Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 63

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 63

“Whoosh!” An arrow was shot by Sunier, piercing through the chain spaulder of the young knight, stabbing deeply into his shoulder.

The earth wall couldn’t hold back the horde of knights, but delayed their attack.

When they broke through it, a grim smile of Moxinke was shown to them.

His giant sword was clinging to the throat of the young knight.

A middle-aged knight reached out his hand, indicating his men to stop moving.

He stared at Moxinke with a homicidal intent reflected from his cold eyes, as if there was a sharp blade that could even penetrateMoxinke’s body.

However, Moxinke was now a true desperado, who would even dare to fight against a dragon, let alone the hundreds of knights! Moxinke spit a puff of saliva resentfully and grabbed the young knight’s hair, receding in a slow pace facing his enemies.

Cessacioun had picked up his magic wand.

After an incantation along with his motion, a stretch of marsh appeared between them and the knights.

But his magic power was very limited.

The marsh seemed too small compared with the hundreds of knights, who had outflanked from both sides around them.

“Get out of the way, or I’ll kill him!”Moxinke said coldly.

The knights looked at the middle-aged knight simultaneously, waiting for order.

But his face was empty of expression like a millennium iceberg.

“Tell your men to get out of the way!” Moxinke made a stroke in the throat of the young knight with the long sword, a strip of bloodline appeared.

“Get out of the way! It’s an order!!” The young knight screamed.

“I’m sorry, my Lord, what I do is to maximize the protection of your security.

” The middle-aged knight replied coldly: “Release my lord and I will let you go!” “Damn you!”Moxinke grinned hideously.

“You think I am a three-year-old boy? You would let us go if I release him? I count three, if you still block my way, I will cut down one of his arms! One…” .



The middle-aged knight paused, and slowly raised his sword in hand.

All the other knights held their spears simultaneously, forming a formation of sprint, as if they were ready to give tit for tat.

“Two…” Moxinke showed no look of fear at all.

The sword in his hand was grasped firmly.

If the knights still blocked his way when the next number was uttered, one hand of the young knight would be chopped off undoubtedly.

Just then, Sylner got up from ground, stared at the back of the young night with hatred, and drew out her sword, which was as giant as that in Moxinke’s hand, cutting down straightly over the head of the young knight.

She was a forthright person with simple mind.

The death of her teammate almost deprived her of reason.

All she had in her heart now was vengeance.

It was very stupid of her.

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COM They all turned pale with fright and shock, including Moxinke and the middle-aged knight opposite him.

But she was too fast to be stopped.

Moxinke couldn’t move, as long as his sword left the throat, he would be put into a passive situation.

Among those knights, ten more were archers, and the man in front of him was a high grade knight.

Sunier was also incapable of taking any action.

She couldn’t hurt her own teammate, nor did she have the ability to shoot the long sword in Sylner’s hand.

Even a high grade rider couldn’t do that, not to mention her.

Just when Slyner was going to cut her target, a wooden giant half a head higher than Moxinke appeared from nowhere and blocked the sword with its own body.

Then it punched with a backhand on Sylner between her chest and abdomen, making her several steps back before she bended down, curled her body, and retched.

It was a puppet made by Han Jin, the size of which had been diminished a lot compared with those madepreviously.

Though the raw material of the wooden puppets, treefolk, was not much inferior to millennium walnut, there would be lots of shortcomings resulted from its rather large size, such as low defensive ability and poor flexibility, making it easily chopped in parts by a seventh grade fighter such as Moxinke.

Han Jin made this improvement because Moxinke was so agile that he always shifted to the back of the puppets to launch attacks.

The power of charms was limited, the larger the size of a puppet, the lower its power would be.

Han Jin was still the calmest on the scene.

He observed each movement of them, even noticed the fear flashed on the face of the middle-aged knight the moment Sylner wielded her sword.

Thus he was more confident.

Han Jin stepped forward slowly and knocked down the helmet of the hostage, taking out his sharp knife over the right eye of the hostage.

“If anything really happen to this Lord, I am sure you can’t escape the punishment.

” Han Jin said expressionlessly, “I have an idea.

Let my friends go.

I will leave here with this Lord.

” “No…” Moxinke made a quiver and shouted in an instant.

“Cut the crap.

” Han Jin snapped him in a low tone, “Just do as I said.

” That middle-aged knight looked at Han Jin up and down.

“Are you a puppet manipulator?” He asked.

“That’s none of your business.

” Han Jin replied in an impolite tone.

“Just tell me whether you accept my advice or not.

” “Advice taken! Let them go!” The middle-aged knight thundered.


We won’t leave without you!” Cessacioun took a step forward.

He was as emotional as Moxinke.

Though he had experienced a lot during his traveling years, he was still a young man with hot blood, and would act audaciously even when facing with real danger.

“Leave, or none of us escapes, which one do you choose?” Han Jin said lightly.

They fell into silence.

Neither choice they’d like to choose from, though what Han Jin said was the truth.

“Don’t dilly-dally.

Go!” Han Jin turned his eyes to the middle-aged knight and shouted, “I need thirty horses.

” The man gritted his teeth.

“Give them the horses!” He thundered.

Thirty of the knights dismounted and pulled their horses aside.

“Let’s go.

” Sunier said suddenly before she chose one horse and jumped on it.

The others followed her reluctantly.

Sylner walked closer to Han Jin and whispered.

“Leave him to me.

You go first.

” Seemed that the punch had hit her into soberness.

She was aware of how foolish her action was just now.

It was her that accepted this task and caused the disaster.

She wanted to do something as expiation.

“Don’t make trouble with me.

” Han Jin still said expressionlessly.

“Damn it! Can’t you just do as he said? I am talking to you!”Moxinke growled.

Sylner was shocked.

She’d never expected that Moxinke would scold her in front of so many people.

But this trouble was caused by her, so she just stamped her feet and walked forward, tears rolling down along her cheeks.

A moment later, all of them had mounted and equipped with a spare horse.

They looked at Han Jin, showing hesitation and worry, especially Steelberg, the loyal servant of him, who couldn’t help but bursting out crying.

“Young master…” “Go!”