Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 80

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 80

“Wuhu King, the Head Knight’s arrangements are almost done.

It sent me to ask you to go over and inspect.

” Ye Feng had just started walking and wanted to go deeper.

A voice immediately came from behind.

Ye Feng frowned and turned his head.

He could only nod and follow it out.

Before leaving, Ye Feng turned his head to look in that direction again and sighed.

‘D*mn it, I almost touched their treasure pavilion!’ ‘But I’ve already remembered this location.

’ ‘The next time I come, I’ll take it all! Hehe!!’ Ye Feng thought about it and was quickly brought to a place by the attendant.

This place was similar to a large hall, and the overall structure was also very luxurious.

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)C0M Ye Feng could not help but marvel at the size of the Murloc Palace once again.

It was really too ridiculous! Seeing the things inside, he was stunned.

This place was still resplendent, and there were gold products everywhere, making the entire hall appear very bright and golden.

There were countless tables in the hall.

Moreover, these tables were not ordinary wood products, but a huge table that was polished from a huge clam shell.

If it was before the recovery of spiritual energy, such a huge clam shell could only be seen in dreams.

However, after the recovery, everything was taken for granted.

Even though Ye Feng still retained the memories of his previous life, after experiencing more things, he also became more stable and calm.

Hence, he did not show that he had not seen the world before.

But at this moment, in Cloud Mist Academy’s audience seats.

They were not as calm as Ye Feng.

After seeing this incomparably large hall, their eyes were wide open and their jaws instantly dropped.

This was a hall that was purely built by the Murloc craftsmen! Resplendent and luxurious, hidden within the universe.

These words were simply not enough to describe it.

“Holy sh*t, this is the Murloc clan’s luxurious hall! Following God Feng will really increase one’s knowledge!!!” “Oh my god, how did the Murloc craftsmen build this hall? It’s simply divine work!” please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M “God Feng didn’t even do anything.

He just won!” “Judging from God Feng’s appearance, he probably likes to eat these delicacies! He really has something special about him.

It’s so disgusting to see him like this!” “Disgusting? This is seafood, alright? It’s delicious if you eat it with soy sauce!” Professor Lei, who was in the judge’s seat, swallowed his saliva mercilessly.

“It looks pretty good.

Ye Feng, this kid, is enjoying his life! To be able to eat a sumptuous meal of the Murloc race, this is simply amazing!” “According to my understanding, this is the largest banquet of the Murloc race.

There are records of ancient anecdotes.

This is the most important festival of the Murloc race, which is why such a banquet is held,” Professor Siman explained from the side.

“Moreover, the banquet is usually attended by high-level figures of the Murloc clan.

For example, the leader who has always led Ye Feng, some personal guards, or respected elders, as well as the clan’s experts.

” “They will all be invited.

” Ye Feng looked at his surroundings.

With such a grand banquet, he did not even have the chance to see it, much less attend it! His family was very poor.

The survival of his family was almost a problem and they could barely feed themselves.

Naturally, it was impossible for him to see such a world.

Moreover, this was a banquet for the Murloc clan.

Not to mention him, even Teacher Andy probably had the chance to see it! But now, everyone in the audience was fortunate enough to witness it! He had no idea how much food was on display here.

Not only was the food all on display, but there were also all kinds of fish for the banquet, swimming in the water, and swimming at the bottom of the sea.

All of them were here! There were all kinds of fish dishes, and most importantly, they were all raw! Murlocs loved this kind of food! Ye Feng had never seen such a scene before and was directly dumbfounded.

Although his hometown also had an authentic flavor delicacy, raw fish… It was simply like an old cow getting her period — awesome! But these were all very fresh ingredients, and there were even big fish that had just been caught from the sea.

The smell of this seafood made Ye Feng, who was about to vomit, bring a trace of the sweet smell of the sea.

Although these were all high-quality seafood, it would still cost a lot of money to buy them normally.

Moreover, Ye Feng’s family was poor, so he was not picky about food.

Seeing so many delicacies, his first reaction was not to eat them.

On the contrary, Ye Feng was not in the mood at all.

He was not interested at all! He just wanted to find an opportunity to slip away and finish the job! But before he slipped away… Ye Feng was still more interested in the treasure pavilion in the depths of the palace.

After all, the treasures there were much more interesting than eating! “Everyone, today’s grand banquet is to welcome our new King!” The voice of the Head Knight reverberated in all directions from the center of the hall.

This roar almost made this voice last for a long time! Ye Feng, who was far away, heard it clearly.

‘Good guy, so this guy has been talking to me in a low voice before!’ ‘Its voice is actually so vast and powerful.

’ Ye Feng was secretly surprised.

Moreover, Ye Feng had always known that the Head Knight’s rank was C- grade.

It did not need to talk to him in such a low voice at all.

But for the sake of his identity as a King, it still did it.

Of course, Ye Feng did not care about these things.

He was not a person that belonged here to begin with.

Being a Murloc King, was it reasonable!? Of course, it was not reasonable.

Therefore, Ye Feng decided to sneak away now.

“Let our King say a few words!” “He is the Son of Prophecy, a person who possesses the ability of the Sea Stone Trident.

His will represents the will of Old Blind.

His thoughts represent the thoughts of Old Blind!” After the Head Knight finished speaking, it looked at Ye Feng.

‘Why are you looking at me…’ Ye Feng was a little speechless, but following that, all the Murlocs present looked at him in unison.

Ye Feng knew that he could not escape this segment, so he had no choice but to move to the round stage in the middle.

He had to bite the bullet and say a few words because Ye Feng knew that the Murlocs in this banquet were the core members of the entire [Waterfall Clan].

They were all important people.

There were elders, experts, battle masters, weapons masters, and so on.

After all, this was Ye Feng’s banquet to ascend to the throne.

Everyone fought to see the new King’s appearance.

This was a supreme existence.

After Ye Feng walked onto the round stage, he hadn’t thought of what to say.

After standing there for a few minutes, Ye Feng braced himself and shouted, “Uh, it’s an honor to be your King.

” After saying that, everyone saw that Ye Feng wouldn’t say anything anymore, so a burst of cheers erupted from the audience.

“Long live the Wuhu King! The future of the [Waterfall Clan] is in your hands!!” “The [Waterfall Clan] will never be slaves.

Wuhu King, please shine on the path we are on.

We must eliminate all the dissidents and strengthen the Murloc tribe!!” “The Wuhu King is the King appointed by Old Blind.

He will definitely give us a brand new path.

We are willing to follow the Wuhu King!” After the group of people pledged their loyalty, this speech finally came to an end.

Ye Feng sweated.

They could even muddle through this?