Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 277

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 277

Chapter 277: An Unreliable Alliance The giant ship slightly trembled as a ripple of clear yet viscous liquid appeared from thin air and covered the entire ship.

This was the first time a high grade Daoist matrix had clashed with a forbidden spell of this world, but Han Jin had slightly cheated.

Since this world seemingly still followed the law of Dao, water was bound to defeat fire! From a purely magical point of view, Han Jin’s Wuxing Combined Matrix was most spells’ worst nightmare.

It didn’t matter if it was a fire type forbidden spell or an earth type forbidden spell, they all had their unique elements, and since the Wuxing Combined Matrix ran perpetually, it could, at any time, convert elemental energy to vital energy! As soon as Han Jin had sensed the fluctuation of the fire element, he had immediately switched the matrix to its water form.

Wood could birth fire, and after the matrix had absorbed all of the fire element, it could then again produce twice as much earth element.

Earth would in turn birth metal, which finally gives birth to water.

In the end, water, with the combined power of all five elements of Wuxing, could easily snub out any fire element magic.

Even if Han Jin had used all of his Three True Flame Charms, he wouldn’t be able to defeat his own water form matrix! Just as the Three True Flame was no ordinary flame, the water inside the matrix was no ordinary water.

The flame ruthlessly collided with the matrix, yet could not stand against the neverending stream of water.

Amid the flashing rainbow lights, one after another ball of roaring flame was extinguished.

Occasionally, vapors would fall down on the deck of the ship and sink down.

As long as the Wuxing Combined Matrix ran, the vapors would go through the cycle again and again to create more water.

The flame only seemed endless because it had covered a large area.

There was a limit to a magician’s magic, but the Wuxing Combined Matrix was truly limitless! Everyone aboard the ship stayed silent.

They had only ever heard of ships sailing in the ocean, and Han Jin had already created a miracle by making one that flew.

Now, they were witnessing another miracle right in front of their eyes: even though they had been engulfed by a sea of flames, they could not feel any heat! On the contrary, the whole deck felt refreshingly cool! Water clashed and tangled with flame, then eventually merged into each other.

It was really a sight to behold, one that you couldn’t find again for the rest of your life.

At least, they wouldn’t be able to watch a spectacle like this so calmly.

This was all because of Han Jin; even professionals as powerful as Guevara and Jeddes could only barely guarantee their own survival amid the Revelation of the Abyss.

They would never have the mood to spectate so leisurely.

On the ground, the Minotaur Shaman fanatically laughed.

Aside from the powerful Black Dragons of the Abyss, he couldn’t think of anything else that could survive the Revelation of the Abyss.

But, the laugh only continued for a moment before grinding to an abrupt stop.

He could only stare as the giant ship steadily sailed through the sea of flames with a faint rainbow-colored halo around it which had been formed by vapors.

It almost appeared divine.


how…” The Minotaur Shaman couldn’t believe his eyes.




A streak of turquoise radiance shot down from the ship like a lightning bolt, turning into a giant sword at least a dozen meters long in the process.

Even though Han Jin had learnt his lesson and would never unleash his flying sword so rashly in a real fight, this was still a target, and it would suffer catastrophic damage from his sword! Harley, who was still happily knocking on the Abyssal Mages’ defensive matrix, was greatly startled, and hurriedly dodged to the side.

With a deafening boom, the two defensive matrices couldn’t handle such a powerful strike and almost simultaneously collapsed.

Immediately after, a pillar of lightning shot down from the sky and struck all of the Abyssal Mages, regardless of whether they were still conscious or not.

The few Abyssal Mages that were still standing desperately tried to cast a shield, but their last drop of magic was soon depleted as well under the constant barrage of thunder.

As for those that had already fainted, they had absolutely no protection, and were turned into shattered corpses as soon as the lightning struck.

The Minotaur Shaman did last longer, but only for a moment.

Under the unending wave of lightning, his magic shield ultimately collapsed as well, leaving only a final, desperate scream to echo through the air.

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COM * * * Near the lord’s manor inside Fort Maxine, there was an unusually large house.

By human standards, a two meter high doorway was more than enough, yet the doors in this house were at least three meters tall and two meters wide, as if they had been specifically designed for someone.

Inside the main hall, a brutish monster with an extremely ugly face was stuffing food into his mouth in an astoundingly careless manner.

He had forwent the forks and knives, and was instead grabbing food left and right with his hand, only occasionally breaking from that pattern to take a gulp from the wine pot.

He appeared busy, yet satisfied.

However, his entire right arm seemed to be missing, and the empty sleeve hanging in the air made him look extremely pitiful.

The monster’s eyes occasionally glanced to the left where there was a strange bed.

Actually, it was more like a metal board, as it didn’t have any blankets or cushions.

A young girl with a pretty face and mysterious silver hair lay on the bed.

Like everything else in the house, the girl was also very tall, around three meters in height.

Her long and fit legs alone were almost as tall as an ordinary human girl.

Compared to her and the monster, the servants walking around the house looked like dwarves.

The monster suddenly stopped eating, and after a brief pause, stood up and walked beside the metal bed.

With an unruly laugh, he yelled to his servants, “Get out of here, all of you! Right now!” The servants immediately stopped what they were doing and left the room.

The monster was clearly in a good mood since he had told them what to do.

On a normal day, at least one of them would already be lying in their own pool of blood.

The monster looked at his grease-covered hand before casually wiping it on the girl’s breasts.

Her delicately sewn green dress soon became unsightly after a few smudges.

“Girl, I don’t think I can hold back anymore.

What should I do?” The monster leaned down and said with a laugh.

Even ignoring his choice of words and tones, the spit that ran down his mouth as he talked was enough to disgust any living being.

The girl kept her eyes tightly shut and squeezed out a sentence, “You monster! Chesam will never forgive you!!” “Chesam?” THe monster blanked, then started laughing maniacally.

He laughed so hard he almost fell out of the bed.

After a long time, he finally stopped, caught his breath, then said in a scornful tone, “I heard that you just gained full control over the Wrath of Thunder, and that maybe Chesam will have to step aside for you in a couple of years.

Is that true?” “Ha, so at least you know!” The girl took a deep breath.

“If you release me right now, we can continue our negotiation! Or be prepared to suffer Chesam’s wrath!” “Tsk…” The monster didn’t seem to care about hygiene at all, and gave the girl’s already dirty breast a squeeze.

“You are truly a little food.

What I mean is, you are powerful enough now to be a threat to Chesam now, are you not?” The girl’s cold smile immediately disappeared, and her whole body tensed.

“That’s cute.

” The monster became increasingly insolent, and moved his left hand in even larger circles.

“I’ll tell you the truth.

Zaganide and Chesam formed an alliance already.

As for you… you are just one of Chesam’s bargaining chips, understand?” The girl suddenly opened her eyes and stared daggers at the monster with her hate-filled eyes.

“Do you expect me to believe this nonsense! Chesam would never do that, unless he wanted to make every Titan his enemy!” “You can’t even convince yourself.

Do you really believe your fellow Titans will believe that?” The monster laughed.

“Even if we run our mouths, Chesam still has a thousand different excuses.

Haha… he’s much smarter than you.

” “I… refuse to believe it!” The girl still sounded determined, but the doubt in her eyes showed that she was thinking about something else.

The monster didn’t seem to care about what she said at all, and directly reached his hand under the girl’s skirt.

Amid the girl’s struggle, the monster harshly pulled out a ball of silver fur.

Because of the color, you could clearly see that the root of the fur had blood on it.

He put the fur in front of his thick nostrils and took a deep breath, then started laughing maniacally again.

“Fuck off…” The girl desperately struggled and screamed in a sobbing voice.

No matter how powerful she was, she was still young, and appeared as fragile as an ordinary human girl to what was to come.

“Fuck off? Who are you telling to fuck off?” The monster’s face turned cold, and he heavily slapped the girl’s face.

His ugly face looked horrifying when he was laughing, but it looked even more horrendous when he stopped.

The monster grabbed the girl by the hair and said, word by word, “Listen, you little fool! Understand that I have no need to lie to you, and trust me when I say that Chesam wants you dead! But, me and a few of my brothers don’t want that, and if you act docile and satisfy us, we will let you live.

At least, then you have a chance for revenge.

But if you don’t, you will not only be our toy, but we will also slaughter you like cattle, understood? Then, you will truly have nothing…” The first half of his speech was true, but everything after that was complete nonsense.

Chesam wasn’t dumb, and he would never allow such a liability to live.

The monster was trying to take advantage of the girl’s fear.

He wasn’t satisfied with rape, and wanted true submission.

The girl’s pupils were completely silver at this point.

Her hands desperately clawed at the metal bed frame, and somehow even left scratch marks on the hard surface.

However, her limbs were still tied down tight by thin threads of black crystal, and no matter how much she tried, she could not move an inch.

“Fucking bitch!” The monster was clearly running out of patience, and after seeing that the girl showed no sign of patience, he ripped off the girl’s dress.

However, just then, he felt a strong fluctuation of magic in the distance.

The monster blanked.

“Was that… Revelation of the Abyss?”