Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 40

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Cripple One of Your Arms! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “Our Liu family wanted to invite you but you don’t want to come?” This martial artist of the Liu family showed some anger on his face.

In the entire Taichu Base, the Liu family was also a well-known big family.

Now, they came to invite a young man but this young man still didn’t give them face.

This was something that the martial artists of the Liu family couldn’t accept.

“I advise you to think about it.

This is our Liu family’s invitation.

” The Liu family martial artist said with a serious face.

In his opinion, the Liu family was high and mighty.

To be able to offer an olive branch to an elite martial artist was already a great gift.

“Don’t be ungrateful!” After hearing it, Su Chen smiled.

The times had really changed.

A small martial artist actually dared to say that he was ungrateful.




Su Chen waved his right hand lightly and a very powerful pressure came from his body.

His cultivation was trained through life and death training.

He had gone from an ordinary person without any cultivation talent to the hand given today.

It was unknown how much fierce beast’s blood had been drained.

A cold murderous aura spread out from Su Chen’s body and instantly locked onto the Liu family martial artist in front of him.

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COM Sensing danger, the Liu family martial artist took two steps back and shouted in fear.

“This is the Taichu Base.

Killing is illegal.

You don’t dare to kill me!” Su Chen walked to his side with a cold smile.

He reached out his hands and grabbed one of the martial artist’s arms.

With a crisp sound, the martial artist’s arm was broken by Su Chen.

“This is the price you have to pay for being disrespectful to me!” Looking at the Liu family martial artist kneeling on the ground due to the intense pain, Su Chen’s face didn’t have the slightest bit of pity.

This guy totally deserved it.

Their entire Liu family, to come to this point, also totally deserved it.

The Liu family martial artist’s arm in front of him was already crippled.

A martial artist with a crippled arm—his talent and combat ability were greatly reduced.

Although there were some very rare treasures that could help a person’s arm regenerate, the higher-ups of the Liu family would not waste such treasures on a useless person.

It could be said that the guy in front of him was already a useless person.

Su Chen said in a stern voice.

The Liu family martial artist immediately rolled and crawled away.

Seeing the Liu family martial artist leave, Su Chen closed the door.

He had a feeling that something was going to happen.

He had to be more careful.

The martial artist of the Liu family crawled to Liu En, who was also Liu Mubai’s father.

The Liu brothers were not very talented in cultivation.

Liu En’s talent in cultivation was only at the elementary level.

He had relied on a large number of resources in the family to become an elite martial artist.

However, as the sixth elder of the family, Liu En still had a lot of authority.

After all, his father was the patriarch of the Liu family, so his position in the family was very high.

“Sixth Elder, this guy is too impudent!” The Liu family martial artist cried and cried as he knelt in front of the hall.

One of his arms was broken and he no longer looked human.

All these years of cultivation had become meaningless.

Now, he had become a complete cripple.

Liu En frowned and asked.

The martial artists of the Liu family cried and told him everything that had happened.

They portrayed themselves as a pitiful and innocent person.

They described how cold and heartless this Su Chen was, how he looked down on the Liu family, and how he had broken one of his arms without reason.

“I got it.

Leave me.

” Liu En waved his hand and the guards beside him took the Liu family martial artists away.

Liu En also didn’t mention anything about the treatment of the arms.

The medicine for the treatment of the arms was very precious.

Of course, it wouldn’t be given to this kind of trash.

Liu En took a deep breath in anger.

He couldn’t even do such a small thing well, which filled Liu En’s heart with anger.

Of course, Liu En knew the character of his family’s martial artists very well.

He could only believe half of what the martial artists said.

It was probably because his family’s martial artists weren’t polite, which caused Su Chen to attack out of anger.

However, there was one thing that Liu en could be sure of, which was that Su Chen absolutely refused their Liu family’s invitation.

Liu En sighed.

Not long ago, their Liu family had also become like this.

When they participated in the fierce beast elimination plan, their Liu family progenitor was injured by a high-level power ant and his strength was greatly reduced.

Their Liu family patriarch, who was also Liu En’s big brother, was also heavily injured by the power ant.

He now didn’t have much time left.

The entire Liu family’s vitality was greatly damaged.

Otherwise, there was no need to ask an elite martial artist to join their Liu family.

“But this Su Chen…” Liu En clenched his fists, the veins on his arms bulging.

“A seventeen-year-old elite martial artist with high cultivation talent.

If nothing unexpected happens, he will definitely become a great martial artist in the future.

” “If such a genius can join our Liu family and give him a large number of cultivation resources, in the next few decades, our Liu family will have nothing to worry about.

” Right now, their Liu family’s situation was too dangerous.

Who knew how many families in this Taichu Base were enemies with them? Their Liu family’s strength had suffered a great loss.

It was very likely that they would be trampled under the feet of these families and face a catastrophe.

Thinking of this, Liu En went to the Liu family’s patriarch’s room.

He wanted to discuss what method he could use to get Su Chen to join the Liu family.