Waiting For You Online - Chapter 128

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 128

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs After Fire resurrected, He Jin still didn’t really want to talk with him.

He turned his back and sat on the grass, and he took the flute on his waist.

It was daytime in the game.

The sky was clear, and it was windy.

He Jin started blowing on his flute.

The sound of the flute seemed to have a natural lingering feeling.

Fire listened with attention on his back.

The two sat on the grass.

Dumpling was slowly flying up and down in the air, sometimes even twisting his bottom a bit, as if he’s making beats for He Jin.

The family of three looked so warm together.

When the music went on, He Jin heard a “ding” sound.

There was a reminder from the system, “your skills in flute have been upgraded to the fifth one.

” He Jin was stunned for a while, he seemed to have suddenly realized something.

Then, he checked the songs that he’d already known how to play, and he found the “Bamboo Music” song, that was played after he and Twig Fence fought the “Bamboo Monster” when they first knew each other.

He was finally able to play it! He stared at the “Bamboo Music” in the track list and saw that there’s an introduction of its attributes – “when playing this song, use the ‘Bamboo raft’, and you’ll see unexpected effects.

” He Jin, “…” Someone in the team asked Fire to discuss the opponent of the second game.

Qin Yang had to get offline first.

Nine Hall His Highness, “hey, that ‘Husband Loves You’ team is even worse than the ‘Dragon team’!” .



Qin Yang, “why is that?” Nine Hall His Highness, “it’s just an average team.

The team members are usually 80-level players or more.

For tonight’s match, the number of their audience was even the second lowest.

I feel like they’re just here for the sake of participation.

They were lucky during the last match though, since their opponent was even worse than them.

And that’s how they were upgraded!” Qin Yang, “it looks like they’re not as lucky this time, since we’ll be their opponent.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “haha…” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Wild Crane, “there is a team with even better luck than the ‘Husband Loves You’ team, it’s the ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ team, which is also an average one.

They got directly upgraded and made it to the top five after the ballot.

” Dead Water was browsing the forum and suddenly said, “have you guys heard of the ‘My Emperor’ team? I’ve seen that lots of people left messages for them…when you have time, you might watch the video.

I did, and I think they are not less powerful than the Haagen-Daaz.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “My Emperor team? How come it sounds so familiar…” Wild Crane was reading the thread that Dead Water mentioned and read the team members’ names, “the team leader is Huang Taiji, and the members are Dragon Prince, Empress Thousand Years, His Royal Highness The Charming, The Most Handsome…what the…Nine Hall His Highness, are you actually the spy sent from this ‘My Emperor’ team?” Nine Hall His Highness, “hell no! No wonder it sounds so familiar to me.

Their leader approached me some time ago! That leader Huang Taiji wanted me to join his team and I refused him!” Everyone, “…” Dead Water, “from their name, yours really suits their style.

” Qin Yang felt relieved after learning that their opponent was not that powerful.

He took his bracelet and texted Hou Dongyan, “you there?”   Hou Dongyan, “…yeah, why?” (=_=) Qin Yang, “I said I’d treat you dinner.

Are you free tomorrow?” Hou Dongyan, “yes!” Qin Yang, “what is He Jin doing?” Hou Dongyan, “…” there would surely be a price to pay for a free dinner! No way he wanted to be a spy for Qin Yang… When he turned around, Hou Dongyan saw that He Jin just took off his helmet and he was moving his neck a bit.

First, he humbly congratulated He Jin his victory, then he discreetly replied Qin Yang, “aren’t you in the game with He Jin? Why ask me?” Qin Yang, “he’s still angry with me, and he wouldn’t talk to me.

” Hou Dongyan, “I wouldn’t talk to you either if I were brother Jin.

Even you’d already confessed that you’re Qin Yang, you still shouldn’t have lied!” Qin Yang, “if I told him the truth, He Jin might not want to be my wife in the game.

” Hou Dongyan, “argh……” Indeed, brother Jin was already hesitating whether to continue when he was first on the game.

Speaking of which, it was only after he inspired He Jin that he became more interested in the game…oh my! Hou Dongyan suddenly thought, was he, after all, the person who got He Jin addicted in the game? Qin Yang, “we have no matches tomorrow, do you prefer in the morning or at night?” Hou Dongyan, “I want to sleep in tomorrow, can we meet at night?” Qin Yang, “sure, pick anywhere you want.

” Hou Dongyan, “really anywhere?” Qin Yang, “yes, all okay.

” Hou Dongyan, “even those with 500 yuan per head?” Qin Yang, “yes.

” Hou Dongyan, “rich guy!” Qin Yang, “you’re welcome.

” Hou Dongyan dared not demand too much, he randomly picked a restaurant nearby the University, since he’d heard of its high reputation, and its price was also a bit higher than average, “do you want me to ask brother Jin to come too?” Qin Yang, “there’s no need, just come alone.