Waiting For You Online - Chapter 130

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 130

My Emperor Team (I) He Jin sat there without making a noise.

Hou Dongyan had previously suspected the authenticity of what Qin Yang had said, when he said that He Jin liked him too.

Now, he was a bit confused as well but he dared not ask further either.

He was worried that He Jin would be pissed off at once and stopped lending him notes and revision materials.

As a result, the atmosphere in the dormitory remained a bit awkward with the sweet and sour pork ribs.

Suddenly, Hou Dongyan seemed to have recalled something about the competition, he made a slight “ah” sound, then pretended to inadvertently ask, “did the ‘Human Faced Devils’ team win?” He Jin, “yeah.

” Then, he became silent again…Hou Dongyan really wanted to cry! He Jin was really jealous! For the second match on Sunday night, as the team analyzed, the opponent’s strength was too weak, so the Sentimental team easily won at a score of 6:0.

However, He Jin still didn’t have a chance to prove to people his real strength.

Twig Fence, on the contrary, didn’t disappoint anyone.

He won the first match of the fairy pets PK, and also won numerous fans thanks to his cute and humble appearance.

After the match ended, Copenhagen Daaz privately looked for the team leader of the “Husband Loves You” team and asked, “what about Twig Fence? Is he powerful?” He answered, “yes, he’s got thick blood, quite difficult to beat.

” Copenhagen-Daaz, “how about fighting with Inuyasha?” Inuyasha is the spiritual pet of Haagen-Dazs and is currently the player ranked first on the list of fairy pets.




The team leader of the “Husband Loves You” team, “it seems that the blood content of that panda is higher than that of Inuyasha, but might be less powerful overall.

” After Haagen-Daaz knew more about the situation, he reported it to his teammates.

“I am God Erlang”, “just the same as described by Zhi Zhi from the Dragon team, they also said that the panda’s got thick blood, I wonder how thick it could be…” “Men Are Not Bad”, “it looks like Dead Water has given all, and the panda’s fully equipped now.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Inuyasha, “It’s also related to potential.

” Elizabeth, “you’ve got six stars in your potentials, and that guy said that the panda even has thicker blood than yours, is it possible that he’s got incredibly high potentials then?” The spiritual pets’ star levels of potentials determine the room for improvement of the Qi, blood, attack power and other attributes.

The full potentials of a spiritual pet are seven stars, if they use the “Potentials Volume”, then they can at most add it up to five stars.

If they want to achieve six or seven stars, then they need to rely on the help of others.

For example, Inuyasha had used ten Potentials Volumes to make himself from five stars to six stars, and hasn’t been further upgraded after seven stars.

Inuyasha, “it’s also related to the attributes of spiritual pets.

Generally, bears, lions and dragons have thicker blood, since they’re bigger spiritual pets.

” Elizabeth, “so does it mean that dogs have thinner blood?” Inuyasha, “I’m not a dog! I’m a wolf!” Elizabeth, “…” I am God Erlang, “but, to conclude, we just have to be more careful with this Twig Fence from Ruthless’ team, right?” Men are not bad, “yeah, every time, he’s there for 1v1, it seems that Ruthless’ wife is only there to show her cuteness.

What do you think, Yiyi?” Flower Yiyi, “I played with Ah Jin before, and Dead Water said that she has a good sense of consciousness.

I didn’t really notify it at that time, so I don’t really know.

” I am God Erlang, “it seems that she was struck down from the air that day…maybe being a life player for her would be good enough.

She’s not suitable for too intensive fights, and does Ruthless think that he can protect her with 2v2 PK forever? He’s too naïve.

” Flower Yiyi didn’t respond.

When she thought of being killed brutally by Fire that day, her heart was filled with complicated sad feelings.

Copenhagen Daaz, “Yiyi, don’t worry.

This time, we’ll win for sure!” For the matches of the next two days, “Haagen-Daaz” and “My Emperor” won.

As of March 1, along with the “Baby Don’t Cry” team, it was officially decided for the next match table of the five upgraded teams – on Wednesday, Human Faced Devils will fight with Haagen-Daaz, and on Thursday, the Sentimental Team will fight with Baby Don’t Cry, there was no opponent for My Emperor team yet.

No one is sure whether the Sentimental team is really that lucky.

Every time, they encounter newbies.

For Human Faced Devils and Haagen-Daaz, things are more pathetic since they had to fight with each other.

For the first time, that match had attracted more audience than the Sentimental team.

And in the end, Haagen-Daaz won, and got to the first three places with the Sentimental team and My Emperor team.

For the championship finals, several matches would be arranged in a row.

The organization would call the three team leaders to draw lots, the two teams with a bigger number would compete first.

And the winner would enter the finals of Sunday directly.

Then, the team that loses would compete against the team who gets a smaller number, and the winner would be upgraded.

Qin Yang got number 98, and Huang Taiji, team leader of My Emperor team got 76, Haagen-Daaz got 31.

On Friday, the Sentimental team would fight with My Emperor team.

“Finally, we’re going to compete!” Dead Water sighed, “I told you that this team is strong.

” Nine Hall His Highness didn’t agree, “I don’t think so, it’s all because of luck.

” Dead Water waved his hand, “no no, even luck is part of your power.