Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 18

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Liu family’s Rage! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL After leaving the shadows, Su Chen sped up and rushed into Liu Mubai’s room.

Liu Mubai was stunned when he saw Su Chen.

Then, his gaze landed on the black tanto in Su Chen’s hand.

“You killed the Shadow Assassin?” He finally understood why the shadow assassin had disappeared for three days.

It turned out that this guy had already died at the hands of Su Chen! “You’re not a martial artist yet, right?” Liu Mubai sneered.

The difference between a martial apprentice and a martial artist was very big.

Su Chen might be able to kill Xiao Xuan and Li Zheng with some methods but it was absolutely impossible to kill him.

“There’s still one minute left.

The experts of our clan are about to arrive.

You’re dead for sure!” “One minute?” Su Chen smiled.




“You’ll be dead in ten seconds.

” The black blade in Su Chen’s hand suddenly stabbed at Liu Mubai at an astonishing speed.

Liu Mubai was a genius from the First Academy of the city.

He had undergone a lot of professional training, so his reaction speed was very fast.

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COM Just now, when he was hiding in the room, he had picked up the sword on the ground to protect himself.

Now, he held the long sword in front of him, trying to block Su Chen’s attack.

But he still underestimated Su Chen.

The speed of the Shadowless Blade was far beyond his imagination.

Liu Mubai’s right arm was directly cut off.

Before the useless arm fell to the ground, Su Chen’s second slash was launched! This slash was aimed directly at Liu Mubai’s throat! Liu Mubai roared angrily but he could no longer dodge.

His entire head flew up high and crashed heavily onto the ground.

After confirming that he had killed Liu Mubai, Su Chen didn’t even have the time to look for the things on his body.

He immediately started to run.

This was Liu Mubai’s family.

Su Chen was sure that they definitely had a great warrior in their family! On the surface, there were only a few great warriors in the entire Taichu Base.

However, as Su Chen’s understanding of warriors deepened, he realized that there were many geniuses with intermediate cultivation talent every year.

It was impossible for there to be so few great warriors! Great martial artists were a force’s trump card.

Therefore, they would usually hide it very deeply.

He had the shadow talent.

Elite martial artists might not be able to find him, but great martial artists definitely could! With a sweep of his spiritual power, he would have nowhere to hide.

Su Chen was on tenterhooks all the way but he still escaped from the Liu family.

Just as he left, Liu Mubai’s body was already discovered.

The room he was staying in was filled with many important figures of the Liu family, all of whom were well-known figures in the Taichu Base.

A woman saw Liu Mubai’s body and cried until she fainted.

A middle-aged man walked over.

When he saw his son’s body, he immediately flew into a rage.

His aura instantly exploded and everyone around him retreated.

This was an elite warrior, and he was almost at the late-stage of the elite level.

He was Liu Mubai’s father, Liu En! He was also the sixth elder of the family.

“Sixth Elder, calm down.

” An elder beside him gently patted his shoulder.

“This is my son.

Liu Mubai’s talent has reached the intermediate level and he’s a true genius! I only have elementary talent, and I spent countless resources to reach my current strength.

And my son had a chance to become a great warrior, but now he’s dead! And he died at home!” At this moment, an even more powerful aura came from afar.

It was an old man with white hair and beard.

When he appeared, everyone lowered their heads.

Even Liu En calmed down a little and fell into silence.

This was the great warrior of their Liu family! “Patriarch, Liu Mubai is dead!” “I know.

” Patriarch nodded.

He was also very angry about this matter.

The murderer dared to intrude into the family and kill people, which meant that they didn’t put him in their eyes.

“Li Zheng was stabbed to death with one blade, and Liu Mobai was killed by two moves in the room.

” Patriarch frowned.

“This murderer’s strength should be at the early or middle stage of the warrior realm and they are good at using knives.

Moreover, they were able to intrude into our Liu family without being discovered by anyone.

This means that this person has very strong concealment methods.

” “It’s the Shadow Assassin!” “That’s right.

” The forefather nodded.

It was very likely that the Shadow Assassin had received a mission.

Someone had paid him a lot of money to kill Liu Mubai.

“He actually dared to attack our Liu family!” Liu Mo was furious to the extreme.

In the entire absolute beginning base, the Liu family was also a well-known top force.

Someone actually attacked the younger generation of their family.

It must be to prevent their family from rising up! It wasn’t a secret that Liu Mubai had an intermediate cultivation talent.

Many people knew about it.

It must be some other family that had a grudge against the Liu family that had paid the Shadow Assassin to do it! “Find out which family did it!” “And the Shadow Assassin must die, too.

” “Let everyone in the Taichu Base know that they will regret it for the rest of their lives if they attack the Liu family!” The forefather of the Liu family said that he would use all the resources of his family to find the murderer.

However, they would never think that the murderer was just a nobody martial apprentice.

No matter how much they investigated, they would never be able to find out.

After all, when Liu Mubai entrusted the Shadow Assassin to kill Su Chen, he didn’t tell anyone.

The only person who knew about it, Li Zheng, was already dead.

As long as Su Chen’s shadow talent wasn’t exposed, even if the Liu family racked their brains, they wouldn’t think that he was the murderer.

As for finding the Shadow Assassin.

The Shadow Assassin had already been killed by Su Chen.

His corpse was buried in the forest behind the Fifth Academy.

How could they find him? In order to kill Liu Mubai, it could be said that Su Chen had made all the preparations.