Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 36

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Power Ants Appear! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Looking at the terrifying explosion caused by the magic explosion ball.

Su Chen swallowed his saliva.

This power was quite shocking! It was comparable to the missiles in his previous life.

If it was detonated in the Taichu Base, it could probably destroy an entire street.

He didn’t expect that this world also had such a terrifying weapon.

“The power ants shouldn’t have all died, right?”Su Chen looked nervously at the entrance of the cave.

If the power ants inside were all killed by the magic explosion ball, then he wouldn’t be able to get the whole body.

Wouldn’t this trip be in vain? While everyone was looking at the entrance of the cave.

Elder Zhang suddenly pulled out a green longsword from his waist and shouted, “Be careful!” “There are still many power ants that aren’t dead.

Get ready for battle!” .



A few seconds after he finished speaking, several figures crawled out from the hole.

They were all power ants! In this big hole, many power ants were directly killed by the magic explosion ball but there were still many that were only injured or unharmed.

At this moment, they continued to crawl out from the hole.

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COM The appearance of the power ants was similar to that of the ordinary ants in their previous lives, only that they were many times larger.

Although they were low-level fierce beasts, their strength was extremely terrifying.

Astonishing speed, hard armor, and terrifying strength! Even martial artists would find it hard to deal with one.

Fortunately, they still had many elite martial artists and great martial artists.

Soon, a battle broke out.

Although it was not easy for elite martial artists to face the power ants, they could still kill them after fighting for a while.

Great martial artists were much simpler.

With a casual punch, the terrifying power directly crushed seven or eight power ants into pieces.

With a light sword, the power ants that touched the sword qi were directly broken into two halves.

To a great martial artist, these low-level fierce beasts were too weak.

They could be easily killed.

While fighting, Su Chen was distracted and looked at Elder Zhang.

His pupils suddenly shrank.

Elder Zhang’s fighting strength was too fierce! Elder Zhang’s green treasured sword slashed out, and the shadow of a large sword descended from the sky.

It was about twenty meters long and it heavily fell to the ground.

It slashed out a long chasm.

Within the range of the chasm, all the power ants were directly crushed.

This sword had killed about 30 to 40 power ants.

Su Chen turned his head to look at the power ants that were fighting with him and only then did he feel the huge difference in strength.

Although he was stronger than the low-level power ants, it would still take some effort to kill them.

Su Chen focused his attention on the power ant in front of him.

Their information immediately appeared in his mind.

[Ferocious Beast: Power Ant] [Bloodline Talent: Elementary] [Strength Talent: Advanced] As he had expected, the power ant’s strength talent was very good.

It seemed that this trip was not in vain.

“Since Elder Zhang is so strong, there shouldn’t be any problems with this mission, right?” Just as Su Chen was thinking this, he heard a loud noise.

From the hole, more than ten exceptionally huge power ants crawled out.

Ordinary power ants were about one meter long.

And these huge power ants were seven to eight meters long.

Every joint on its body, even its antennae, looked very thick and strong.

Every step they took caused the ground to tremble.

They hadn’t even fought yet.

Just a glance was enough to tell how powerful they were.

“These are… mid-grade power ants!” Su Chen’s eyes widened.

He hadn’t expected that there would be mid-grade power ants in this cave and there were quite a few of them.

Mid-grade power ants with strength talents weren’t something an average mid-grade beast could compare to.

Compared to the fire-breathing lizard, it was many times stronger.

Even the fire-breathing lizard was very troublesome for Su Chen to deal with.

He had used his top-level healing talent to exhaust the mid-level fire-breathing lizard king to death, not to mention the power ant in front of him.

Even if it was a one-on-one fight, Su Chen reckoned that he was not a match for it.

Among the elite martial artists, perhaps only the strong ones had the chance.

Even a great martial artist would not have an easy time dealing with these intermediate power ants.

Su Chen quickly scanned them with his duplication talent and found that these intermediate power ants had the same talent as ordinary power ants.

Therefore, it was safer to clone ordinary power ants.

While fighting with the power ants, Su Chen suddenly rushed to the front, reached out and touched their carapace, and completed the cloning.

The high-level strength talent had already been obtained.

However, the current situation was chaotic and was not suitable for fusion.

The addition of the mid-level power ants caused the battle to fall into chaos for a moment.

But very quickly, the great martial artists on the human side reacted and unleashed their ultimate strength.

Each great martial artist was able to suppress a mid-level power ant to fight.

Although it was not easy to kill the mid-level power ants, there was still a realm of difference after all.

These power ants were not a match for the great martial artists no matter what.

The strongest, Elder Zhang, was now using his peak combat strength.

The power on his body far surpassed that of the other great martial artists.

He was able to hold off a total of six intermediate power ants by himself.

Moreover, in less than a minute, he had killed one of them.

Su Chen saw everything that had happened in the battle and estimated in his heart.

Now, the humans had maintained the upper hand.

As long as they continued, they should be able to wipe out all the power ants in about half an hour.