Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 152

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 152

Chapter 152: City Lord Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios When Ye Feng worked with Tiffany earlier, he had sold the equipment that the dwarf tribe made.

That could bring them some revenue while also giving Tiffany the support to tackle the Odin clan.

But now that Tiffany was no longer around, he did not want to let the dwarf tribe continue with this.

It brought too many benefits to the various Auction Houses, and because they had given him all their forged equipment, the City of Chaos was starting to lack their own equipment already.

Compared to the Auction House in the City of Chaos, his relationship with the one in Aden City was not as tight.

Except for Tiffany of course.

But this time, he intended to auction the large number of high quality equipment, including many stage five weapons.

Before the Odin clan fully recovered in all their businesses, this should have quite the impact.

After all, his equipment were much better than those made by others, there was no competition for equipment of the same level.

Of course, he still needed the dwarf tribe’s help, but he would reduce his dependence on them.

After deciding on this, Ye Feng did not hesitate to think of a measure while he prepared to contact the Auction Houses and the dwarf tribe.

Due to their earlier cooperation, he had learned some skills from Tiffany.

Although he was not an expert, he would not get fooled by the Auction Houses at least.

Even though it was unlikely that the Auction House would try to deceive him, he had to keep up his guard.




What if the Auction House was related to the Odin clan? Although they could not do anything openly, they could still create problems which did not break the rules secretly to hamper him.

They were experts at such things.

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COM Because Ye Feng brought out a large number of equipment in this period of time, although the cost was quite high in Ye Feng’s perspective, he still succeeded in dealing a blow to the Odin clan.

If it were the old Odin clan, they would be harder to deal with, but now, the Odin clan was too busy trying to recover.

They simply could not afford the time to counter his actions.

Not to mention that they were much more inferior to Ye Feng in terms of forging ability.

“Sir Ye Feng, the City Lord would like to invite you to his manor.

” Once he returned to the Blacksmith Shop, Ye Feng looked at the two people who visited him, thinking that they might be assassins sent by the Odin clan to kill him.

These two were not wearing uniforms of the City Lord Manor, he did not recognize their identification documents either—there was no way to make sure.

No matter how good their attitude was, it did not matter.

The two Blacksmiths from earlier were polite as well.

Seeing Ye Feng’s suspicions, one of them did not know whether to laugh or cry as he replied: “Sir Ye Feng, we understand your suspicion.

But think about it, how can we try to assassinate you in broad daylight?” “The City Lord wants to meet you secretly, we can’t come here in uniform, furthermore, a uniform can be fake too.

” Ye Feng thought about it for a while before looking at them and nodding: “Alright, I’ll go with you.

” They were not wrong about it, there was no way they could act in broad daylight.

Also, if they led him on the wrong way, Ye Feng could escape immediately.

Without any ambush, these two were simply unable to threaten an alerted Ye Feng.

But they brought him to the City Lord Manor in the end.

“Sir Ye Feng, we will enter from the side entrance.

” The person leading the way spoke softly to Ye Feng whose face was concealed under a hat.

The hat was their idea, Ye Feng did not mind such a thing.

The City Lord was a neutral party, he could be trusted to some degree.

But before coming, he still wore his mechanical armor and prepared to escape at any moment.

Right now, he was extremely vigilant.

In fact, if this was not the City Lord’s first invitation, he would not want to come here.

“Hello, Sir Ye Feng.

” The City Lord was much younger than Ye Feng had expected, he was around thirty years old and looked quite amicable.


” Ye Feng shook hands with him.

Although the City Lord was gentle, Ye Feng could feel a huge pool of strength dominant in his body.

Seeing that there were no issues, Ye Feng still did not let down his guard, he asked: “What is the matter?” “What else? Your conflict with the Odin clan.

” The City Lord laughed as he let go and went to sit down: “You are opposing the Odin clan as a single person, aren’t you afraid that they will kill you?” “Why should I be afraid? I am a Blacksmith who has painstakingly forged equipment for Aden City, won’t the City Lord ensure my safety?” Ye Feng laughed as he sat down too.

“Hahaha, you are quite right.

” The City Lord shook his head: “In that case, you need to work hard and forge.

” “Of course.

” Ye Feng smiled as he replied while squinting.

He understood what the City Lord meant, but it was worth forging equipment for the City Lord in exchange for safety.

He would not make any losses anyway, the forging attempts would even raise his own strength.

“I’ve already understood the situation, the Odin clan has gone overboard.

All these years, they have caused a lot of problems in Aden City, they gave me quite the trouble.

” The City Lord sighed as he said helplessly: “But they are supported by the Capital City, there is nothing I can do to them openly.

It will be great if you can be the one to deal with them.

” “If I can deal with them, will you provide me with help?” Ye Feng squinted and asked solemnly.

“How will you do that?” “Simple, I’ll attack them!” Ye Feng smiled: “You cannot do anything because of the force backing them, but I can.

I can directly attack the Odin clan and kill all of their higher-ups.

” “Are you able to do that?” The City Lord frowned, the guards of Odin clan were not weak, although Ye Feng was not weak as a Bronze Knight, he was not good enough.

“Have a feel of this.

” Ye Feng stood up as a powerful aura swept across the room, several guards took a few steps back subconsciously, they raised their weapons in alertness.

“This too.

” Ye Feng saw that the City Lord had asked his guards to step down as a fireball appeared in his hand.

While the fireball burned silently, its deep color and the distorted air around it showed that the fireball was extremely powerful.

Even though it was some distance away, the City Lord could feel that it had an incredible temperature and explosive power.

“Good, good, this should suffice!” The City Lord was sure now that Ye Feng was the strongest person in Aden City: “If you need help, come and find me, I will supply you with manpower.

” “All I need is information.

” Ye Feng chuckled: “This can prevent you from getting exposed too.

” The truth was, he still felt some suspicion towards the City Lord.

But if the City Lord gave him the information he needed, he could deduce if the City Lord was fishy or not.