Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 278

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Red Lotus Hellfire Han Jin was maneuvering the God of War, which was the name given to the ship.

It was slowly approaching Fort Maxine.

During the battle, Han Jin had already passed the ordeal and had defeated hundreds of abyssal magicians.

This was a good opportunity for a further pursuit of victory.

The four city lords of Beitman all had the ambition to be in complete control, so they were always prepared for any sudden attacks on their city.

Although the defence system in these cities was not as well-prepared as Holy Crown City, they were sufficient.

As soon as they saw that the God of War was approaching their territories, there were horn sounds everywhere.

Following the horns, an enormous magic shield that covered the entire city would appear.

The rest of them like Hogan and Cain were preparing the magic cannons as they were the only way to deal with these kinds of magic shields.

A person’s magic power was limited, and plus, there were a large number of magic crystals stored on the ship.

They had sufficient preparation, and could casually attack the city with the magic cannons.

It wouldn’t be long before the defence array of Fort Maxine would collapse.

Plus, the Riptide Regiment was just around the corner, and once the magic shield had collapsed, they would immediately attack the city.

As they got closer to the city, the people who were below them frantically ran around like ants on a hot plate.

Unfortunately, the God of War who was travelling by air had a complete advantage.

No matter how the soldiers from below tried to attack, it was impossible for them to cause any actual damage.

At the same time, a magic fluctuation travelled across which came from in front of the ship.

Suddenly, a figure that was about three meters tall and with a nasty-looking face was standing right in front of them.

He was holding a huge scythe and had a cold look in his eyes as he stared directly at Han Jin.

It definitely wasn’t Han Jin’s handsome appearance that had made the creature jealous.

It was because everyone on the ship was standing, but only Han Jin alone was casually sitting on the chair.

Everyone was surrounding him as if he were the moon among the stars.

Therefore, it was the most logical thing to first attack Han Jin.

The creature showed a grimace, and his figure suddenly disappeared.

“Abyssal demon?!” Guevara roared out of anger.

At this moment, his strength of fighting was at its maximum.

His body was entirely covered with a golden shade which gave the illusion that he was wearing a golden armor.

The Dragon Spear in his hand also gave out a dazzling glow, especially at its blade.

Guevara had been involved with the abyssal race for a very long time, so he knew more than all of them about how terrifying those demons were.

As soon as they saw the demon, they decided to mercilessly attack.

Even Jeddes put away his casual attitude, immediately released an Absolute Barrier around him, and a sceptre appeared in his hands.

This was the first time anyone had seen his weapon.

The spectre’s shape was very normal, but the flowing glow around the sceptre made it particularly attractive.

The top of the sceptre encased a piece of white magic crystal, and on top of that, there was a statue of an angel.

Only the sharpest eyes around would notice that when Jeddes had taken out his sceptre, the angel had opened its eyes.

Yalina also released a magic shield around herself, and Majordomo Gail took one step forward and stood next to her.

The depth of a relationship could only be truly seen when facing danger! .



The air around them seemed to have frozen.

Perhaps it was a second or two, but the giant creature suddenly appeared right in front of Han Jin and was swinging his giant sickle toward Han Jin.

This was crazy! He is a lunatic! Anyone who saw this scene had the same thought flash through their minds.

Although the abyssal demon was a horrifying creature, the God of War was also filled with powerful people.

Han Jin, Guevara, Jeddes, Majordomo Gail, and Yalina were all top-grade superiors.

An abyssal demon was challenging all five of them?! This was beyond crazy to the point where it was even considered stupid.

Among the Seven Brothers of Wip of the abyssal demons, Zolof was the youngest and also the most unfortunate.

When he was still young, he had been chased out of the clan and even lost his right arm because of his brothers.

In fact, he hadn’t violated any of the rules, or in other words, he hadn’t even had the chance to.

Therefore, all of Zolof’s elder brothers felt guilty toward him.

They would take care of him first, and sometimes even spoil him.

Just like with the female Thunder Titan, they had first sent her to Fort Maxine for Zolof, and only once he was done with her would the rest of the brothers take their turns.

They wouldn’t even be angry if Zolof had killed the Thunder Titan.

All of this guilt and love had caused Zolof to become supercilious.

However, he was still a powerful creature.

This was because he had always been using his left arm to attack while his brothers already had a habit of using their right arm, so it was still a little uncomfortable for them to fight when it came to a real battle.

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COM Han Jin opened his eyes, and beams of green rays shot out of them, directly blocking the sickle.

As the saying goes, it is better safe than sorry.

Han Jin had always known that he wasn’t a cultivator invested in martial arts, therefore he would never have the reaction speed of a true warrior, so every time he faced an ambush, the first thing he would do was release the Art of Spiritual Possession.

This time, it had once again proved that he was right! Zolof’s sickle was being swung at such a high speed that the shape of the sickle had become blurred.

It was already on top of Han Jin’s head in the blink of an eye, but the green rays were faster than the sickle.

At the same time, Han Jin had already pulled out his sword, and his speed had become about the same as Zolof’s.

A loud crash was heard as the huge sickle was bounced back.

Han Jin sighed as the sword couldn’t help itself from patting his head, but he could already control his divine consciousness with ease.

The green ray immediately became a small ball of light, and the force that had been attached onto it also became invisible.

Guevara gave a loud scream and started charging toward Zolof with his dragon spear.

The tip of the spear instantly reached Zolof’s chest, but even before the spear reached its destination, the force that came along with the spear gave out such a huge current that even Zolo’s red hair had been immediately straightened.

Jeddes lifted his sceptre, and the little Angel on top emitted two very tiny rays of light from its eyes which were directed at Zolof’s face.

Majordomo Gail swung his hand, and a black light shot out toward Zolof.

No one had ever said that a thief could only kill by holding a dagger! If you ever try to look down on a superior, you will pay the price! This was the exact situation that Zolof was in as he was being forcefully attacked by three top-grade superiors.

Zolof was very surprised as he hadn’t expected his opponent to be able to defend his first blow.

By the time he had noticed that there were several powerful personnel on the ship who could threaten him, it had already been too late.

At least, he really couldn’t defend against Jeddes’s attack.

The two tiny rays went through Zolof’s left cheek and came out of his right cheek.

Coincidentally, it then landed on Moxinke.

Moxinke was not affected by it, but Zolof on the other hand was screaming in pain.

His figure then disappeared again without a trace.

“Run?!” Han Jin sneered and stood up from his chair.

Following that, Zolof appeared on the other side of the ship, fiercely staring at the people on the ship.

Just as he was about to say something, Han Jin already released his enchantment.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared right in front of Zolof.

Then, a green ray blasted at Zolof’s chest.

The fierceness of a lion but courage of a rabbit was the best way to describe Zolof.

He had already become a startled bird, and as soon as he saw Han Jin’s figure, he had immediately released another teleportation skill to avoid Han Jin’s attack.

The rest of them who were on the God of War were shocked by the scene that was happening.

Zolof had released several teleportation skills, eventually returning to the ground, but every time he moved, Han Jin would appear next to him in an instant, his attacks only a few seconds behind.

“Raphael… when did you learn to teleport?” Cain asked out of surprise.

On the flat ground, Zolof and Han Jin were quietly standing opposite each other.

One had already stopped running and the other one had stopped chasing after him.

Before this, Han Jin was not teleporting; he was just using the Earth Shrinking Spell.

Zolof’s instantaneous teleportation was a skill that he could immediately release, but it took a certain amount of time for him to reappear in the space that he wanted to.

As for Han Jin’s spell, he needed time for an enchantment before moving.

However, he was able to disappear and reappear at the same time.

In comparison with Zolof’s teleportation, each had its own strengths and benefits.

After realizing that it was impossible for him to hurt Zolof in this manner, Han Jin decided to temporarily give up on this strategy and find another way.

Jeddes appeared in the air as he was the only one who could help Han Jin.

Yalina was slightly weaker than him, and it would be very dangerous for her.

“I’ll come back for you…” Zolof said as he grimaced.

However, his face was a little sad to look at, and his words were slurred because of Jeddes.

Jeddes’s attack had caused a hole in his face, and the wound was still expanding.

Zolof still had the time to stay and say all sorts of nonsense throughout the pain because he felt shameful.

This may be beyond stupid for some of them, but for Zolof, this was something important.

He would never run away in vain.

“Jeddes, you should head back,” Han Jin slowly said.

“Jeddes ? Haha… I’ll come back for you too!” Zolof’s eyes fell on Jeddes.

Jeddes shrugged.

He was already used to receiving all sorts of threats.

However, he could feel that Han Jin was already planning something, and since Han Jin had already asked him to leave, leave he shall.

“Abyssal demon? I’ll have to admit that your skills are very special.

” Han Jin softly said, “And you would indeed cause trouble for us.

” “Now you’re afraid?” Zolof felt that his self-esteem was being compensated, and he started loudly laughing.

Then, his laughter abruptly stopped, and he stared at Han Jin.

“But I have to tell you that it’s too late!” “I really am afraid of trouble so… it’s not too late.

” Han Jin’s voice was very gentle.

He took out a charm from his space ring and quietly looked at Zolof.

“You may run away now before it’s too late.

” “Haha…” Zolof laughed contemptuously.

If he wanted to run away, no one would be able to stop him.

He had stayed because he was confident in his abilities, just like how he was able to run away from the crisis before this.

“I was joking! It’s already too late.

” Han Jin gave a huge smile that showed both rows of his teeth.

His tone became even more gentle as if he were coaxing a little brother.

“Red Lotus… Bloom!” The charm that was in Han Jin’s hand turned into a shimmering red lotus, and along with Han Jin enchantment, countless petals fell down in all directions.

Every single petal floating around was rapidly changing as one petal became two, further splitting into four, and into another eight.

In an instant, the entire place had been transformed into a sea of flowers.

It was a beautiful and mesmerizing world!! Each petal was exuding soft and warm colors that were chasing, flying, and playing with each other.

It was such a stunning scene that everyone was amazed by it.

However, Zolof was not in the mood for enjoying the beautiful scenery around him.

Although he seemed very confident, he was actually very nervous deep inside.

When the first petal had fallen, he had already tried teleporting, but he realized that wherever he went, he was still surrounded by these beautiful stunning red lotus petals.

Zolof tried teleporting again but there were still countless petals around him wherever he appeared.

When the petals landed on him, it didn’t cause him any pain.

Instead, it gave him a sense of joy that came from the depth of his heart.

However, Zolof’s determination was stronger, and he released another teleportation skill.

Everyone would grow and mature.

Han Jin before this may not have the skills for combat, but he was not the same as before.

He had noticed that Zolof was only able to teleport within a short distance and that this was one of his weaknesses.

As the distance between each teleportation was too short, it would be difficult for him to escape from the attack range of the Red Lotus Hellfire.

Although it was very difficult to complete this charm, in order to completely kill this abyssal demon who may be a threat to them in the future, he had to use it.

Han Jin stared at the creature that was flashing everywhere from time to time.

On the other side, Zolof was so focused on escaping from the petals that he hadn’t realized that his legs, arms, chest, and even his back were rapidly shrinking within that intoxicating sea of flowers and that some of his bones had even started becoming visible.

Yet another teleportation was complete, and Zolof was at the edge of the sea of flowers.

He only needed another two teleportations, and he would be out of this place.

However, he suddenly lost his balance and instantly fell onto the ground.

He finally noticed that the bone and flesh on his left foot was completely gone, and he could clearly see that the rest of his bones were turning into dust.

Zolof had never seen such a shocking scene.

He opened his mouth to scream, but then realised that there was no voice coming out of his mouth.

Even the scythe in his left hand had crumbled as if it had been left untouched for thousands of years.

Zolof struggled for a few more times, and then slowly fell onto the floor full of petals.

He tried to smile, but he gave a very ugly looking face.

This was because he had realized that death did not seem to be as terrible as he had thought it would be.

Then, after a while, Zolof completely stopped moving.

The petals were still flying everywhere, and Zolof’s body soon turned into a skeleton which slowly turned into ashes.

It was completely gone, and even the scythe had turned into dust with no marks left behind.

It was as if nothing had been there other than a magic crystal the size of a fist.

Han Jin reached out his right hand and gently waved it.

The petals became like the waves of the ocean and flew towards Fort Maxine.

Fort Maxine’s magic array only lasted for a while before collapsing under the impact of the flower tide.

All of the soldiers and magicians on the city wall showed a weird smile.

They were not as powerful as Zolof, therefore their bodies had already turned into dust before they could even reach the ground.