Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 6

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Awakening Once Again Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “Blech.

” After eating the fruit, a sour and astringent feeling immediately filled his mouth.

His tongue went numb from the inside to the outside.

He did not feel good at all.

However, the effect that followed made Ye Feng secretly happy.

[Eating… Agility +1…] [Eating… Vitality +1…] […] Just eating a bunch of berries could increase so many points.

2 An attribute panel was immediately summoned.

[Ye Feng] [Symbiosis Body]: Slime [Body Size]: 2% 5 [Subsidiary Bodies]: 10 [Attributes]: Strength 0.

5, Agility 5, Vitality 7, Spirit 2.

5 read on/ Myb0 x n 0v e l.

com , pls! 1 [Sequence]: Perception, Split [Skill]: Goddess Scattering Flowers 2 Looking at his own attributes, Ye Feng was quite satisfied.

One had to know that just by eating, he could increase all aspects of his attributes.

5 Moreover, Ye Feng could feel that the Slime’s body size had also become slightly bigger after eating.

The Slime that was originally only the size of a palm had now grown by a whole circle.

4 And this was only the gain from eating a bunch of berries! The speed of the increase was too fast.

Ye Feng was overjoyed.

This cave was not small.

The deeper he went in, the more plants there were.

If he swallowed all of them… The speed of the increase would definitely be another surprise! After tasting the sweetness, Ye Feng no longer had the previous worries.

He grabbed another bunch of berries and stuffed them into his mouth.

[Eating… Agility +1…] [Eating… Strength +0.

5…] [Eating… Vitality +2…] Under the constant notifications, Ye Feng’s eating speed became faster and faster.

After eating the fruits, he realized that the surrounding fruits had been swept clean.

He immediately turned around to look for the mushrooms on the ground.

After the mushrooms were eaten, he started to look for the moss on the ground.

3 After a few minutes… Ye Feng swept away all the plants at the cave entrance.

Then, through his perception, Ye Feng continued to walk deeper into the cave.

Every place he went to, all the edible things in that place were stuffed into his mouth.


” Ye Feng, who was still not satisfied, looked at the squirming mutated earthworm under the moss and immediately grinned happily.

“I haven’t tasted what an earthworm tastes like yet.

” 5 Ye Feng picked up an earthworm and directly put it into his mouth.

3 “Master Bei didn’t lie to me.

It really is chicken-flavored!” Ye Feng swallowed one and still tasted it with relish.

5 [Eating… Body Size +0.

001%…] Hearing the system’s reminder, Ye Feng was happy.

“It seems that only by eating meat can the body size increase faster.

” 1 Maybe it was because of the similarity.

The effect was more obvious than devouring other monsters.

Because the cave was always dark and the inside was very humid, there were abnormally many mutated earthworms.

If one opened a piece of land, there would be several earthworms underneath.

He found this.

Ye Feng then dug out more mutated earthworms from the ground and put them all into his mouth.

1 [Eating… Body Size +0.

001%…] [Eating… Body Size +0.

0034%…] […] Finally, half an hour later.

The last mutated earthworm was put into Ye Feng’s mouth.

As long as it was edible, the whole cave was eaten up by Ye Feng.

5 It was so bare that it was hard to imagine what happened here.

At this moment, Ye Feng’s face was getting paler.

Cold sweat was breaking out on his forehead.

“Oh no, the poison is coming…” 2 Ye Feng could feel that the food he ate just now had some poison in it.

Now that the poison had accumulated, it was starting to take effect.

Although it was painful, it was all worth it.

Looking at his attribute panel.

Ye Feng was also filled with joy.

[Ye Feng] [Symbiosis Body]: Slime [Body Size]: 5% 2 [Subsidiary Bodies]: 10 [Attributes]: Strength 1.

5, Agility 10, Vitality 17, Spirit 15 3 [Sequence]: Perception, Split [Skill]: Goddess Scattering Flowers After eating these things, Ye Feng received quite a lot of benefits.

All His attributes had been greatly strengthened.

At the same time, Ye Feng could also clearly feel that his body was constantly changing.

After enduring for a few minutes, all kinds of poisons came up, and Ye Feng’s head felt heavy.

He couldn’t help but fall into a deep sleep.

1 Forcing himself to come to the corner, Ye Feng used his perception to check his surroundings one last time.

After confirming that there was no danger, only then did Ye Feng fall into a deep sleep.



When Ye Feng woke up from his slumber, he discovered that his body had undergone a huge change.

Whether it was his physique or his agility, compared to before he swallowed the food, it had already improved by too much.

He felt the new changes in his body.

Ye Feng was extremely satisfied.

Most importantly, the Slime’s body had also become stronger.

And now, when Ye Feng summoned the Slime again, it had already become as big as five basketballs.

At this moment, the crisp system notification sounded again.

[Ding, you have devoured enough monsters.

A new sequence has been awakened for you!] [Ding, the [Regeneration] sequence has been successfully awakened!] 5 [The host’s recovery of all attributes has been greatly increased!] [The host has obtained a rapid increase in adaptive constitution!] A series of system notifications.

Ye Feng was shocked, but he was also pleasantly surprised.

He realized that he did not need to increase his combat ability at all.

Just by eating, he could improve himself.

Ye Feng realized that the reason why he accidentally awakened [Regeneration] was because he swallowed the monsters in the cave.

Especially the mutated earthworm, which directly activated the Slime’s regeneration skill.

“I finally understand why there are so many sequences in the Slime.

” “Although it’s beginning to be weak, its potential is truly enormous!” “Just by eating, I can improve the corresponding abilities.

” “If I keep eating, one day in the future, won’t I be able to easily break through the S rank and become a legendary symbiote that attracts the world’s attention?!” 1 Ye Feng began to fantasize about his Slime reaching the top of the symbiote ranking.

Finally, he would become a legendary symbiote and lead all the symbiotes on Earth to fight against the crisis together.

11 Of course, these were all just fantasies.

1 From the looks of it, everything had just begun.

The most important thing now was to improve himself as soon as possible.

As long as he could get through the early stages, he would be able to better search for opportunities.

However, the current him was still not suitable for battle.

After all, the Slime did not feel aggressive.

1 Thinking of this, Ye Feng fell into deep thought.

Staying in the early stages and slowly developing was fine, but if he wanted to find resources, he had to fight for them himself.

Regardless of his past life or present life, Ye Feng’s family was extremely poor.

It was impossible for them to provide resources.

For Ye Feng, the resources that he could obtain the most were… Looking at the place where he was sitting.

“This training hall is the best resource for me!” 1 “So, for the month-long training competition, I have to eat as much as possible!” The ability in his body surged.

After the Slime’s body expanded, Ye Feng discovered that he could split more sub-bodies.

Originally, he could split 10 sub-bodies, but now he could split 15.

2 He never thought that the ability of this sequence would give him so much improvement.

What a surprise.