Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 151

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Instant Kill This was the sound of metals clashing.

From what he felt, the dagger did not stab into Ye Feng’s body, it came into contact with another hard material and was forced to slide off.

Ye Feng was wearing protective armor! Once the Blacksmith developed such a thought, another thought soon followed: ‘Oh no!’ He had not thought that Ye Feng would be this vigilant, or rather, they knew that Ye Feng would be vigilant but they did not think that his defense was so tight.

This armor was at least stage four! He could not even forge it with his own abilities.

He was not strong personally but his dagger was stage four superior-grade.

Yet, his strength was not sufficient to break Ye Feng’s defense as he could not reach Bronze Knight level strength.

“Oh? What is the meaning of this?” Ye Feng turned around and smiled while looking at him.

He was actually very suspicious of these four people, he could not be certain of their true agenda.

After all, they had all interacted with him like genuine Blacksmiths.

And because Ye Feng knew that they were Blacksmiths in reality, he was not very alert against them.

Even though he was not guarded against them, when making equipment for Avril, he had not forgotten about himself.




After he finished Avril’s equipment, he also made an inner armor for himself, it was not as comfortable as Avril’s, but the defense was quite amazing.

As long as he was not sleeping now, he would wear the armor.

Although it was not comfortable, because it was not bulky, it did not interfere with his daily forging sessions.

With his strength, this inner armor was of no burden to him, it was not a heavy piece of equipment anyway.

“Sir… Sir Ye Feng, listen to my explanation.

” The Blacksmith raised his head and smiled awkwardly.

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COM But once he spoke, he heard the sharp sound of the wind.

Ye Feng knocked him out instantly, this was just a greedy Blacksmith, it was fine to spare his life.

After dealing with the Odin clan, this person would not pose any threat to Ye Feng anyway.

Once Ye Feng had such a thought, he immediately turned around after knocking out the Blacksmith, targeting the two ‘Blacksmith disciples’.

After getting attacked, he understood that the Blacksmiths had allied with the Odin clan, this was a plan that was simple but hard to predict.

Two genuine Blacksmiths brought two experts disguised as disciples to come and assassinate him.

Honestly speaking, if that disciple was swapped with a powerful Bronze Knight who had a stage five dagger, he might have succeeded.

But Ye Feng could easily tell if someone was a Blacksmith, in Aden City, there were no experts who fit this criteria.

Their objective was most likely to deceive him mainly.

After all, if they got discovered, this plan would fail.

By using a real Blacksmith, although it could fail because they were weaker, that was better than letting Ye Feng become suspicious.

“You are quite daring, just the two of you dare to come and attack me.

” Ye Feng smiled coldly and raised his fist at them.

These two did not seem to want to fight against Ye Feng, one of them went against his fist and dodged it with an agile movement.

Next, he attacked Ye Feng while the other person picked up the Blacksmith who had fainted.

The other Blacksmith had left long ago.

They were only in charge of bringing these two here to lower Ye Feng’s vigilance, if there was a chance, they would sneak attack him.

But if they had to fight him head-on, either would leave immediately.

Although the two experts had never fought against Ye Feng, they had an understanding of his strength, they would not waste too much time fighting against him.

In this narrow space, Ye Feng could not use his magic well, they were confident of stalling him in a drawn out fight.

But because there was no way to win, this was pointless, they only wanted to escape with the Blacksmith.

“Let’s go!” The other person carried the Blacksmith and shouted while trying to leave.

But how could Ye Feng let them go so easily? He was not someone who would take this lying down! “You want to leave? Not so easy!” Ye Feng snorted coldly, he punched while the other person was focused on leaving.

At the same time, the Numbing Dagger appeared in his left arm as he slashed at the enemy’s neck.

If this was the old Ye Feng, the enemy would be able to block it.

But Ye Feng had gotten much stronger now, after resisting his fist, the enemy felt an unstoppable force and almost got sent flying.

Undoubtedly, he took several steps back from the intense force.

In this process, he could not even react before Ye Feng’s dagger killed him instantly.

The difference in strength was too high.

Ye Feng did not even waste much stamina on him, he looked at the door and did not intend to chase the rest, he knelt down to deal with the corpse.

This was the absolute difference in strength, without any special methods to counter him, with just an overwhelming speed and strength, it was not hard to instantly kill the enemy.

After dealing with the corpse, Ye Feng looked at his forge and shook his head in pity, the blueprint seemed to have been taken by the escaped Blacksmith.

It was true that Ye Feng did not discover when the blueprint got taken, they were quite formidable.

Ye Feng thought about this as he shook his head, removing his inner armor and lying down in bed.

He had thought that the Odin clan was too busy with their businesses recently to care about him, but to think that they still sent an assassin at him.

Even though Ye Feng was furious, there was nothing he could do.

He was just one person while the Odin clan was an entire force, although it was difficult to kill him, they could easily create problems for him.

What if they managed to kill Ye Feng during one of these attempts? It was possible.

People get tired eventually.

‘No, I cannot let this go on…’ Ye Feng frowned, he felt that he could crumble at this rate.

Without Tiffany, he could not do anything to the Odin clan.

Ye Feng let out a deep breath and made a decision in his mind.

He was going to utilize his network.

The truth was, Tiffany was not the only person who helped him to sell equipment that impacted the Odin clan.

These Auction Houses were mostly backed by their respective forces, they were not afraid of the Odin clan.

As long as they received sufficient benefits, they could do anything.

Of course, as businesses, they were trustworthy and reliable in transactions.

But that was just in comparison, without a middle person like Tiffany, these businesses could only be trusted to a certain degree.