Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 5

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 5

The Tarasha mountains were the highest and longest mountain ranges on mainland, stretching thousands of miles from east to west.

The mountain sat on the other side of the Cui River was the extension of the Tarasha mountains, thus its hills were not that high, and the woods in it were not very flourishing.

Only low grade holy animals would be occasionally found wandering there.

But over the mountain, holy animals could been seen here and there.

Hearing these, Han Jin was in high spirits as if he was going to hunt the holy animals right now.

Steelberg immediately regretted his introduction and begged Han Jin piteously not to take the risks.

He warned Han Jin repeatedly that only experienced mercenaries and powerful professionals had the chance to came out from there alive.

Han Jin was curious that from where his ignorant servant had got these information, but only to get himself speechless because all the information had been heard from a young bardlet, and Raphael had also been present at that time.

Thus he had to remind himself secretly and slight over Steelberg’s doubts by some unimportant sentences.

Fortunately, Steelberg had always obeyed the principles between master and servant and did not ask any more.

In fact, if Steelberg was a sophisticated guy, he would have doubt to Han Jin much earlier.

Who would changed so much in merely one night? For example, young master Raphael started to care about Steelberg’s diet and sleep, and cover some loose hays or even his own cloth on Steelberg’s body at night to keep him warm.

No matter how inconspicuous there motions were by, Steelberg would wake up immediately for that he had been used to be alert at night to ensure their safety.

Feeling the care from his young master, Steelberg shed tears secretly.

He didn’t suspect his young master at all, on the contrary, he was moved so much and thought all those he had done for his master were worthwhile.

Also, in Steelberg’s mind, his young master was a dainty youth that would never eat anything looks dirty even if he was starved to death.

But now even the ugly and disgusting hamsters and red snakes could not escape his mouth.

Though nothing comes amiss to Han Jin, his way of eating was very elegant, leisurely and attentively.

His eyes are clear and deep, as if he was tasting the most delicious food in the world.

In Steelberg’s memory, his young master had no such elegance even when his old master was alive.

Of course, Han Jin knew nothing about Steelberg’s thoughts.

He had sent his servant to the town to find more firewood.

Though he could endure the taste of different kinds of food, he could not endure the bloody smell of animals.

Moreover, his teacher had told him that different from energy absorbed through cooked food, though blood and flesh could also provide energy, it was hard to be transformed into congenital spirit.

And accumulate energy via eating raw animals would likely cause one to go off the track and fall into the situation of addicting to eating the spirit and physical body of human beings.

Han Jin scattered the burning twigs randomly and tore a rear leg from a roasted hamster, stuffing it into his mouth and chewing with all his attention.

He ate his food thoroughly, and by the word “thoroughly” it meant that everything contained energy, even the bones, would be chewed and swallowed.

With the food coming into his stomach, traces of energy converged into his diaphragm.

After several days of living in this woods, Han Jin finally accumulated over a hundred yuan energy, his confidence was restored a little bit.

Except to transform this body, Han Jin did not dare to waste any of his energy.

For example, though release some energy could prevent mosquito’s bites, he would never do that.

At this primitive stage of energy accumulation, he had no other choice but to be harsh and even cruel to himself.

Still there were two problems that bothered him, one was about the magic crystals.

He planned to hunt holy animals after regaining some of his energy and to strengthen himself by swallowing magic crystals.

But now he found it was not highly cost effective.

For example, a magic crystal from the long-ear rabbit contained ten odd energy, if it was exchanged for bread, the bread might provide much more energy.

The other problem, after several days of transformation, his digest and absorption capacity has reached seventy percent, if he continued his transformation, the energy needed would be much more than before.

But if he paused, the absorption capacity of seventy percent would cause unnecessary waste.

Moreover, the rehabilitating work would also be troublesome, after all, he was eating all the day, and such a dilemma could only be resolved by increasing the absorption capacity to over ninety five percent.

Han Jin faintly felt that he had missed something, may be a key point, but what on earth it was, he couldn’t figure out.




While Han Jin was still thinking, streaming voice rang in the forest.

Steelberg came out with a bag on his back.

“You come back so fast?” Han Jin raised his head and asked: “The firewood?” “Got it”.

Steelberg thud the bag on the ground and replied with excitement.

“Didn’t the old fart say anything?” Han Jin snorted.

The old fart he referred to was Barbato, his former butler, who had broken off with Raphael after Raphael sold all lands and the manor.

This old thing purchased a house himself and married a widow aged 25 while himself was already sixty years old.

His life was cozy and abundant, but no one knew where did his money come from.

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COM Though he had broken off with Rapheal, Barato couldn’t change his past, nor did he want to be discussed by others, so he would occasionally give Raphael and Steelberg some old cloth and coins as financial help, of course, just occasionally.

As for eating and living in his house, that would be a kick in Raphael and Steelberg’s gallop.

“No, he didn’t, it seemed that the old thing was in a hurry.

” Steelberg cast a glance at Han Jin with hesitation in his eyes, then murmured: “Young master, there is one thing I must tell you, but promise me you’ll keep calm after hearing what I said.

” “Huh? What’s that?” “It is Miss Keeley, seems that she is in big trouble.

” Han Jin was just about to ask who was this Miss Keeley when he suddenly thought of his lessons these days, he quickly changed his words into: “what trouble?” “Young master, do you remember the dwarf forging master Miss Keeley hired?” Steelberg said angrily:” he should dare to propose to Miss Keeley, a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh!” Han Jin searched the memories he had received, which were confused and incomplete, and that Miss Keeley was definitely not among them.

But since Steelberg got so raged, she must had some intimate relationship with Raphael.

So he asked tentatively: “And then?” “How would Miss Keeley promise him? Then that dwarf opened a forging shop by himself on the opposite side of Miss Keeley’s.

Wasn’t he doing this deliberately, young master?” Han Jin recalled his memories for a moment, still couldn’t remember who Miss Keeley was.

He had to said with a wry smile: “Steelberg, tell me more … … about Miss Keeley.

” “Young master, you even forget Miss Keeley?” Steelberg asked surprised.

“Not quite, I remember something about her.

It’s just too vague.

” Han Jin’s words full of contradictions.

“Young master, you used to tell me that you would rather shortened you life only if you could marry Miss Keeley, don’t you remember? How could you forget her??” Steelberg shook his head:” Miss Keeley… …I heard she was also famous in even the Holy Crown City.

” “The Holy Crown City?” “That is the territory of Lord Dismark, and the main city.

” “Oh, I just remembered.

” Han Jin pretended he had recalled everything and then asked again: ” However, why did Miss Keeley came to Radon Town?” “Eh… … I don’t know that either.

” this said, Steelberg scratched his head.

“What does Miss Keeley do?” “She runs some businesses.

” “Then she must be very rich.

” Han Jin thought for a moment: “Why don’t she hire another forging master? Rich she is, will she fear the trouble a dwarf brought to her? And does a shop in Radon Town earn a lot that she has to compete with the dwarf?” “Eh…Young master you stumped me.

” Steelberg was speechless by such long questions, he scratched his head with a wry smile on his face.

“Never mind.

” realizing that Miss Keeley was nobody but just psychosexuality target of Raphael, Han Jin changed the topic and gazed his eyes at the bag Steelberg had brought back: “what is it?” “Cassavas, young master.

I dug them on the way.

” Seeing Han Jin’s reaction, Steelberg was dumbfounded again, he had thought his young master would jump to his feet and eager to have a confrontation with the dwarf.

“Good, I have been tired of hamsters.

” a joyful look on Han Jin’s face.

At this moment, he would rather choose a piece of cassava than ten beautiful Miss Keeleys.

” Han Jin turned the bag upside down, dozens of cassavas rolled onto the ground.

A familiar scene came to his mind all of a sudden.

The beads rolling down on the ground the day Han Jin first came to this world were exactly the same like these cassavas.

The next moment, Han Jin jumped up and shouted: ” you’re such a fool! ” Hearing this, Steelberg was frightened, looked at Han Jin as mum as a mouse.

“I’m not saying you, I mean myself is a fool!” Han Jin sighed.

He found his original idea was so childish.

How many magic crystals could he get by hunting monsters himself.

Since everything in this world could be exchanged by something else, why didn’t he earn more money and buy some? If so, the problem that troubled him would also be resolved.

As long as he got money, he could obtain energy as much as he like.