Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 7

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 7

Chapter 7: King Cobra Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “I’ve collected one round.

” “With so many grass roots, it should be enough for me to eat!” 1 In the cave.

Ye Feng put the grass roots he had collected together.

With the [Regeneration] sequence, Ye Feng was no longer afraid of being paralyzed by the poison until he fell asleep.

The grass growing in the cave absorbed all kinds of elements in the cave all year round, so the poison was the easiest to accumulate.

And this grass root was also the main culprit that made Ye Feng numb.

Moreover, there was another benefit of [Regeneration].

Every time Ye Feng was poisoned, whether it was numbness, poison, blindness, or slowness, it would improve his poison resistance.

The increase in his poison resistance was also a further improvement.

After all, this was a primitive forest, so miasma toxins could be seen everywhere.

Plants that were slightly more colorful were 100% poisonous.

10 But the deeper one went, the stronger the toxins became.

Just a slight touch would cause the entire body to go numb.

At best, one would faint, and at worst, one would feel death beckoning on the spot.

But the Slime’s poison resistance was enhanced, so Ye Feng was not afraid of any toxins here.

This was also the most amazing thing about the Slime.

read on/ Myb0 x n 0v e l.

com , pls! It was the most direct way to eat what was good for him! With this ability… 1 Ye Feng became even more unbridled, directly sweeping away almost all the edible food in the cave.

After swallowing a grass root, Ye Feng’s entire body instantly warmed up, and his movements suddenly slowed down.

“This is…” This was the first time he felt that his body was undergoing a drastic change! Not long after, a system notification sounded.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the special attribute [Poison Immunity]!] 6 [Congratulations, Host, your physique has received a substantial increase…] “…” Seeing the system notification, Ye Feng’s lips curled into a smile.

This was simply timely help! This special attribute came at the right time.

No matter what he ate in the future, he was not afraid of being poisoned to the point of fainting.

In the next moment, a very obvious energy fluctuation surged out from within, and the body of the Slime’s main body grew once again! [Ye Feng] [Symbiosis Body]: Slime [Body Size]: 9% [Subsidiary Bodies]: 18 [Attributes]: Strength 1.

5, Agility 10, Vitality 25, Spirit 15 [Special attributes]: Poison Immunity [Sequence]: Perception, Split, Regeneration [Skill]: Goddess Scattering Flowers 3 Looking at the attribute panel, Ye Feng was pleasantly surprised to find that his Slime main body had actually grown to 9% of its original size! 4 What kind of concept was this? 1 A Slime that was the size of a small duck suddenly grew and matured.

3 Its body size flipped and soared! In other words, Ye Feng could easily devour small creatures in the future! 1 As he grew in size, Ye Feng immediately used his [Split] sequence.

As expected, the number of sub-bodies increased again as a result of the increase in size.

From 15 to 18.

Except for the 10 slime sub-bodies he sent out to explore in the first place, he now has 8 that he can deploy at will.

And because of the [Regeneration] sequence, the current Slime bodies were now equipped with a certain degree of defense.

1 Even if they encountered danger, there was still a certain probability that they would be able to escape.

Looking at the little Slimes jumping on the ground, Ye Feng was extremely happy.

He began to seriously plan his next move.

It had been quite some time since the Slime sub-bodies had been distributed to explore.

Through his [Perception], Ye Feng knew that roughly one-fifth of the forest’s field of vision was currently under his surveillance.

Although it was a mosaic-like image, it did not affect his reconnaissance at all.

As long as he wanted to, finding small creatures and then devouring them was a very easy matter.

Ye Feng also had a rough understanding of his current state.

First of all, he could not avoid a battle no matter what.

However, his current combat ability was really not strong, so he had to devour more creatures as soon as possible to further strengthen himself.

Moreover, splitting the Slime sub-bodies wouldn’t consume Ye Feng’s spiritual energy.

Only when the Slime sub-body was destroyed and in the process of recovering would he consume a portion of his spiritual energy.

Of course, with the support of the Slime sub-bodies’ [Regeneration] sequence, its defensive ability also greatly increased.

Therefore, generally speaking, it wouldn’t be so easy for something to happen.

“My field of vision has already covered one-fifth of the area, and the chances of finding resources are much greater than other students.

” “So, I have a better chance of evolving.

” “But as my sub-bodies spread out more widely, I will definitely be discovered, and it is very likely that my whereabouts will be exposed.

” As a very cautious person, Ye Feng did not want to expose himself too early.

Ye Feng touched his chin and suddenly thought of a better way.

Since his strength was not enough to cover the entire map, then why didn’t he focus his vision on a certain area? From the full coverage strategy, he changed it to focus on a certain area.

This way, not only could he survey his vision more effectively, but he could also ensure that the area was 100% under his control.

After clearing out all the creatures that could be devoured in one area, he would move to the next area.

1 From there, he could slowly become stronger! After that, even if an even bigger mutant creature appeared, he would be fearless.

“System, how’s my plan?” Ye Feng naturally felt that his plan was perfect.

But since he had such an awesome deduction system, he naturally had to let the system judge him.

[Optimal plan!] Almost at the same time, the system gave an answer.

Hearing the ‘optimal plan’, Ye Feng jumped with joy.

This kind of plan might be very despicable to other students because it would be unfair for them if he directly cleaned up an entire area without changing the total amount of resources.

But this was a training competition, and the winner was king.

There were naturally not that many restrictions.

Even if the teachers saw this scene, they would not interfere.

“Then with me as the center, spread to one-tenth of the entire map!” Ye Feng’s thoughts moved, and he gave new orders to the ten little Slimes that were exploring outside.

After the little Slimes received the order, they relied on Ye Feng’s powerful [Perception] ability to quickly mark out the area.

But in the next moment, it made Ye Feng break out in cold sweat.

His [Perception] was very strong at this time, and a great danger was approaching! Ye Feng immediately gathered the eight little Slimes and surrounded himself, getting into a defensive position.

Not long after they gathered… Ye Feng heard a hissing sound.

In the next moment, a huge figure appeared, and in almost an instant, it surrounded Ye Feng.

The bewitching vertical pupils revealed an extremely cold and sinister power.

At this moment, Ye Feng felt as if someone was strangling his neck, and his breathing became extremely rapid.

“What the h*ll, why is there such a huge snake here?!” Ye Feng released his perception.

Only then did he realize that this cave was actually its nest! There was actually poison surrounding this place, and Ye Feng had always felt that it was strange.

However, this was his first time entering the training hall, after all, so he did not know anything about the outside environment.

He naïvely thought that this was the unique aura of this place.

In fact, this was all the spiritual energy that the King Cobra was emitting! Looking at the King Cobra’s belly, it looked like it was half full.

It had set off to look for food before, and now it had just returned.

Looking at the King Cobra’s bewitching vertical pupils, its tongue kept spitting, and its saliva was on the ground.

It was obvious that it had eaten something outside, but it was not full yet and was about to search for food again.

Although Ye Feng did not have much attack power, his defense was not a joke.

4 Looking at the King Cobra, Ye Feng was very calm at the moment.

He thought, ‘If I swallow this King Cobra, wouldn’t I be taking a fast train to level up?!’ Just as he was thinking, the King Cobra suddenly showed two huge fangs, so fast that it was about to pounce on him! [Regeneration] fully opened!