Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 62

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 62

When dusk came, they camped alongriverside, a place where Han Jin had never been to before.

But the name of the river was quite familiarto him, the Cui River, in which he had had his first bath after coming to this world.

They were at the downstream of the river now, walking along it for several ten miles was the Town of Radon.

Guards of the caravan gathered many sticks for bonfires.

The group of Han Jin sat in a circle, discussing which direction they would follow the next day.

The war area was approached.

Things must be done with utmost carefulness.

They talked a lot, while Leopold, the leader of the caravan, just narrowed his eyes, saying nothing, as if the things they were talking about were none of his business.

When the setting sun jumped into the horizon line, Sunier’s expression turned stiff suddenly.

She sprang to her feet.

“Horses! There are lots of horses!!” “From where?” Han Jin was startled.


” Sunier pointed to the east and took off her long bow.

“Easy, easy.

” Leopold stood up and looked at the east.

“They should be our men.

” He smiled.

“Our men? What do you mean, Lord Leopold?” Moxinke asked in a deep voice.

“Oh… We have made an agreement with General Quincy of the Holy Crown City.

He will meet us nearby.

” Leopold still smiled.

He pointed at some of his guards.

“You, go and have a check to see whether they are men of General Quincy.

” He ordered.

The guards mounted their horses and left the camp at a fast speed.

Sunier and the others gazed at each other in surprise.

But since the owner of the goods was not worried, more relaxed they should be.

Moxinke gave Han Jin a profound look.

This prophet had predicted that the caravan must have its background to transport military supplies to the Holy Crown City.

General Quincy must be the person they relied on.

“Get up! All of you!” Leopold shouted.

“We can’t camp here today, keep marchingtonight.

” .



They all started to pack up their belongings.

The burning bonfires were extinguished, the wagons were reloaded.

All of them were ready to go.

Not long after, a row of shadows appeared on the horizon line and were darting to them.

When hundreds of knights arrived, they had already prepared.

“Lord Mario.

”Leopold walked over smilingly, “Long time no see, you look more energetic.

” “How many goods have you brought this time?” A young knight stepped forward.

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COM “Fifteen wagons.

With one hundred and fifty heavy armors, two thousand long swords.

” “Great!” The young knight laughed and clapped his hands.

A way was made by those knights.

The wagons carrying goods walked among them slowly.

Han Jin and the others stayedstill.

They knew according to etiquette they should stand quietly, waiting for command.

If their employer still need their escort, they would follow them, afterall, they hadn’t arrived in the Holy Crown City yet.

Otherwise, Leopold should sign on the contract, and they could go back.

But, a crafty smile flashed across Leopold’s face the moment he turned his head, getting a glimpse of them.

He followed the wagons alone.

Such a kind andeasy-going man like Leopold should expose such a spine-chilling expression.

None of them had expected this.

“Lay down your arms!” The young knight put on a solemn face suddenly.

“What?” Han Jin was stunned.

He stood in front of his companions.

“Lay down your arms!” The young knight yelled.

The muscles on Han Jin’s face twitched involuntarily.

He stared at the young knight, a man in his twenties, pretty handsome, but pale with dark-rimmed eyes and bags under his eyes which might well be caused by his promiscuous nightlife.

In the eyes, there was ridicule, disdain, but not a single trace of kindness.

“What are you doing?”Sylner rushed up, “You must be mistaken! We are mercenaries! Our job is to escort these goods!” “I know, and you are not needed anymore.

” The young man’s eyes lit up.

He eased his voice, “So, do as I told you!” “Why shall we lay down our arms?”A soldier shouted discontentedly.

He was a member from the Brilliant Rose Mercenary Team, a team established by Sylner.

In fact, as what Moxinke had said, it was more like a group in a game for children than amercenary team, the members of which were just warriors, except Sylner.

Thus, it was easy to imagine how poor their ability was.

“I will tell you why!” This said, a cold expression appeared on the knight’s face.

He waved his hand slightly and several arrows shot past him from behind.

The rude soldier was shot back several meters away before he was finally pegged on the ground.

The arrows were still quivering violently.

Little blood flowed out, but obviously he was hard to maintain alive.

“Lunn… Lunn…” Sylner screamed and dashed to him.

“You seem unwilling to cooperate with me.

” The young knight sighed, his fingers had already held the sword.

Han Jinmade an eye contact with his friends quickly.

It was so sudden that they were still wondering what had happened.

But one thing for sure, they would be killed if they really did as the knight had ordered.

Expression exchanged among them swiftly.

“Bang…” Cessacioun was the first to drop his magic wand.

Sunier followed and took off her long bow, bending down slowly.

Moxinke remained motionless, showing an expression of irresolution.

Suddenly, Han Jin turned around and shouted.

“Miss Keeley, you must help us! These guys are so unreasonable!” Keeley? The young knight was stunned.

He was familiar with the name, but couldn’t recall who she was.

Han Jin moved his body deliberately to make a gap, through which the knight could have a look at part of Miss Keeley’s face.

He was shocked and moved a few steps forward on his horse.

When he recognized Miss Keeley, he was ravished with joy and turning back to give his order.

However, what he saw in front of him was just a wall of earth.

Moxinke let out a roar and jumped into midair like a lightning.

The giant sword in his hand were cut down, the radiance of which illuminated the air and produced pieces of shadows.

The air was like an inverted curtain of stars.

Moxinke was a tall guy with an overwhelming giant sword in his hand, giving others an illusion that he was a dull man good at fighting by virtue of his strength.

But in fact his movement was very fast, let alone now he had broken through his bottleneck.

In an instant, he had approached the young knight.

The young Knight turned pale due to fear.

He unsheathed his long sword with his fastest speed to defend himself against the coming attack over his head.

The result would become apparent within a blink of an eye if the strength gap between the two competitors was large, just like that in the Eleventh town, where Moxinke had defeated a fighter in an instant.

With a loud sound of collision, a sharp scream was heard from the knight.

He could resist Moxinke’s sword, but not the radiance of it.

A bright strip of blood made of countless blood beads flowed down from his forehead to left cheek.

He covered his left eye, unable to open it.

The lights like stars embodied in the sword radiance of Moxinke had brought the knight a pitted face, or even a blind eye.