Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 37

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 37

Chapter 37: High-level Power Ant! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL As time passed, Su Chen felt that something was wrong.

Among the power ants that had appeared, none of them seemed to be the leader.

Normally, there would be a leader among the ants.

And currently, although there were many mid-level fierce beast ants in the nest, their strength was about the same.

There was a high possibility that there was something stronger! Su Chen frowned, feeling he was in danger for a slight bit.

Hopefully, this stronger ant was not a high-level ferocious beast, or else it would be troublesome.

After fighting with the power ants for three minutes, the humans gradually gained the upper hand.

“Something’s wrong!” .



The strongest person from the mid-level base, Elder Zhang, suddenly felt alert.

He looked at the hole created by the magic explosion ball and his expression immediately changed.

“There’s a high-grade power ant, run!” When everyone heard this, their expressions changed.

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COM A high-grade vicious beast was equivalent to a great martial artist of the human race.

Logically speaking, the human race had several great martial artists here, so they shouldn’t be afraid of high-grade vicious beasts.

However, the power ant was different.

After possessing a high-grade strength talent, it had undergone a qualitative leap.

After receiving the boost from a high-grade strength talent, the strength of the power ant was already close to that of a grandmaster.

Even a powerful great martial artist like Elder Zhang wouldn’t be a match for a high-grade vicious beast.

This was because the difference in strength was too great.

A casual attack from the power ant had already reached the peak of a high-grade vicious beast.

It was able to heavily injure a great martial artist with one strike or even directly kill them.

Su Chen scanned his surroundings and immediately decided to escape.

There was no point in staying here.

It was too difficult for them to deal with the high-level fierce beast in front of them.

If they stayed, there was a very high chance of dying here.

Su Chen immediately activated his speed talent, increasing his speed by three times.

Su Chen was originally an elite martial artist.

Under the three times increase in speed, his speed directly soared to the peak of an elite martial artist.

Su Chen’s body turned into a series of afterimages.

His speed was a few times faster than everyone around him.

A loud sound came from underground.

The hole created by the magic explosion ball had doubled in size compared to before.

An enormous power ant that was nearly twenty meters tall crawled out.

The carapace on his body had already started to glow with a golden color.

Su Chen’s pupils suddenly contracted.

The carapace was glowing with gold.

This was the manifestation of a high-level fierce beast evolving into a great fierce beast.

This high-level power ant had already surpassed what they could handle.

The golden power ant took a step forward, causing the ground to suddenly tremble.

The power ant’s spiritual power spread out and a terrifying pressure instantly enveloped the entire area.

Su Chen felt that the surrounding air instantly became thick and heavy.

His movement became difficult.

His body became heavier and his speed, which had just soared to the limit, also slowed down at this time.

As if he had fallen into a swamp.

This golden power ant didn’t even attack.

Just the pressure from its body was enough to make elite martial artists like them unable to move, not to mention those ordinary martial artists.

Two figures ran past Su Chen at high speed.

They were two great martial artists.

Great martial artists and golden power ants were on the same level, so they weren’t affected by this pressure.

Each of them was faster than Su Chen, who was three times faster, and soon disappeared from Su Chen’s sight.

“These old foxes!” Su Chen cursed in his heart, “After encountering danger, they run faster than anyone else.

” Sure enough, when the golden power ant appeared.

The most powerful Elder Zhang had already started to run away.

Even if he was an outstanding high-rank martial artist, if he didn’t have any special methods, he would definitely die in front of the high-level power ant.

Su Chen took a deep breath and calmed his heart.

Su Chen recalled the profound meaning of the blade force that he had grasped and treated himself as a sharp blade.

Using himself as the blade energy! Breaking the shackles of space! Su Chen felt that the pressure around him was instantly removed and his body also regained control.

Returning to three times his speed, Su Chen dashed toward the forest in the distance.

While escaping, Su Chen used the corner of his eye to look behind him.

Those ordinary martial artists were directly frozen on the spot, unable to move.

They were directly crushed by the power ants that were fighting with them.

The elite martial artists seemed to have fallen into a quagmire, their speed much slower than before.

Being besieged by the ants, many elite martial artists lost their lives very quickly.

“I didn’t expect that so many elite martial artists would lose their lives in this mission.

” Su Chen sighed in his heart.

However, his footsteps were not affected at all.

Soon, he was far away from this chaotic place.

Su Chen ran for a very, very long time in one breath.

More than ten kilometers away, Su Chen ran back to the place where he had killed the flame lizard in one breath and regrouped with Wind Dragon and the others.

Seeing Su Chen’s face full of panic and sweating profusely, Wind Dragon asked curiously.

“Something big happened.

” Su Chen found a big rock and sat on it to rest.

“We need to hurry back to the base.

High-level power ants have appeared in the nest of the power ants.

Even the great martial artists in the middle-level base have escaped.

We need to retreat as soon as possible.

” After hearing these words, Wind Dragon and the others were also shocked.

After taking the spoils of war from hunting fierce beasts, everyone prepared to leave this place.