Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 143

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Reinforcement “Heh, it is not good to have such confidence.

This is considered arrogance.

” Donaru’s pupils contracted as he focused, he was clearly not as nonchalant as it sounded from his words.

The expression of the others also changed but none of them spoke, it seemed that he was their leader.

“Arrogance? Who knows…” Ye Feng looked at the sword in his hand, to speak the truth, he was not talented in the field of combat.

But it could not change the fact that he was strong.

“Right, I forgot something.

” Ye Feng seemed to have recalled something as he took out the mechanical armor and wore it, much to Donaru’s confusion.

“Attack!” Donaru said this while Ye Feng wore his armor, all of them charged forward using this opportunity.

“Heh!” Ye Feng was not surprised by their attack, he had done this on purpose.

Although he was not skilled in combat skills compared to them, he had a lot of intelligence instead.

The wearing of the mechanical armor was not as slow as he pretended it to be, this mechanical armor was made specially for his body, it was very strong in all aspects.

Of course, the cost of making it was equally high.

After wearing the mechanical armor, energy filled his entire body.




Ye Feng could not fight against so many people head on, these people would not reach him at the same time, against so many different individuals, if he was surrounded, he could not win.

These people were also stronger than those dwarves he fought in the past, because they were too close, he could not pull away and kite them as well.

“This is a little tough…” Ye Feng’s gaze focused as he thought to himself.

He had another advantage in that the enemy did not know his strength! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Ye Feng quickly moved back while slashing his sword at the muscular man who was closest to him.

He did not know any sword skills or techniques, but when he faced the opponent head on, by wearing the mechanical armor, his strength was not weaker than any Bronze Knight.

This was already quite an understatement, for example, the muscular man in front of him came with much force but only managed to shook Ye Feng’s body.

He could not even force Ye Feng back by one step.

“Be careful, he is very strong!” The muscular man took a step back and said before charging forward again.

His blade slashed horizontally, he had no fear towards Ye Feng who was clearly stronger.

This was not a solo battle after all, if Ye Feng could not kill him in one move, there would be nothing to fear.

“Heh…” Right now, three people had already gotten close to Ye Feng, but instead of retreating, he actually moved forward to stab at the enemy instead.

At the same time, a dagger appeared on his left hand as he slashed at the muscular man.

Right when the two weapons collided, Ye Feng used the explosive force of the mechanical armor to get around the enemy instantly as he used his right hand to stab a sword towards the muscular man’s ribs.

Right through the heart, it was a fatal blow! As the corpse fell to the ground, Ye Feng quickly moved back.

Because the dagger was only grazing the muscular man, he did not choose to avoid it but faced the attack directly so that he could exploit Ye Feng’s weakness.

But that caused him to fall for a trap.

[Numbing Dagger] Grade: Stage Five Middle-grade Special Trait: When it comes into contact with an injury, lightning will enter the wound and cause numbness to the whole body.

This was the first time Ye Feng was using the Numbing Dagger, but the effect was great, slightly out of Ye Feng’s expectations.

In a battle that was so intense, just a second of numbness could decide the victor.

The muscular man’s instant death shocked the others.

They had first seen his arm getting grazed, evidently, it was because of this that he could not react in time earlier.

Ye Feng did nothing by himself, the situation was caused by that dagger.

Since his blood was red, it should not be poison.

Or at least, it had to be a very special poison.

Regardless, they had to be cautious against the dagger, after a momentary hesitation, the group charged forward again.

At the same time, several huge translucent wind blades slashed at Ye Feng.

These wind blades were the height of a human, if one got hit, even the mechanical armor would not be very useful, Ye Feng would either die or get heavily injured.

Earlier, Donaru had been chanting the incantation the entire time.

The wind blade was very fast and strong, it was larger than Ye Feng’s fireball at least, but the sound of the wind was a huge detriment to its actual effects.

Even though Ye Feng did not see what was attacking him, after hearing the sound of the wind, he quickly rolled away from his original spot.

But before Ye Feng could catch a breather, another figure appeared behind him and stabbed towards his heart.

Even though Ye Feng could sense the enemy, it was clear that at this timing, he had no way of dodging.

At the crucial moment, Ye Feng quickly turned his body around, he wanted to use the mechanical armor to block the attack directly, even if it could not, he just wanted to avoid getting hit at any vital spots.

Stab! The mechanical armor lived up to its reputation and was well worth the vast amount of materials spent making it, although the dagger penetrated it, it was quickly stopped only after moving a little.

Even if it could stab further now, Ye Feng had already reacted, the timing was lost.

Turning around, he slashed his longsword towards his back.

Ye Feng missed.

The dwarf-like man had already jumped back.

Seeing that his attack missed, Ye Feng did not hesitate to retreat, he jumped up to a tree.

“You guys are really sinister…” Ye Feng pulled out the dagger and looked at it: “Oh, a stage five inferior-grade, I will not stand on ceremony then.

” This dagger was likely one of the few stage five weapons that the Odin clan had, of course, it could be his personal possession.

But that would be really sad for him.

“It is not a problem, we can get it back after dealing with you.

” Donaru saw that his attacks failed but he did not despair, he smiled instead: “As long as we capture you, everything will be ours.

” “You guys are too much…” Ye Feng laughed and quickly left his original spot.

Several wind blades cut down the tree branch that he was on.

“Get reinforcements from the clan, we can’t take him down on our own.

” Even though Donaru did not say a name, the dwarf-like man still left the place upon hearing that.

Ye Feng’s armor was much stronger than they thought, because his weapon was taken, he would not be able to do anything to Ye Feng.

He was also the fastest among them, he was naturally the one to ask for reinforcements.

“You guys are shameless, you want to find reinforcements?” Ye Feng dodged an attack and seemed relaxed as he still had the mood to reply: “Attacking me with so many people but still asking for reinforcements, this is really too much.

” Even though he spoke casually, Ye Feng also got more serious gradually.

He could barely deal with these people, but if reinforcements came, it would spell trouble.

“I have to admit, just the few of us are not able to deal with you.

” Donaru shook his head, he said without feeling embarrassed.