Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 41

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Invitation Failed! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “The invitation to Su Chen was unsuccessful?” The Liu clan leader, who was also Liu En’s eldest brother, Liu Qing, asked.

At this moment, he was lying on the bed and his aura was already very weak.

When he was fighting with the power ants, he was besieged by two mid-level power ants and he took a heavy blow from one of them.

This was a devastating blow to his body.

It directly broke all the meridians in his body.

It seemed that he couldn’t live much longer.

The situation of the Liu family’s forefather wasn’t much better than him.

He could live for three to five years at most.

Moreover, his strength had dropped from a great martial artist to the peak of an elite martial artist.

Although he wasn’t weak, the entire Liu family became very dangerous without a great martial artist.

If those hostile forces fought with them now, the entire Liu family could be destroyed.

No matter what, they were a big family with 50 years of history.

They had to find a way to continue.




“Liu Yuan messed up?” “That’s right.

” Liu Mo nodded.

Liu Yuan was the name of the martial artist of the Liu family.

“Ah, he’s too impatient and doesn’t know how to respect people.

” Liu Qing sighed and said.

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COM “Should we contact the Ye family? As long as the Ye family punishes him, this Su Chen Won’t be able to survive in the Taichu Base.

” Liu En suggested in a low voice.

Liu Qing looked at his younger brother from the corner of his eyes.

“Such a genius, you want to hand him over to the Ye family.

Su Chen was a high-level cultivation talent, and he would definitely become a great martial artist in the future.

Even the Ye family lacked such a genius.

Although Su Chen rejected the Liu family’s invitation, the Ye family will not offend such a genius just because of us.

” Liu Qing was silent for a moment before he slowly opened his mouth and said, “In that case, there is only one way.

” He struggled to get up from the bed.

If it was an ordinary person who suffered such a serious injury, they would definitely not be able to survive.

However, he was still an elite martial artist, so he could still move around like an ordinary person.

He walked to the bookcase, pulled open a secret door, and walked into a secret room.

After about two minutes, Liu Qing took out a small emerald bottle from it.

“In this fierce beast cleaning plan, that big base rewarded us with a medicine that can erase his intelligence.

As long as Su Chen takes it, it will make him lose his memory and then we can take him into the Liu family to slowly cultivate him.

” Liu Qing handed the small bottle to Liu En.

He was also in charge of this matter.

In order to ensure the absolute success of the mission, Liu Mo chose ten elite martial artists.

Moreover, these people were all powerful existences among the elite martial artists.

Among them, three people had awakened their special talent.

One had the talent of a fist technique.

These three people were very strong and were the best among the younger generation of the Liu family.

Liu Mo gave this bottle of poison to the Liu family martial artists with the talent of poison.

With his talent of poison, he could control this bottle of poison better and make the poison take effect faster.

Such a team could even fight against an elite martial artist at the peak.

According to the information the Liu family had, it shouldn’t be a problem for Su Chen to become an elite martial artist in less than half a year.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know.

What kind of monster they were going to face.

The central garden of the Taichu Base.

There were many small villas here.

Each family had its own garden.

For example, Su Chen had planted some flowers and plants in the yard and set up a recliner.

When he had nothing to do, he would come back to bask in the sun.

Ten pitch-black figures landed in the central garden.

They surrounded Su Chen’s family’s villa.

The leader of the Liu family’s team was Liu Mo’s younger brother, the eighth elder of the family, Liu Sheng.

His cultivation talent was much better than Liu Mo.

He was already a mid-level elite martial artist but he was still young, so his position in the family wasn’t high.

“According to the information we have, there are two people in Su Chen’s family.

One is himself and the other is his sister, Su Han.

” “It will be difficult to attack Su Chen directly.

We don’t know if he has any special talent.

Therefore, our strategy is to kidnap his sister Su Han first.

As long as we can control her and make her our hostage, we can force Su Chen to drink the poison.

” Then, they entered the courtyard with a swoosh.

All of them were elite martial artists and they were very agile.

Soon, they sneaked into Su Chen’s house through the window.

“Something’s wrong!” The elite martial artist who was talented in fist arts said in a low voice.

He looked at Liu Sheng with a pale face.

“There’s no one at home!” “Su Chen and Su Han are not at home.

” Before they could react, a tall figure suddenly appeared in the corridor.

“Who said I’m not at home?” It was Su Chen and he looked at the people in front of him coldly.

He was sleeping just now but his hearing was very sharp.

The few people sneaked into the courtyard and opened the window.

Su Chen heard all of them.

He used his duplication talent to scan the people around him and what talent they had.

He knew all of them clearly.