Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 6

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 6

In the early evening, Han Jin and Steelberg had come back to their town, both carefully dressed.

The robes they wearing were from stealing, though the material of the robes were not that good, they were patchless and looked much cleaner.

Steelberg’s face was still lack of radiant.

His eyes kept gazing around, as if a mouse fearing to be chased and beaten.

On the contrary, Han Jin was much calmer.

His face was decorated by pink lips and snow white teeth, the corners of his mouth slightly raised up, a glimmer of smile shown in his eyes.

He walked in lithe and free paces, displaying a remarkable and exceptional temperament, as if he was bathing in the spring wind.

Pedestrians in the town were also attracted by the master and his servant, some were astounded when they recognized Raphael and whispered behind his back.

In fact, Raphael was born with good appearance.

Twenty years ago, both his parents were famous for their handsome and beautiful look in the town.

With such nice gene, how would Raphael be an ugly boy? But regretfully, the true Raphael had no temperament at all, let alone charm.

With Han Jin in this body, Raphael would absolutely be an eye-catching young boy even if in the city of Holy Crown had he dressed himself up carefully in some luxury clothes.

“Steelberg, where to go?” Han Jin asked in a low voice.

“This way.

” Steelberg pointed with his finger, but hesitated for a second and said: “young master, aren’t you tired for smiling all the time after you returning to the town?” “Idiot, what do you know!” Han Jin knocked on the head of Steelberg: “Smile is the best weapon, with smile on your face, your enemies will reduce their wariness, your friends will be more friendly, and women will be closer to you, even … … Forget it, you are too young to understand these.

” “I…,” Steelberg wanted to argue who was the younger one, but considering his status, he had to change the subject:” young master, need I smile too?” Saying this, Steelberg made a flattering artificial smile.

“Forget it.

” Han Jin shook his head helplessly.

It’s hard to change one’s temperament in a short time.

As a slave of Raphael and a beggar, it was normal for Steelberg to look a little sneaking, thus it would be better for him to pull a long face than force a faked smile.

While speaking, the two had arrived at their destination, a building made of stones.

There was no sign-board in front of the building, just some armors and swords were hung, manifesting it was a weapon shop.

The first floor was used for receiving customers, while the second floor was Miss Keeley’s chamber.

The whole building was imposing and dignified in terms of its architectural style and was very attractive in the town of Radon.

But that made Han Jin more curious, why did Miss Keeley, a celebrity of the Holy Crown City, came to such a small town? What did she want? Han Jin was about to walk inside when a middle-aged man came out to meet him.

The man glanced at Han Jin up and down and politely said: “Young master, I’m sorry, but this shop has been closed.

If you want to buy some weapons, please wait for a few days.

” .



“You misunderstand, senior.

I am here to discuss something with Miss Keeley.

” Han Jin said with a smile.

“You are … …” Han Jin’s bright smile and remarkable temperament hesitated the middle-aged man, though Miss Keeley was in bad mood and would not meet others in the usual, he still asked subconsciously.

“My name is Raphael, a hereditary baron.

” Han Jin replied respectfully: “Could I bother you to spare some of your time and inform Miss Keeley about my coming?” The purpose of Han Jin revealing his identity as a baron was not to suppress others.

Strictly speaking, he just intended to imply the man that you have no need to acted as a villain since a noble was so polite to you, it’s your master’s decision whether to receive this noble or not.

“Turns out you are young master Raphael.

Please wait a minute.

I will report to my master right now.

” The middle-aged man nodded with a smile on his face too and then turned around to go inside.

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COM Not long after, the middle-aged man appeared again and stood by the side of the door, made a gesture of “please”.

“Thank you.

” Han Jin did not decline.

He strode towards the shop directly.

The shop was cold and cheerless, some guys in workers’ uniforms were sitting by a table and whispering.

Apparently the resign of the dwarf forging master brought great influence to this shop.

While thinking this, Han Jin walked upstairs under the leading of the man.

A girl aged seventeen or eighteen was sitting in the main seat of the living room upstairs.

The girl looked quite beautiful and charming.

Her brows liked crescents, below which were a pair of bright piercing eyes.

The pupils inside these eyes were as blue and pure as the sky.

Under the straight nose were pink and thin lips.

The two dimples on her cheeks were like the eyes of a dragon, bringing more nimbleness to her.

The skin was white and pink without any fleck, as beautiful as a fantastic picture.

Han Jin was startled for a moment in face of such a beauty.

It was easy for him to understand now why Raphael would fall into love with the girl.

But regretfully, Raphael was just a toad wishing to eat swan meat.

Even if he was still young and rich, he was not good enough for such a lady, let alone he had spent all his fortune and become as poor as a church mouse.

The girl’s eyes firmly fixed on a sturdy man opposite her, rages on her face.

Han Jin recognized the man immediately.

He was none other than the mercenary that had helped them when they were insulted by the enforcement team of the town.

“Don’t you forget I’m your employer! Can’t you even do such trifles?” Shouted Miss Keeley, though harsh, her voice was as melodious as the sound of a yellow warbler.

The imposing momentum she tried to created was totally collapsed by herself.

“Miss Keeley, I have my principles.

” The big fellow touched his chin, embarrassed and said: “I’m a mercenary, not a killer.

You seem to have hired the wrong person.

” Nibbling lips, Miss Keeley coldly said: “20 pieces of gold coin!” “It’s not a matter of gold, Miss.

” The big fellow’s eyebrows raised, his low and muffled voice was mingled with unshakable firmness.

“You … …” Miss Keeley spluttered, but was stumped after a ‘You’.

The middle-aged man came close to Miss Keeley, whispered something, then Miss Keeley looked up toward Han Jin: “Young master Raphael? Please forgive me, but I am not quite familiar with you, you are … …” “I am from Radon Town.

It’s normal that you don’t know me … … .

“Han Jin smiled, although Miss Keeley seemed abruptly and was impolite to this baron and even didn’t offer him a seat, Han Jin still kept his smile and politely asked: “May I sit down?” “Please sit down.

I was rude, please excuse me.

” Miss Keeley forced a smile:” I am sorry, but I am busy now, so whatever you here want to talk to me… …” “I know.

” still wearing his smile, Han Jin said directly: ” I heard Miss Keeley had ran into some trouble, aren’t you? I am here because I can help you to solve your trouble.

” “Oh … … Didn’t think my trouble would be spread so quickly.

” Miss Keeley’s eyes blinked.

She said expressionlessly: “May I ask what will you do to solve the problem? Seems that you are not a professional, right? I am obliged to tell you that Villar was not only a forging master, but also a high grade fighting dwarf.

” “Violence does not solve all the problems.

” Han Jin replied.

“I am a little bit confused, then you … …” “Mind.

” Han Jin said in a low voice: “dwarf’s mind is usually not very good, I can do something in this regard.

” “Mind? You mean you haven’t thought of a way yet?” Miss Keeley gave a helpless smile.

The old man sat by her snorted a hissing sound.

“To be frank, Miss Keeley, I know your position is very high, and you are a very knowledgeable lady.

” Han Jin continued without batting an eye.

His face calm and collected: “Villar is just a dwarf, does he really has the courage to propose to you? Too funny … … Well, even if he does, it must be directed by someone else, right?” Han Jin overturned all the information that Steelberg had provided after he saw this Miss Keeley on his own.

Even in the world he came from where female liberation was advocated, beautiful women would be plaything to the upper class, not to mention here?! Such a beautiful girl with both fortune and position like Miss Keeley, only millionaires or high-ranking officials would be qualified to propose to her.

A dwarf wanted to marry her? Such a nonsense! Unless he was out of his mind! Miss Keeley’s face suddenly turned cold: “Young master Raphael, are you really from Radon town?” She asked word by word.

“You can send someone to inquire about me.

Though my reputation is not very good, I do belong here.

” Miss Keeley looked at Han Jin quietly.

A moment later, her face eased: “Well, I don’t care what you will do to solve my problem, but I am interested in what do you want from me?” At last, Miss Keeley gave a sweet smile.

Han Jin held out two fingers.

“What do you mean?” “20 pieces of golden coin.

” Miss Keeley was dumbfounded for a moment.

She knew Han Jin does not charge her casually, 20 pieces of golden coin was right the price she offered to that big fellow.

The old man beside Miss Keeley stood up and walked outside the hall with quick steps, then came back with his eyes skewing at Han Jin, said in a tone of mock: “Young master Raphael, you really think you worth 20 pieces of golden coins?” Miss Keeley furrowed her eyebrows, while Steelberg, who had been kept silence since he came into this room, suddenly jumped out, screaming: “You farted! Apologize to my master immediately! ” “Trash! Who do you think you are talking to?!” The old man was irritated and intended to stride forward towards Steelberg.

“Shut up!” thundered almost simultaneously by Han Jin and Miss Keeley.

The two subordinates both stepped back with anger flushing their faces.

“Senior, it’s not the matter whether I deserve this 20 pieces of golden coins or not.

Instead, it’s about the trouble that Miss Keeley has got into.

If you don’t think Miss Keeley’s trouble worth such a price, then I would say nothing.

” Han Jin said coldly, his expression unchanged, as if he was not care about the old man’s impoliteness at all.

But no one could say if Han Jin had forgiven him true heartedly.

“Well, I believe you.

” Miss Keeley showed a conspiratorial smile and deliberately ignored the provocativeness in Han Jin’s words: “so, how many days do you need? To be honest, I can’t put all hopes on you.

” “One day.

” “One day?” Miss Keeley showed an amazed look, then smiled: “well! I’ll wait for your good news then.

” “Miss Keeley, in fact I’m penniless at present.

I need a certain amount of money to support my plan, so don’t you think you should pay me at least some deposit?” “Young master Raphael, you are embarrassing me this time.

” Miss Keeley said in a low voice: “I don’t know anything about you, if you take my money and … … ” “You fear I will run away?” Han Jin laughed straightforwardly, his eyes fell on that big fellow: “don’t you forget you have also employed this mighty mercenary.

You can order him to supervise me.

If I really run away, then you can claim compensation from him.

On the contrary, if I do work for you with all my efforts and successfully help you to get rid of the trouble, then you will still loss nothing.

” Hearing this, the big fellow was stunned, while Miss Keeley glanced around and saw all the changes of the big fellow’s face.

She nodded her head outright: “deal!”