time.

When he saw that something was wrong, he immediately withdrew his perception.

This power was not something he could withstand.

‘This is a good thing!’ Ye Feng exclaimed in his heart.

Also, that crown was also a rare item.

It was made of a material that Ye Feng could not describe.

Vaguely, it seemed like a nourishing power was constantly overflowing.

With just a slight touch, it could quickly recover.

At this point, Ye Feng finally understood the use of these two items.

The chainmail was a defensive equipment, and the crown was also a defensive equipment.

It mainly increased the recovery attributes of various items.

The magic of these two items made Ye Feng feel that they were not simple.

Joseph could not help but be surprised when it saw Ye Feng resonating with them.

Seeing that Ye Feng was looking over, Joseph paused for a moment and immediately explained, “This is the Murloc King’s Sea Stone Armor and the Sea Stone Crown! There should be another thing…” “What is it?” Ye Feng asked in confusion.

“The divine weapon in your hand, Sea Stone Trident!” Joseph replied, its gaze burning.

Heavens, wasn’t this the legendary three-piece set that made the Murloc race invincible?! Ye Feng immediately felt his brain buzz.

He did not expect to actually obtain such divine artifacts! The Sea Stone Armor, Sea Stone Crown, and Sea Stone Trident were the Murloc King’s strongest equipment.

According to the ancient records, a Murloc King might not have all of these three divine artifacts.

For example, some of the divine artifacts were scattered outside, some were occupied by the enemy, and some were the same as Ye Feng’s situation in the beginning.

No one could use them in the sacred land.

Therefore, to be able to match these three divine artifacts, it was not whether you were the Murloc King or not, but whether these three divine weapons denied you! If they could resonate, then they could naturally be used.

The two pieces of the Sea Stone Trident in Ye Feng’s hands, [Harpoon] and [Long Staff], could resonate with Ye Feng, so naturally, they would not have any repulsive force.

“As the new King, it should have been given to you a long time ago, but things happened suddenly, and the [Swamp Clan] ambushed us, so we had to postpone the new King’s enthronement ceremony.

” After Joseph finished speaking, it took out all the items inside.

At the same time, all the contestants in the Water Training Hall focused their eyes on this side.

This light pillar was too dazzling, so much so that they could not ignore it at all! Ye Feng looked infatuated, but he suddenly remembered something.

He immediately put the items back into the box and closed the lid.

If this place was exposed, Ye Feng was not worried about these Murlocs, but the lives of his classmates! Any Murloc here could cripple the second-place scorer with one slap.

Ye Feng was very clear about the strength of the Murlocs.

This was also to protect his classmates from being hurt.

Joseph looked at Ye Feng in confusion and asked, “Wuhu King, what does this mean?” Ye Feng thought for a moment and randomly gave a reason.

“The golden light is too dazzling.

I’ll put it aside for now and wear it later!” Joseph nodded thoughtfully.

Ye Feng thought for a moment and continued to say to Joseph, “I can be your Murloc King, but I find it troublesome.

I’ll leave all the daily affairs to you.

How about it?” This move was really common.

In the Ant tribe, Ye Feng used this plan perfectly.

He might as well directly copy it into the Murlocs tribe! However, the Ant tribe was too large.

Ye Feng had no choice but to personally appoint four commanders to manage different powers.

However, the Murlocs only had so many people in total.

One representative was enough.

When Joseph heard this, it was quite moved.

This was more than just a representative.

This was simply acting as the Murloc King! This was not only recognition for it, it was also the supreme glory that it had obtained.

Joseph was extremely moved.

“Thank you for your gift, King!” Ye Feng naturally wanted to be the Murloc King.

It was not bad to have his own faction.

Moreover, the Murloc race was huge in size and was also strong.

They were simply ideal fighters! However, after he settled this matter, he would not continue to stay here.

After all, he was still participating in Cloud Mist Academy’s freshmen assessment! He would leave soon.

However, during this period of time, the Murloc tribe could not be without a leader, right? Ye Feng wanted to help Joseph up.

Ye Feng trusted Joseph very much.

“What is the position below the Murloc King?” Ye Feng asked again.

While giving Joseph power, he also had to give it a higher position.

“It is my humble position,” Joseph replied.

Ah, this was a bit awkward.

Ye Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The Head Knight was from the Royal Knight Regiment.

It was the highest organization of the Murloc tribe.

It was the same nature as the Swamp Villains of the [Swamp Clan].

“It’s alright, you guys can go back to work.

” Then, under everyone’s gaze, Ye Feng left.

They started to clean up the battlefield.

This battle had caused quite a lot of losses.

Many buildings had been destroyed, but behind the battle was hope and peace.