Waiting For You Online - Chapter 129

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 129

Hou Dongyan felt a bit surprised, was Qin Yang really treating him dinner just because he’d promised him before? All in all, he’d made up his mind – even if Qin Yang begged him again, he’d never betray brother Jin the second time!The next night, the two met at the restaurant.

When Hou Dongyan saw Qin Yang, he thought of him as the first master in “Demon God”, and he felt no longer awkward.

He started acting a bit emotional, “cough…master Qin Yang, you’re long-awaited!” Hou Dongyan scratched his head, it was his first time feeling so uneasy in front of a junior brother.


There’s no need to be polite.

” Qin Yang was also acting closer to Hou Dongyan, “wine? Do you like liquor?” Hou Dongyan waved his hand, “no no, beer is fine.

” Qin Yang ordered two bottles of Qingdao and lots of dishes.

Hou Dongyan became a little embarrassed, “there’s no need to order this much, we won’t eat much anyway.

” “We can eat slowly.

” Qin Yang slowly poured some wine to Hou Dongyan and asked, “does He Jin know that you’d have dinner with me?” Hou Dongyan became a bit nervous, “he doesn’t know…” To be honest, Hou Dongyan had to carefully look for an excuse before going out.

Although he wasn’t doing anything wrong, going out with Qin Yang without letting brother Jin know felt a bit strange…(=_=) “Why?” Hou Dongyan wanted to cover his guilt, and asked Qin Yang.

Qin Yang, “I don’t want him to feel jealous.

” Hell! This made Hou Dongyan embarrassed to the extreme.

This guy actually made it sound like brother Jin is really in love with him! .



After eating for a while, Hou Dongyan couldn’t help but get curious, “you guys really met each other eight years ago?”Qin Yang, “yeah.

” Even if they’d known each other since eight years ago, it was only in the game, just like what he’d told his brother Jin long time ago, no one would take an online relationship seriously! Hou Dongyan, “can I ask you something…were you born to be gay?” Qin Yang, “no.

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COM “Ugh…” Hou Dongyan really didn’t get it now, “honestly, Qin Yang, you’re so perfect in many ways.

Being brother Jin’s best friend would be nice enough.

Why do you insist on pursuing him? Brother Jin is straight, and he also had a girlfriend before.

I don’t think you guys will be together.

And don’t you think that it’s so embarrassing? I can understand why brother Jin doesn’t want to talk to you.

” Although as a straight guy, he was quite willing to see his opponent getting in the wrong track…(=___=), but now, since he treated Qin Yang as his real friend, he really wanted him to reconsider his options since being a homosexual means that his future would be extremely tough.

Qin Yang smiled and squinted his eyes, “I told him that I like him on Valentine’s Day.

” Hou Dongyan, “…” “What did he say?” Hou Dongyan thought that He Jin would refuse Qin Yang for sure, but Qin Yang didn’t look like he’d been rejected, making Hou Dongyan a bit confused.

Qin Yang gently rubbed the glass with his fingers and raised his eyes gently.

He looked extra handsome under the light, “he admitted that he likes me too.

” Hou Dongyan, “…” What the…! Qin Yang didn’t continue, and Hou Dongyan didn’t want to be too nosy either.

The two continued eating and talked about the game.

Then, the atmosphere became more relaxing.

After the meal, Qin Yang called the waiter, “hello.

Please make another dish of Sweet and Sour Pork Rib and hand me the bill.

” When he was waiting for the takeaway, Qin Yang suddenly asked Hou Dongyan, “does He Jin usually get online in the dormitory?” Hou Dongyan nodded, “whenever he has a match, I’d watch the door for him.

No one will disturb us.

” “There shouldn’t be any problem now, but when we get to the final match…” Qin Yang looked at Hou Dongyan seriously, “I don’t think the dorm will be very safe then.

I want him to look for a more discreet place to avoid problems…but he’s now angry with me, I dare not raise this issue with him or he’ll use you as an excuse.

” “Oh! That!” Hou Dongyan initially felt a bit embarrassed to have Qin Yang spend so much on a dinner, he’d felt that Qin Yang treated him so well all because of He Jin.

After hearing Qin Yang’s explanation, he’d now again forget about his decision of “not going to betray brother Jin”! “The final match is next weekend, right? I’m just gonna tell brother Jin that I’ll be away then!” Qin Yang, “thank you.

” The waiter quickly took the packaged sweet and sour pork ribs, and Qin Yang handed the bag to Hou Dongyan, “give it to He Jin.

” Hou Dongyan, “……” Hou Dongyan returned to the dormitory at eight o’clock, and He Jin had already eaten dinner.

He was sitting in front of his computer and watching a match.

Hou Dongyan put down the food on He Jin’s desk, “it’s for you.

” He Jin took off his earphones and there was the smell of pork ribs, “what is this?” He initially wanted to thank Hou Dongyan to have bought him dinner, but Hou Dongyan directly said, “Qin Yang bought it for you.

” He Jin frowned, “you had dinner with him tonight?” “Ugh, yeah, I bumped into him.

” Ohhhhh he found out! Hou Dongyan looked at He Jin carefully, seeing him pout, he seemed like… He seemed jealous…or was it an illusion?