Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 38

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Talent Fusion! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL The power ant’s speed was very fast and was about the same as an ordinary elite martial artist.

Most importantly, they could track the scent on the ground.

At this moment, after two hours of traveling, the essence energy in Su Chen’s body had been completely exhausted.

He took out a bottle of recovery medicine from his pocket and drank it all in one gulp.

Only then did Su Chen feel that his physical strength had recovered a little.

After Su Chen had recovered, he led everyone out of the valley.

After learning that Su Chen was an elite martial artist, he had unknowingly taken on the role of the team leader.

In the entire team, no one would deny Su Chen’s decision.

After all, if it wasn’t for Su Chen, they would have already died at the mouths of the flame lizards.




They didn’t encounter any danger along the way.

All the powerful fierce beasts were carefully avoided by them.

In the end, they returned to the Taichu Base safely.

After they parted ways, Su Chen rushed back home.

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COM Su Han was in school and there was no one at home.

Therefore, the first thing Su Chen did when he returned home was to integrate his talent.

Today’s experience gave him a strong sense of crisis.

While his strength was increasing rapidly, he had encountered such a life-threatening situation.

From this, one could see how terrifying the wilderness was.

“It seems that I still need to improve my strength.

” Su Chen sighed.

In Taichu Base, his strength was not weak but it was still far from enough.

A wave of intense pain spread through every strand of Su Chen’s muscles.

The intense pain caused Su Chen’s face to contort.

This was even more painful than any talent fusion he had done before.

Because today’s fusion was to increase his strength.

If he wanted to obtain even greater strength, he had to pay a price.

For example, the pain before his eyes was unavoidable.

The intense pain hit him.

Su Chen lay on the bed in the bedroom.

He gritted his teeth and curled his body into a ball.

Even his consciousness started to lose focus as if he could faint at any time.

However, Su Chen was still struggling.

He would rather suffer such pain every day than die in the mouth of a ferocious beast one day.

The only thing that was gratifying was that Su Chen could clearly feel that the power in his body was increasing.

After fusing with his talent for ten minutes, the pain gradually disappeared.

Su Chen slowly opened his eyes and checked the condition of his talent.

Cultivation Talent: Advanced Shadow Talent: Elementary Strength Talent: Advanced Su Chen clenched his fists.

He could feel that his body contained a terrifying explosive power.

It was as if every punch he threw could blow up a building.

Su Chen found a huge stone block and tried to lift it.

He could actually lift a huge stone weighing ten thousand pounds easily.

In his hands, it was ridiculously light.

Su Chen was a little shocked.

“Before, my strength was about thirty thousand pounds.

But after I fused with a high-level strength talent, my strength now is a full three hundred thousand pounds!” This kind of increase caused Su Chen to feel shocked.

A high-grade strength talent actually allowed his strength to directly increase by 10 times! If added with the increase in origin energy strength, his strength should be able to reach 500,000 jin.

This was a terrifying number! After all, the peak strength of an elite martial artist was only 100,000 jin.

In other words, Su Chen’s current strength had already surpassed his realm.

Including some great martial artists, if their strength hadn’t been completely stabilized, their physical strength was only 110,000 to 120,000 jin.

Compared to the current Su Chen, they were still far from it.

He finally understood why the great martial artists like Elder Zhang wanted to escape when facing high-level power ants.

Because the difference in strength was ten times too terrifying.

It had already reached the level of crushing.

Even a great martial artist wouldn’t be able to fight back under such terrifying strength.

For example, Su Chen himself.

Although he hadn’t become an elite martial artist for long, after fusing with a high-level strength talent, he was already able to fight against a great martial artist.

However, the great martial artist’s speed was far above his.

If he wanted to escape, Su Chen still couldn’t stop him.

Su Chen clenched his fist and felt the abundant strength in his body.

He revealed a trace of a smile.

If he were to cultivate the Shadowless Blade to the next level and combine it with his current terrifying strength, he might be able to injure a peak great martial artist.

He now had a total of four special talents.

He could completely cross realms to fight! The gap in realm could be made up by other means.

Moreover, he also had a top-tier healing talent.

Unless he was killed in one strike, he could quickly heal.

It could be said that there were not many great martial artists who could kill him.

“What I lack now is a high-level blade technique.

” Su Chen thought for a moment.

He had already cultivated many aspects to the extreme.

It was very difficult for him to advance further.

However, a profound saber technique could allow his strength to increase rapidly.

Unfortunately, the Taichu Base was a small base, and many cultivation techniques and secret manuals were not available.

He hoped that after opening up the trade channel with the mid-sized base, the situation would improve.

Otherwise, he would only have a chance to obtain good secret manuals when he went out to train in the future.