Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 78

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 78

Then, the Head Knight couldn’t help but say something.

With a ‘plop’ sound, it knelt down again.

This was a Murloc leader who was nearly three meters tall, and its cultivation level had even broken through D+.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for the higher level to kneel to the lower level.

After all, the difference in strength was here.

However, in Ye Feng’s live broadcast… What the audience saw the most was that the dignified leader of the Murlocs kept kneeling down one after another.

Every time that huge body knelt down, a rumbling sound would ring out.

The sounds that they heard from far away in Cloud Mist Academy were all so ear-piercing, not to mention Ye Feng, who was present at the scene.

“Holy sh*t, what method did God Feng use to actually make the C- grade Murloc kneel down one after another!” “Awesome, God Feng.

I feel that there is no need to continue this freshmen assessment.

God Feng has already won too much!” “Yeah, no comparison means no harm.

The second-ranked Giant-Toothed Shark is still wandering in the sea! Although the third-ranked is still fighting, their score has been suppressed by the second-ranked.

” “Even if Ye Feng doesn’t do anything, his position as the first-ranked is still firmly held by him.

Is there a need to continue this competition? God Feng is numb from winning!!!” Please Keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M “Woohoo, God Feng has taken off.

I look forward to the follow-up!” No matter how happy the audience was, Ye Feng could not hear it.

He did not know that during this period of negotiation, he had actually gained countless fans! If Ye Feng returned to Cloud Mist Academy and saw this scene, he would definitely be scared silly.

However, he was still thinking about this thing.

The group of Murlocs behind him saw their leader kneel down.

They also knelt down one after another.

Using the Murloc language, they shouted loudly, “We welcome the new King!” Ye Feng was dumbfounded by such a scene.

“When did I agree to you!” Ye Feng said with a bitter smile.

“King, since you have the ability to control the Sea Stone Trident, it means that you are already our King.

This is a fact, and no one can change it.

” The Head Knight stood up and spoke.

Then it turned around and said in an even louder voice, “Come, let’s pay our respects to our new King!” “He will lead us to victory in every battle! We will definitely regain our former glory!!” As he spoke, Ye Feng felt a series of buzzing sounds coming from the sky around him.

The Murlocs had appeared out of nowhere.

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)C0M At this moment, they formed groups and jumped down in unison.

They cheered and jumped, emitting wave after wave of screams.

“Wuhu” seemed to be the unique vocal cords of their Murlocs, allowing them to emit such strange sounds.

However, Ye Feng knew what this meant.

It was usually used to express extreme excitement, or jubilation, or happiness.

Ye Feng was speechless.

‘This is simply coercion! What does it mean to have strength!?’ ‘Are they in some kind of trouble? They urgently need a king to come out and lead them.

If that’s the case, I might not have to step into this muddy water…’ ‘But to be able to obtain this divine artifact openly is actually quite good.

’ Ye Feng guessed and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

The Murloc race were aquatic creatures.

The aquatic resources they possessed were extremely rich, such as rare underwater items such as Black Tortoise Armor, Coral Spirit Pills, Dragon Scales, and so on.

These were all items that could be encountered but not sought after! Moreover, they were sold on the market.

The lowest quality could be ridiculously expensive, not to mention the best ones! If he could harvest one wave, it would be just a matter of time before Ye Feng broke through to perfect C+ grade.

Even the excess spiritual energy could be used to improve other sequence abilities.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng’s interest was piqued.

If he could find some other treasures, wouldn’t it be even more perfect!? Seeing more and more Murlocs gathering around him, Ye Feng was scared out of his wits.

These Murlocs were completely incomparable to the Army Ants from before.

Although their numbers were roughly the same, in the hundreds or thousands, the Murlocs were much more ferocious than the Army Ants.

Their body size also held an absolute advantage.

The Murlocs were strong and able, and each of them had an uncountable amount of muscles.

Moreover, their height was superior.

Every chance the Murlocs had to look at Ye Feng, they would look down on him.

But out of respect, they would stay far away from him.

Only in this way could they look at Ye Feng and not look down on him.

Some of the Murlocs’ rules also determined some things that they had to abide by.

For example, the King was the supreme existence.

Nothing could restrict the King’s actions.

This also meant that the Murloc King was the pinnacle of their absolute power.

They did not dare to disrespect him.

“Should I be glad that the Head Knight’s sharp eyes discovered the [Harpoon]? If we had fought just now, I might not have been able to win!”Ye Feng muttered to himself.

As the number of Murlocs increased, the probability of winning plummeted.

But now, his identity was not an intruder.

It was their supreme king, the Murloc King! But obviously, Ye Feng had not adapted to this identity.

In fact, he did not really want to be it.

Imagine, becoming a king and living in the territory of the Murlocs… Just smelling the fishy smell coming from their bodies… It was enough for Ye Feng to drink a pot of water! ‘What should I do now?’ Ye Feng was somewhat at a loss, still struggling in his heart whether it was appropriate or not.

After all, to Ye Feng, the position of the Murloc King was not that attractive.

Resources could be found by oneself.

The most important thing was the [Harpoon] in his hand.

He could not say to them that he wanted to take away the divine artifact of your clansmen, but he did not want to be the King either! Ye Feng thought about it and finally decided.

‘I might as well just go with the flow.

No matter what, I have to agree and then look for a suitable opportunity…’ It would be best if he could find that [Long Staff] along the way.

Then, he would take it with him.

Otherwise, there would only be the [Harpoon] left, and it would not be able to unleash its full power.

It would only be an incomplete item.

It was just like a peerless sharp sword.

Only the body of the sword was left, but the hilt was gone.

Although it could indeed reveal its sharpness, but without the hilt, it was destined to not be able to perform perfectly.

Even its performance would be greatly affected.

[Harpoon], [Long Staff], none of them could be missing! As long as any part was missing, then the one that Ye Feng was holding in his hand would not be the Sea Stone Trident! It was just an extremely rare incomplete divine weapon! Ye Feng immediately returned to his usual calm.

He swept his gaze across the crowd and revealed an imposing manner.

No matter what, he had to put on a good show! “Every King has a title.

What title do you want?” The Head Knight stood at the side and spoke very respectfully.

“Title? There’s such a thing? What titles do the previous Kings have?” Ye Feng asked curiously.

The Murloc King was the Murloc King, and they even had so many tricks up their sleeves! “The previous Kings were all given titles after death, but we are determined to break this shackle.

When the new King takes office, we will give him a new title.

” “This will also make our King more durable!” Hearing the Head Knight say so, Ye Feng was also a bit puzzled.

After thinking for a while, he finally spat out a few words, “Then, Wuhu King!” Wuhu, this word, Ye Feng also suddenly thought of it.

After all, ‘Wuhu’ was a special cry of the Murloc race, expressing the excitement and cheers of meeting a great man.

The Wuhu King meant that he was the master of the river, the king of the ocean! He was also the master of the Murloc race! Of course, these were all names that Ye Feng suddenly thought of.

He did not want to be the Wuhu King for the rest of his life here.

Finding an opportunity to sneak away was a big deal!