Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 3

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Fifth Academy’s Genius! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL In the Great Beginning Base, even elementary talent was very rare.

After thinking about it, it made sense to him.

This was only a small base.

The strongest in the base was only at the level of a great warrior.

Cultivating from secondary talent to extreme talent was only the initial stage of becoming a warrior.

But elementary talent could lead to becoming a warrior, and from there was hope to become an elite warrior! If he gained a second-rate talent, he could become an elite warrior, and have a chance to become a great warrior! Su Chen guessed that, in the entire base, there must be a few old great warriors with second-rate talent.

“I need to find a second-rate talent to replicate,” Su Chen thought to himself.

However, he knew that once he got close to the warriors, it would be very dangerous.

If a warrior had a bad temper, they could kill him.

At most, the warrior would be punished, but there would be no need to pay with his life.

Su Chen stood on the spot and thought for a while.

He felt that this was not very safe.




It would be terrible to sacrifice his life just to replicate a talent.

He knew that there was a total of 300,000 people in the Great Beginning Base.

He could only check the talent of others within a distance of three meters.

He knew it would take too long this way, and thought that he should first ask where martial artists could be found.

If he could find a secondary, or medium talent, he could duplicate that talent.

Su Chen could not believe that in such a large base, 300,000 people could not find someone with a middle-talent.

Martial artists were all in Primordial Force Academy’s.

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COM There were a total of five Primordial Force Academies in the base.

Youths above the age of fifteen who had passed the test and had elementary talent could enter.

However, it was said that, with the exception of the Great Beginning Base’s first Primordial Force Academy, the other academies would allow entry as long as you paid.

Su Chen figured that the geniuses of the martial disciples would all be in the Great Beginning Base’s number one force academy, and knew that his current talent was a weak grade talent, so he couldn’t enter.

He could only go to the other force academies.

Only in an academy could he learn ways to cultivate his talent.

Even if he had talent, he wouldn’t be able to absorb force and his physical fitness would never increase.

The Great Beginning’s fifth Force Academy, in the third training ground.

“If you want to become a powerful warrior, you must have high-grade talent.

Most of you probably don’t even have elementary talent,” a teacher said.

“If you don’t have elementary talent, there’s a high chance that you won’t become a warrior in the future.

However, if you learn a martial arts disciple, after practicing the body tempering method, it will be easier to find a job than an ordinary person.

” The students were convinced by the teacher’s very honest words.

All of them had learned the body tempering technique through school.

If they didn’t hear what the teacher said, there was a chance they would practice incorrectly and hurt themselves.

Su Chen was among the students.

He had been there for a week.

Here, the teacher taught classes every day and personally demonstrated the twenty-three movements of the body tempering technique.

Su Chen had a very good memory.

In a week’s time, he had already mastered all of the movements.

The others were slower.

Most of them needed a month or even longer.

“The body tempering method must be completely mastered in order to effectively absorb vitality.

” The teacher earnestly demonstrated in front of the podium, explaining each movement clearly.

The class lasted one hour.

After the class was over, the students left one after another.

A little fatty ran over to Su Chen and said, “Su Chen, how’s your mastery going? I’ve already learned eighteen movements.

I’m almost able to practice them!” This little fatty was called Zhang Wen.

He was a classmate that Su Chen had gotten to know over the past few days.

Their relationship could be considered quite good.

“I’ve only mastered ten moves.

” Su Chen said with a smile.

He had said this on purpose to conceal his cultivation progress.

If he had said that he had mastered all twenty-three moves, he would probably alarm the entire school.

That would definitely cause unnecessary trouble, so he believed it was better to keep a low profile.

“Come on, Su Chen! I believe that you can do it.

We will become powerful martial artists in the future!” Zhang Wen encouraged him.

However, Su Chen saw a trace of despair in his eyes.

Su Chen could see that Zhang Wen’s talent was slightly better than his through his duplication talent.

He had a second-rate talent.

People with second-rate talent had a chance at becoming a warrior.

However, it required a lot of time and resources.

Zhang Wen was from an ordinary family.

How could he continue to cultivate? It was quite possible that he might have to leave school to find a stable job.

He might continue like this until he grew old, or he might die from a fierce beast attack.

“Zhang Wen, do you know who has the highest talent level in our academy?” “The best talent?” Zhang Wen was stunned for a moment.

“Nobody would foolishly tell others about their talents.

However, one can judge from the speed of cultivation.

The true geniuses are all in the Great Beginning’s first academy, but our academy has one!” “Who is it?” Su Chen asked curiously.

Zhang Wen moved closer to Su Chen’s ear and whispered, “Chen Dong’s family is very poor.

He came to the academy a month ago.

He only took half a month to master the martial disciple and was accepted as the principal’s disciple.

Now, the principal is personally guiding his cultivation.

” After hearing this, Su Chen’s eyes lit up.

To be taken in as a disciple by the principal and be personally guided would be a dream! Chen Dong’s talent was definitely not weak! One had to know that the principal’s strength was at the peak of elite martial artists! He was already a true expert.

To be able to catch his eye, he had to be a true genius, or at least have a mid-level talent!