Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 93

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 93

The audience was finally waiting for this scene.

In an instant, there was a commotion once again.

Ye Feng had finally made his move! “Oh my god, God Feng has finally made his move! I’ve been waiting so long that I’m sleepy!!” “God Feng is really patient.

The enemy has already made it to the entrance of his house, yet he’s not moving at all.

How awesome!” “Whew we can finally see the heroic bearing of God Ye.

Take off, take off, God Ye is awesome!” Now it was Fitz’s turn to be shocked.

Its [Long Staff] was supposed to be an unstoppable weapon, a peerless existence in the world, but it was actually blocked by a harpoon.

However, Fitz soon discovered something different.

That harpoon was none other than Old Blind’s [Harpoon] from the sacred land, Tianqing River!!! Please Keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M Back then, when Fitz was still in the [Waterfall Clan], it often sneaked in to try and pull it out.

It had always longed for power.

But it had never been able to do so.

It had not been able to see the appearance of the harpoon until now! Fitz looked at Ye Feng with a surprised expression.

It no longer looked down on Ye Feng.

No one knew better than it what kind of power was needed to use the harpoon.

Fitz laughed loudly and looked at Ye Feng ferociously.

“Not bad, kid.

I didn’t expect you to give me such a big gift! This way, won’t I be able to combine the two into a real Sea Stone Trident?!” As it spoke, Fitz’s body gathered strength again.

That huge body already gave it an advantage.

Even without weapons, the sharp claws of the Murloc could easily cut open Ye Feng’s skin and flesh.

Moreover, the one standing before him was not an ordinary Murloc.

Ye Feng sneered.

“You’re so confident that you know it’s not you who delivered the goods?” Following that, Ye Feng’s figure rushed forward, and a surge of power surged out.

Ye Feng activated his will, and a very large stream of water appeared at an unknown time.

At this moment, it was surging towards Fitz from all directions! ‘I can finally have a real battle with my newly acquired skill.

I can even obtain the [Long Staff] if I defeat it.

This battle won’t be a loss!’ Ye Feng thought to himself and revealed a trace of a smile.

[Tidal Surge] was a highly effective AOE attack ability.

However, this AOE attack could be split into other AOE attacks and combined with a fixed attack.

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)C0M If it was used together with other skills, it might achieve a different effect! This was exactly what Ye Feng wanted to try.

In the next moment, a surging river appeared in the surroundings.

However, this river was very strange.

It actually did not flow! In the blink of an eye, this river actually solidified! It turned into a ribbon that surrounded Fitz’s body.

The solidified water turned into spikes and surrounded Fitz! “He can actually control the gravity of the water flow!?” Fitz was shocked and kept waving its sharp claws.

What made Fitz very angry was that every time it scratched the area, it would instantly solidify and return to its original state.

This was water, and through Ye Feng’s tidal ability, it could condense these water currents together.

It could be very hard, but at the same time, it could also be very soft.

After all, this was water! Every time Fitz blasted out a large hole, the liquid would rapidly recover.

The liquid’s fluidity was extremely powerful, and this was also the core ability of Ye Feng’s [Tidal Surge].

That was to be able to precisely use the tidal ability to micro-control the flow of water! “How is it? Is this water cage very suitable for you?” Ye Feng laughed lightly.

His right hand clenched into a fist, and the water element spiritual energy on his body was continuously gathering.

A stream of water extended out from his arm.

Ye Feng only waved his hand, and the stream of water instantly took shape, turning into a bow and arrow.

“[Water Breaking Arrow]!” Ye Feng looked at Fitz, and a thick arrow condensed on the bowstring.

This arrow was not an ordinary arrow.

It was a Water Breaking Arrow that was completely condensed from the stream of water, and it was also Ye Feng’s latest upgraded skill.

Ye Feng had yet to test what kind of power it was.

After automatically awakening the water element Slime subsidiary body to [River Spirit], Ye Feng felt that he could use the water element with ease.

Moreover, the water elemental ability was not weak.

It was basically a non-consumable skill as long as there was water nearby! In fact, the more powerful skill of [Tidal Surge] was to summon an incomparably fierce surging river.

Finally, with incomparably violent strength, it would blast away all the group targets! But now, it was clear that Ye Feng only had one opponent, and that was Fitz.

There was no need to use the group damage attribute.

Seeing that the current was getting closer and closer, Fitz smiled contemptuously.

The [Long Staff] had appeared in its hand at some point.

Not only did it wave it, waves of light were emitted.

In a short while, it broke a path and flew dozens of meters away.

Even if it used pure strength to break the current, Ye Feng was also surprised.

After all, the opponent was a C+ expert, and its strength was not something he could guess.

Although his level was not comparable, in terms of fighting alone, Ye Feng would not be at a disadvantage.

If he could not win, he could still run! Fitz’s eyes were bloodshot.

It picked up the [Long Staff] and charged forward.

A huge pressure came over, making it difficult for Ye Feng to even breathe.

But Ye Feng, who was extremely fast, still easily dodged Fitz’s round of attacks.

“I’ve underestimated you, but you’re no match for me at all!” Fitz roared angrily as its body expanded.

Its body, which was originally only three meters tall, suddenly expanded to five meters tall.

Its physique and various attributes of its body increased crazily.

Its speed also increased at a visible speed.

Originally, Ye Feng could rely on his speed advantage to dodge Fitz’s attack, but now it was somewhat strenuous.

‘If our speed is equal, then I can only fight head-on!’ Ye Feng thought to himself as the spiritual energy in his body began to circulate in large quantities.

With a wave of his hand, a few Slime subsidiary bodies appeared around Ye Feng’s body.

As soon as those Slime subsidiary bodies appeared, they immediately disappeared.

Ye Feng controlled them to move towards Fitz’s surroundings.

Once they succeeded in approaching, he would trigger the new skill, [Water Binding].

If they successfully restrained it, then the battle would be over! Fitz was not weak either.

Even though Ye Feng’s Slime was well hidden, they were still discovered by Fitz.

With an angry roar, the [Long Staff] released a charge and instantly shattered the few Slimes.

‘I still can’t hope for luck.

’ Ye Feng smiled bitterly and stepped forward at the same time.

Ye Feng’s advantage was his speed.

Even if their speeds were similar, Ye Feng still had the ability to exhaust the other party to death.

However, this Murloc in front of him was clearly a little powerful.

He released his perception ability again.

Ye Feng still wanted to know what kind of strength the other party had.

When the perception information was sent back, Ye Feng had only sensed the attributes that he could sense previously.

He only knew that the other party’s level was at C+, and he could also mobilize a large amount of spiritual energy.

A C+ grade Murloc almost completely suppressed his attributes, as well as being able to release a domain and use the Sea Stone Trident divine weapon.

This undoubtedly showed how terrifying the other party was.

As for skills, the other party also suppressed him in all aspects.

Under normal circumstances, Ye Feng was absolutely not a match for the other party.

Therefore, Ye Feng also took a risky move.

The method he was thinking of now was very likely to put him in great danger, but it was also the most likely opportunity to kill Fitz in one strike!