Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 19

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Hunting in the Wild! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL In the following period of time, Su Chen hid at home to practice his blade technique and body tempering technique.

Since he wasn’t going out anyway, the matter of Liu Mubai’s death had nothing to do with him.

However, Liu Mubai’s death caused the Liu family to go crazy.

They mobilized all the forces in the family to search for useful clues and the whereabouts of the Shadow Assassin.

There were also many times when they fought with other big clans and many of them even lost their lives.

In the end, it was the biggest clan of Taichu Base that took action to settle the matter.

Ten days had passed but they still hadn’t found the whereabouts of the Shadow Assassin.

The Liu family guessed that this Shadow Assassin must have used the money to escape.

Perhaps he had already left Taichu Base.

Although the bounty hadn’t been removed, the Liu family no longer had high hopes.




At this time, Su Chen had already decided to leave the Taichu Base and go out to search for the murderer.

In order to quickly increase his strength, he needed enough fierce beast blood.

Even if he had reached the level of a martial artist, he still needed a large amount of fierce beast blood.

Therefore, the only way was to leave the base and go out into the wild.

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COM Once he went into the wild, he would not be able to return for a short period of time.

Therefore, Su Chen made up a reason and told his sister that the academy was going to take him for closed-door cultivation.

It was not certain when he would return.

Su Chen brought two blades and the black tanto.

This short black blade could only be used when no one was around.

Once it was reported, it would be troublesome to say that he had the Shadow Assassin’s weapon in his hands.

After everything was prepared, Su Chen left the base.

A group of soldiers were patrolling.

The soldiers were all martial apprentices and the captain of the patrol team was a martial artist.

They were in charge of the security at the city gate, as well as dealing with the attacks of fierce beasts.

If they could become soldiers, they would receive a considerable amount of subsidies every year.

But the risk was also very high.

Every year, a large number of soldiers would die, all of them killed by fierce beasts.

After Su Chen left the city gate, a soldier looked at his back and sighed.

“He looks like he’s only in his teens, yet he wants to go out on his own.

These kids are too childish.

” According to his estimation, this kid would not live for more than a day.

He thought of Su Chen as the kind of martial apprentice who risked his life to earn money.

There were many people like this in the Taichu Base.

If they wanted to search for the murderer’s body in the wild, they could make tens of thousands of yuan if they found it.

Of course, most of these desperate people who took advantage of the situation died.

A certain area outside the Taichu Base was relatively safe.

The fierce beasts here had been killed by the martial artists.

Therefore, Su Chen could only go to a distant place.

The place he was going to was called the Blackthorn Forest.

A hundred years ago, the Blackthorn Forest was just an ordinary small forest.

However, after the Earth began to undergo great changes, this place became an incomparably huge forest.

There was a strange tree growing there called the blackthorn tree.

The blackthorn tree was over a hundred meters tall, reaching straight to the clouds.

Its entire body was covered with sharp little thorns.

There were fierce beasts everywhere in the Blackthorn Forest.

It was very dangerous.

“It’s said that there are high-level fierce beasts in the depths of the Blackthorn Forest.

I wonder if it’s true?” While Su Chen was hurrying on his way, he looked at the treasure illustrated handbook that he had bought last time.

It had some descriptions of the terrain near the Taichu Base.

High-level fierce beasts were existences that only great warriors could deal with.

Even elite warriors could only run for their lives when they saw them.

Of course, this kind of thing had nothing to do with Su Chen.

He just wanted to kill some weak fierce beasts at the outermost part of the Blackthorn Forest.

“Steel-armored lizard?” Su Chen saw a three-meter-long giant lizard not far away.

Its entire body was covered in incomparably hard armor, like steel.

The strength of the steel-armored lizard was not something the great green leaf python could compare to.

The strength and defense of this kind of lizard was very terrifying.

Under normal circumstances, even a martial artist would not be able to deal with it.

Su Chen activated his speed talent.

At an extremely fast speed, he charged towards the steel-armored lizard.

Su Chen felt as if the blade in his hand had hit an iron plate.

There was only a small mark on the back of the steel-armored lizard and its defense was not broken at all.

Su Chen scratched his head helplessly.

His strength was only about 800 jin and he was not even a martial artist yet, so he could not hurt the steel-armored lizard at all.

Su Chen took out the black tanto again.

The material of this weapon was much better.

After he attacked, he could barely break the scales of the steel-armored lizard.

Su Chen’s attacks became dazzling and he launched high-frequency attacks at the steel-armored lizard.

The steel lizard was enraged.

In its eyes, a human was just a little bug that kept harassing it.

The steel lizard wanted to kill Su Chen but its speed was too slow compared to Su Chen’s, so it couldn’t touch him at all.

Su Chen attacked for five minutes.

Countless small wounds were created on the steel lizard’s body and, in the end, the steel lizard fell to the ground because it was bleeding too much.

Su Chen was panting heavily.

This series of attacks was also a huge drain on his stamina.

Taking out the specially prepared canteen, Su Chen collected ten portions of fierce beast blood in one go.

This was the limit that he could carry.

After collecting all these, Su Chen continued to advance.

After about half a day’s time, Su Chen finally arrived near the Blackthorn Forest.

After arriving here, the number of ferocious beasts had obviously increased.

There were even groups of ferocious beasts, which were exceptionally dangerous.

When he encountered groups of murderers, Su Chen could only use his shadow talent to hide.

If he was discovered, he would definitely die.