Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 144

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Getting Free Donaru and the others were all experts, Ye Feng could not kill them all in such a short period of time.

“Even if I exert myself, I can only kill three of them at best and it would expend too much energy.

If I can’t resolve this in time and their reinforcements arrive while I am exhausted, this will be a problematic situation.

” Ye Feng was slightly worried and did not know what to do.

Even though he was having an easy time dodging their hits, it would be very hard to escape.

“Donaru is their only Magician, while they also only listen to his orders, it seems my target needs to be him.

” Ye Feng’s expression turned sharp as he threw fireballs towards his enemies in a barrage.

These muscular men subconsciously blocked his attacks, although the fireballs were not very powerful, if they were not stopped, it would still be a troublesome situation.

Furthermore, because the fireballs appeared, they thought that Ye Feng was purposely obscuring their vision, they readied themselves for his counterattack.

But the perplexing thing was, none of them were attacked.

After the fireballs vanished, they looked at Ye Feng’s location and saw that he had gone missing.

“Donaru!” Someone reacted and turned around while shouting.

“A pity that it is too late.

” Ye Feng had already arrived before Donaru, he pierced the latter’s shoulder as he placed the dagger on his neck.

Not all Magicians had strong close combat skills like Ye Feng, even the most outstanding ones were only capable of protecting themselves, they were far inferior to Ye Feng.




Donaru wanted to resist when Ye Feng got close but he was simply too fast, there was no time to dodge before the Numbing Dagger grazed Donaru’s skin.

“You won…” At this time, Donaru had already been freed from the numbing effect, he sighed and said helplessly: “What are you going to do now?” If he could potentially defeat Ye Feng, there was a chance he would sacrifice himself, but the current situation was quite clear, they had no way of winning against him, it would be a pointless sacrifice.

And he had an important mission now to delay for time.

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COM They had sent a member to seek reinforcements, if he could stall for time, the reinforcements might arrive in time.

No matter what, this was better than doing nothing, he would stall for as long as he could.

The reason why Ye Feng came after him was to save time, he would not let Donaru stall for time successfully.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.

Consider it my thanks for sparing Avril.

” Ye Feng smiled, he knew that he had the initiative and control of the situation now.

He did not want to fall out completely with the Odin clan, and because Donaru was a decent guy, he did not intend to kill him.

“You have my thanks.

” Donaru said slowly: “So why are you holding me captive now?” “Go back and tell them,” Ye Feng said plainly, “I don’t know why you want to target me, but you should know that I am hard to deal with.

Continuing this will serve you no good, you can’t get anything from me anyway.

” “So let’s stop it here.

” Blake was currently in no danger, while Lamela was crippled by him, their grudges were settled.

Furthermore, Avril was not injured, so currently, the best solution was to resolve this calmly.

Similar for the Odin clan, reconciliation was their best option.

If the Odin clan refused, Ye Feng would not be scared either.

Donaru nodded slowly, he seemed to be thinking of what to say now.

“Alright, I’ll leave now.

” After saying this, Ye Feng had already left, being more than ten meters away from Donaru.

He had already said his peace, but he did not want to listen to Donaru and waste time in this dangerous spot.

But out of Ye Feng’s expectations, once he left the forest, he saw Avril who was waiting for him outside.

Avril was hiding earlier, but after seeing Ye Feng, she ran out to join up with him.

“Avril? Why didn’t you leave?” Ye Feng was a little surprised but he did not stop running, he continued to head towards the city alongside Avril.

“I am worried about you.

” Avril said.

Although she escaped earlier without hesitation, that was only because of the situation, how could she not be worried about Ye Feng’s safety? As Ye Feng controlled his speed, Avril was able to keep up with him.

“Forget it, the important thing is that you’re safe, let’s return to the Blacksmith Shop.

” Ye Feng sighed and stopped talking.

He still had to inform Tiffany and the Knight’s Academy after returning, they were already safe.

… While Ye Feng and Avril were happy about their escape, the Odin clan was having the opposite feeling.

“Is this Ye Feng really so strong?” Odin frowned deeply, he did not blame Donaru for this, he understood that this was not the latter’s fault.

The biggest problem was that their Odin clan had underestimated Ye Feng, but who could have expected that so many experts were unable to capture him? They had all underestimated Ye Feng’s strength.

“That is correct.

” Donaru nodded with a solemn expression, he analyzed: “Ye Feng’s combat strength is not outstandingly strong, but he is a Bronze Knight and Magician, there are no weaknesses that we can make use of.

” “And most important, he is a Blacksmith, he has amazing equipment.

” Donaru felt that Ye Feng was basically invincible among all Bronze Knights.

That was — if they fought openly without external influences.

“He wants to resolve the grudges between us?” Odin rubbed his chin and muttered: “That is not happening, he snatched our item, how can we let him off, nobody is allowed to offend our Odin clan!” “We cannot spare this Ye Feng!” After muttering for some time, he turned to Donaru and instructed: “Go and contact the people from the Blacksmith Guild, let them think of a way to deal with Ye Feng, ask them to find stronger experts and see if they can make a move.

We cannot deal with Ye Feng using just our Odin clan’s strength now, even if we succeed, the cost will be too high.

” “Yes…” Donaru sighed to himself and lowered his head, acknowledging the order.

He did not want to be enemies with Ye Feng anymore, it was not that he was afraid of the latter, but it was simply not worth the effort or cost for the Odin clan to target him anymore.

Even if they won against him, they would only be wasting their own strength.

This was a lose-lose situation.

But he also understood Odin’s temperament after years of serving him.

He could do nothing but follow the command and complete his mission.