Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 94

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 94

Fitz rushed over, but Ye Feng was still one step ahead of it.

His figure flashed and disappeared in an instant.

The successive attacks could not even touch Ye Feng.

This time, Fitz was really angry.

The incomparably violent aura seethed again, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet.

There was even a chill on his back! This force was powerful enough to affect the surrounding environment.

One could imagine that Fitz was going to be serious this time.

Fitz’s speed increased once again.

This was a body that was more than five meters tall.

Coupled with its ghostly speed, even if it did not use any abilities, it could easily kill Ye Feng in a melee fight.

“Go to h*ll! Do you think you are worthy of being the King?!” Fitz roared angrily, and an incomparably foul stench emanated from its mouth.

This was a type of miasma from the swamp! If one smelled this stench, their entire body would be paralyzed, and their movements would be greatly reduced.

This way, no matter how much strength they had, they would not be able to continue resisting.

The stench swept toward Ye Feng.

When Fitz saw that Ye Feng was unmoved, it immediately frowned.

“How is this possible? This is miasma.

Even a powerhouse at my level would be unable to resist it if they smelled it, but why are you not affected at all!?” Fitz was already in a berserk state.

It looked at Ye Feng in disbelief and wanted to know why.

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)C0M This miasma, at most, could only paralyze him.

Ye Feng’s body already had the poison resistance attribute of the Slime.

Not to mention this miasma, even the most poisonous poison in the forest could not do anything to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng sneered.

He had been waiting for this moment! Once a Murloc fell into a frenzy, they would resort to any means.

At this time, the ability to think would also plummet.

At this time, it was no different from a ferocious beast.

Seeing that the miasma was actually ineffective, Fitz decided to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

It took a step forward and its huge body suddenly attacked! The [Long Staff] in its hand, with a raise of its hand, had already appeared above Ye Feng’s head.

It was just a hair’s breadth away from smashing onto Ye Feng’s body! His perceptive ability allowed Ye Feng to dodge in time.

It saw Ye Feng’s body suddenly distort.

His body, which was originally still on the spot, had already dodged this attack in the blink of an eye! Fitz was stunned, but Ye Feng smiled.

If the change in his body just now had been one second slower, even if the [Long Staff] had not landed, the enormous impact energy it had produced would have already killed Ye Feng once! With a C+ grade and a divine weapon, Ye Feng did not doubt Fitz’s strength at all.

If he was grazed, even if Ye Feng’s defense points were full, he would not be able to withstand more than half of the attack! But now, he had successfully dodged it! Ye Feng chuckled and released [Water Binding] and [Tidal Surge] at the same time! A huge stream of water with Fitz as the center instantly wrapped around him.

An incomparably huge restraining force, and Ye Feng was only one step away from Fitz, so his skills were almost instantaneous.

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)C0M Even if Fitz had immense strength, it would not be able to dodge this control ability that suddenly attacked it! Moreover, once the water flow restriction was formed, even if it was born with divine power, it would still be unable to break free.

Furthermore, Fitz had already expended too much strength in the previous battle, and at this moment, it no longer had the ability to resist! The instant the restriction was formed, a super flood suddenly appeared.

With an incomparably majestic aura, it carried a monstrous impact force as it continuously charged in Fitz’s direction! [Tidal Surge] was released!!! With a single thought from Ye Feng, countless attacks exploded toward Fitz! The scales on its body also possessed an extremely astonishing defensive ability.

Even if one were to directly stab with a knife, it would not be able to pierce through it in the slightest.

However, under the powerful impact of [Tidal Surge], like most living creatures, Fitz’s body and scales were crumbling! Under Ye Feng’s control, Fitz was severely injured! A large mouthful of blood gushed out of Fitz’s mouth! An extremely powerful explosion exploded with Fitz at the center! A scorched black figure flew out and fell hundreds of meters away! “Just you wait! You’ll definitely die today!” To Ye Feng’s surprise, Fitz stood up almost instantly and waved its [Long Staff], emitting an extremely dazzling light.

‘Fitz is still able to withstand such an attack.

Its strength is indeed not weak!’ Ye Feng thought to himself, and his eyes revealed a puzzled expression.

Although the power generated by the skill was huge, Fitz seemed to be fine.

However, as Ye Feng’s perception probed, he revealed a faint smile.

Fitz’s body was extremely weak at this moment! If Ye Feng attacked with his full strength, he would definitely be able to kill Fitz! However, Ye Feng had an ominous premonition, but he could not tell what it was.

“This is the signal!” Joseph shouted from afar.

His expression was very grave as he said, “He is calling for reinforcements.

The Swamp Villains are not so easy to deal with.

Wuhu King, run quickly!” Hearing this, Ye Feng replied with a faint smile, “It doesn’t matter.

I was just about to try out my AOE skill!” After saying this, Ye Feng strode forward.

The spiritual energy in his body began to condense.

[Tidal Surge] was ready to be released again! As an AOE skill, Ye Feng had never used [Tidal Surge] before.

He had only used it in a one-on-one situation, and the effect was still very significant! But if he used it in a group of enemies, Ye Feng could not help but know what it would look like.

But Ye Feng knew that even if this skill was like a time bomb, the power generated by a single person triggering it was also the same.

But when a group of people triggered it, it was very likely to be a different scene! And bombs, naturally, the more people there were, the greater the power generated! As expected, after only two minutes, a group of figures appeared behind Fitz.

At this time, when Fitz saw its subordinates rushing over, the corner of its mouth once again recovered a very arrogant expression.

It mocked Ye Feng, “Hehe, boy, Come and kill me if you have the ability! You trash, I couldn’t tell that you still had two moves left!” “But it was only two moves!! Hahaha! You are still just trash! Kill him for me!!!” As soon as Fitz finished speaking, more than ten figures behind it charged out at the same time, bringing with them an extremely sharp killing intent as they charged toward Ye Feng.

Ye Feng laughed lightly and muttered, “Open [Tidal Surge]!!!” A large stream of water broke through the air and shot toward these figures without any warning! It was just a stream of water, but when these figures came into contact with the liquid, it was as if their entire bodies were pulled into a brand new mental state! But in this state, they seemed to be paralyzed all over, unable to even move! ‘I didn’t expect that the paralyzing attribute added to the [Tidal Surge] would be quite useful!’ Ye Feng looked at his masterpiece and could not help but smile.

As long as a Murloc appeared in this area, they would all be Ye Feng’s prey! Ye Feng snorted coldly and activated his spiritual energy.

That stream of water was rapidly compressed and collapsed! Those dozen figures instantly turned into minced meat and scattered all over the ground! Before they died, they did not feel any pain.

After all, they did not even know how they died!