Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 2

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Copying Talent System! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

“Brother, are you there?” A clear and melodious voice came from outside the door.

Su Chen searched his new memory and concluded that this was his two-year-old sister.

When he opened his bedroom door, a girl with ponytails ran into the room.

“Brother, what’s your talent level?” Su Han asked curiously.

Talent was a secret for everyone.

People with high talent might be killed if others found out about it.

It had happened many times.




The murderers who had violated the interests of the whole human race had died a horrible death.

However, unless it was necessary, nobody should reveal their talent.

“Su Han, my talent is very strong, okay?” “I can become a very powerful warrior in the future!” Su Chen said with a smile.

A hint of sadness hid in his smile.

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COM The next second, Su Chen’s expression changed drastically.

A virtual screen suddenly appeared in front of him! “Cultivation talent: inferior.

” “Ice Talent: elementary (yet to be awakened).

” “What just happened?” Su Chen said, confused.

He thought that he must have been hallucinating as a result of transmigration.

However, after shaking his head, Su Chen found that the virtual screen was still clearly visible.

Is this my hidden talent? Su Chen wondered.

Su Han was still young and hadn’t reached the age of cultivation yet.

However, she had been born with the talent of cultivation.

Su Han’s ice talent was rare.

Once it was awakened, she would be able to crush others at the same level as her, and even defeat others at a higher level than herself.

“My talent… is the ability to see other people’s talent?” Su Chen scratched his head.

He felt that his talent had a lot of room for improvement.

Quickly, he began testing his new talent.

When he touched his sister, a message popped up in the system, “Do you want to copy this talent?” This option could only appear after the talent had been cultivated and awakened.

Her talent couldn’t be copied because it hadn’t been awakened yet.

Su Chen chose the option, “no.

” Su Han’s sub-talent was trash, although it was better than his own weak talent.

But duplicating it was useless.

After his sister left, Su Chen studied his talent in his room.

Since I can see my sister’s talent, I should be able to see my own, too, he thought.

Su Chen focused his attention on himself.

Soon, a string of content appeared in his vision.

“Cultivation Talent: weak.

” This simply meant that Su Chen indeed only had a weak talent, and he did not have any other special talent.

In this era, he was only a little stronger than an ordinary person.

He was still far from being close to any martial artist.

My situation now is clear, he thought, My ability must be the reason why I exploded a hundred years ago.

This is my own talent! My talent is to be able to read and copy other people’s talent.

The only troublesome thing is that to copy other people’s talent, you need to touch it first, he pondered.

After thinking for a while, Su Chen had a plan.

His plan was to find a genius and copy their talent.

With his weak talent, he would never be able to become a martial artist in his lifetime.

If he didn’t become a martial artist, his life would be ordinary.

His parents had been killed by ferocious beasts two years ago.

It had been very difficult to survive.

In this world, countless families were being destroyed every day.

Su Chen was currently in a small human base.

It was called the Great Beginning Base.

There was a total of 300,000 ordinary people and about 1,000 martial artists.

In this place, martial artists had a very high status.

Su Chen’s parents had both been martial artists.

After their death, they were considered martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in glory.

After Su Chen became a martyr, he received subsidies every month until he became fifteen years old.

Su Chen and his sister had relied on subsidies to survive.

However, now that he was over fifteen years old, only his sister could receive a subsidy.

He knew that one subsidy could not support two people.

He was only fifteen years old now; it would be very difficult to go out and work to earn money.

Throughout the years, in order to save money, Su Chen and his sister had dropped out of school, just to keep the remaining tuition fees.

The money left by their parents would probably last for another two years.

He knew that he would have to become a martial artist, or else he would have to work to earn money.

He had to become a martial artist! Su Chen decided to go out for a walk and see if he could find any opportunities on the street.

After talking to his sister for a while, Su Chen went out alone.

On the streets, the pedestrians were very lively.

After all, the Great Beginning Base had a population of 300,000, which was very high.

As Su Chen walked along the road, he saw some martial artists walk towards him.

Their powerful auras pressed down on Su Chen, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Su Chen walked around and saw that many people didn’t have any talent.

Most of the people he found who had talent, also had inferior talent like him.

Even elementary talent was only found in a few martial artists.