Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 79

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 79

“Wuhu~ King! He is our new King!” “We welcome the Wuhu King! He will lead our entire race to overcome all difficulties, because he is the Son of Prophecy!” “Our Murloc race is finally saved! Long live the Wuhu King! Long live the Wuhu King!” “The Wuhu King, who has the divine artifact, must have extraordinary power.

He must be the most powerful person in our clan!” “Great! Our clan has finally welcomed a real powerful person! The heavens will not destroy our clan!” Surrounded by the Murlocs, Ye Feng was surrounded and kept climbing up the waterfall.

“Where are they sending me?” Ye Feng was a little surprised.

He did not expect the Murlocs to be so good at climbing.

However, what was the Murlocs’ purpose in bringing him up the waterfall? In Ye Feng’s confusion, they jumped up from the middle of the waterfall and directly came inside.

It turned out that this was a place with a different world.

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)C0M In an instant, Ye Feng felt as if he had entered a water curtain cave.

“What is this place?” Ye Feng looked at the surrounding buildings and felt incredulous.

No one would have thought that there was actually such a huge country hidden behind the waterfall! This place was not small.

As far as the eye could see, there were buildings one after another here.

It was like a primitive tribe, but everywhere was filled with a sense of technology.

This might be a modern tribe! In the middle stood a huge and luxurious building complex.

That was the Murloc Palace! ‘Is this the home of the Murloc tribe?’ Not long after, Ye Feng was brought to the front of the palace.

The entire palace was made of a kind of granite that could only be found at the bottom of the water.

At the top was a Murloc fish head statue.

And on this statue, there was a crown carved from some kind of gemstone.

As for who this statue was, Ye Feng naturally did not care.

But without even thinking about it, Ye Feng knew that it was Old Blind the ancestor of the Murloc race.

Who else could enjoy such an honor!? Seeing this scene, in Cloud Mist Academy, the audience seats were once again in an uproar.

“F*ck, God Feng is too awesome! It’s not enough to call himself the Wuhu King, but he actually went deep into the Murloc race’s palace! This is completely becoming the Murloc King!!!” please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M “It’s too f*cking shocking.

Even if it’s ancient information, it’s only one-sided records of the Murloc race.

Good god, Ye Feng’s visual impact this time isn’t enough! It’s directly a textbook test!!!!” “God Feng is too awesome.

I swear that when he comes back, I will definitely give him my first kiss!!!” “Ugh, stop being so disgusting as a man!!!” Ye Feng’s popularity rose to the peak.

As for the other people’s live broadcast, the audience did not want to pay attention to it anymore and was directly ignored to the side.

All eyes were focused on Ye Feng’s live broadcast.

Even the eyes in the judges’ seats were no exception! After the people here learned of Ye Feng’s matter, they were immediately summoned over.

They practically surrounded the entire palace.

Ye Feng looked at these Murlocs as if some grand ceremony was about to be held.

It should be to welcome his arrival, which was why this ceremony was specially held, Ye Feng guessed.

The interior decorations of the Murloc Palace were abnormally gorgeous and luxurious, giving off the feeling of a high-class noble.

It was a stark contrast to the primitive tribes outside the palace.

But Ye Feng did not use conventional thinking to look at the Murloc tribe.

After all, even if they were primitive tribes, they were still modern primitive tribes.

Just now, under Ye Feng’s perception, almost every tribe possessed a super-technological weapon.

It could be used for defense or cultivation.

Ye Feng did not know what weapon it was, but he could feel that these Murlocs’ technological equipment was very powerful.

After Ye Feng arrived at the palace, those people scattered and went about their own business.

At this time, the Head Knight walked over.

“Wuhu King, we are going to hold a banquet to celebrate your ascension!” After Ye Feng heard it, he replied with an “Oh”.

“Then you guys go ahead and call me after you’re done.

I want to take a look around by myself,” Ye Feng said perfunctorily.

He was absent-minded and was always looking for an opportunity to escape.

The Head Knight nodded and was just about to leave when it added, “Do you need someone to accompany you? This place is too big.

You might get lost.

” Ye Feng waved his hand and declined.

“It’s okay, I can walk on my own.

” After giving the Head Knight a perfunctory reply, Ye Feng started to walk around on his own.

One could see that there were guards on both sides of the palace.

These guards had completely different equipment from the Murlocs that the Head Knight had brought with it.

It could be said that it was a difference between heaven and earth.

The guards of the palace were wearing golden armor and holding golden harpoons in their hands.

It looked good, but it was also useful! The Murlocs’ golden armor was extremely hard and gave them a full defense.

Although the Murlocs brought by the Head Knight were knights, their equipment was silver and bronze.

In general, they were not as good as the gold products.

‘And the level of the guards is not low!’ Ye Feng’s perception completely penetrated the two guards and came to a conclusion.

“Welcome, Wuhu King!” Seeing Ye Feng Walk in, the guards quickly made a path for him.

“How did you know that I’m the Wuhu King?” Ye Feng looked at them strangely.

When he called himself the Wuhu King, he was still in the sacred land, Tianqing River.

There weren’t many Murlocs there.

There were only about twenty people in total.

Even if they came here, the speed of the spread of 20 people shouldn’t be that fast! How did they know that he was the Wuhu King? Ye Feng looked at them in surprise.

The guard lowered its head slightly and said in a low voice, “When the Wuhu King returned, we all know.

Those who have the Sea Stone Trident will emit a very mysterious aura.

” “This aura is the King’s exclusive aura!” “Your appearance carries this aura, so you must be our King.

There’s no doubt about it!” Hearing such an explanation, Ye Feng immediately laughed.

What kind of weird explanation was this?!! According to this logic, whoever held this trident would be the King! Ye Feng ridiculed in his heart.

Although these guards were not low-level, and they were all elites among the Murloc elites, Ye Feng did not put them in his eyes.

If they offended him in any way, they should be killed and beaten up! Ye Feng walked inside and walked up the bluestone steps very smoothly and easily.

Not long after, Ye Feng arrived at the corridor of the palace.

As Ye Feng walked, he admired these murals.

What was recorded was the history of the Murlocs.

It could be guessed that the initial history should be the beginning of the new era of the Murlocs.

From the murals, Ye Feng also learned that at the beginning of the revival of the Murlocs, a small number of Murlocs were dissatisfied with the rule of the Murloc King of that generation.

So they left the large clan and formed their own faction, forming… “The [Swamp Murloc Clan] that lives in the swamp?!” Ye Feng carefully looked at the murals and obtained this information.

The ability to mimic not only allowed him to speak the language of the Murlocs, but he also had a deeper understanding of the culture of the Murlocs.

These murals were easy to understand and were nothing to Ye Feng.

But when he truly understood the contents of these murals… It still made Ye Feng’s face sink.

‘Good fellow.

Could it be that they are mortal enemies?’ Ye Feng continued to look down and discovered that the murals had already reached the end.

The contents after that were no longer recorded.

Ye Feng curled his lips and walked inside.