Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 135

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Obtaining The Material Several days passed quickly while waiting, even though waiting was quite tough, Ye Feng could forge during this period to pass time.

After hearing that a stage six material was available, Ye Feng was so excited he could not concentrate, even with forging, he was not as serious as before.

There was no helping it, Tiffany’s information was really music to his ears! It completely targeted his ‘weakness’! Currently, he was already proficient with forging stage five weapons, even though the time and energy needed was huge, he could even forge stage five superior-grade weapons if he wanted to.

It was time to tackle stage six weapons.

But the biggest obstacle to forge a stage six weapon were stage six materials, without suitable materials, he could not do anything even if he had the skills.

It was like how wood could not turn into steel.

Thus, he was going to get this stage six material no matter what! Ye Feng took a look at the Auction House’s signboard before going inside.

“You’re here?” Tiffany attended to Ye Feng personally.

“Hmm… aren’t you the person-in-charge, why are you so free?” Ye Feng was a little curious, didn’t she need to attend to the higher-ups of Aden City? .



Seemingly understanding Ye Feng’s curiosity, Tiffany smiled and said: “Those clan leaders are not coming here, in any case, they do not need me to attend to them.

I am the person-in-charge, not a servant.

” Occasionally, the leaders of powerful clans would visit the Auction House if there were good things on auction, after all, their subordinates did not have the authority to raise bids.

“That is why I am quite free myself, it is normal for me to come and meet my partner in cooperation.

” “Is that so…” Ye Feng nodded while thinking as he asked: “Do I still have a private room?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Of course, you are a stage five Blacksmith, how can we not prepare a private room for you?” Tiffany’s smile had never faded, her eyes were in the shape of a crescent moon: “Don’t worry, we will always leave a private room for you.

” “I’ll let the attendant bring you there.

” Other than the first time he was here, Ye Feng had been in a private room since.

On one hand, he was an esteemed Blacksmith, on the other hand, he was too rich.

What was Ye Feng’s strongest trait? He had almost never failed when forging! He succeeded in forging every order that he got in one try, the amount of materials saved was not a small sum! Not to mention stage five Blacksmiths, even stage six Blacksmiths could not compare to Ye Feng in terms of wealth.

This current auction was indeed much higher in quality than usual.

Of course, this was the case for Ye Feng, in terms of value, it was around the same as a usual auction, but this time, a lot of forging materials were sold, it seemed perfect for a Blacksmith! Ye Feng bid for many things before the stage six material appeared, but because of the upcoming most important bid, he did not spend too much.

He placed the importance on rarity instead of what grade the material was.

Soon, the thing that he wanted appeared.

But the stage six material was actually not the final most important item? Ye Feng was a little curious but he did not care, since Tiffany did not tell him about it, the final item should not be related to forging.

In that case, it would be normal for the price of that time to be higher than the stage six material.

“Next, we will auction one of the items that everyone is most excited about.

” The host smiled as he took out the item.

“Stage six forging material, wind-marked green rock! “Initial bid, 5000 gold coins!” A green rock that was covered in cracks could be seen on the stage, it was the size of a human head, it was sufficiently big for Ye Feng to forge! “8000 gold coins!” Ye Feng did not hesitate, he immediately raised the bid.

“The guest from the sixth private room has offered 8000!” But today, Ye Feng was not the only person who wanted the item.

“10000!” “11000!” “13000!” Voices sounded out consecutively, it seemed that the price would not deter anyone from wanting the item.

Ye Feng saw that the competition was so intense, he stopped bidding.

After all, it would eventually stop climbing, that would be the time he bid again.

“16000 gold coins!” Suddenly, a voice said in a low tone and added: “Give our Odin clan some face.

” The Auction House turned silent at once, but soon after, bids continued to pour in.

“17000!” After bidding, the voice said: “Do you really think your Odin clan is that amazing, who wants to give you face?” “The guest from the second private room has offered 17000!” At this time, the host shouted loudly.

“18000!” Ye Feng ignored them and started to bid.

“19000!” The person from the Odin clan did not say anything, he focused on bidding.

At the same time, a middle-aged man in the Odin clan’s private room instructed his subordinate: “Go and check who our competitors are.

” “20000!” Evidently, there were more than just Ye Feng and the second private room’s guest who did not fear the Odin clan.

“21000!” Ye Feng felt that it was a little strange that the second private room did not bid anymore, they did not seem like they were poor.

Right now, in the second private room.

“Oh… I almost entrapped a friend.

” If Blake was here, he would know who this person was.

His father! “Don’t worry, if Sir Ye Feng cannot afford to continue bidding, we can still follow.

” Ye Feng was familiar with this elderly man who spoke, it was the person who the Tevez clan sent to meet him back then.

This was the person who recognized Ye Feng’s voice.

“I think we won’t have to.

” Blake’s father smiled bitterly and shook his head: “Sir Ye Feng is far richer than we can imagine.

” The truth was, after seeing Ye Feng’s forging skills, he could vaguely guess the amount of wealth that Ye Feng had.

Of course, he could not match an entire clan, but Ye Feng was just one person! They were originally thinking of gifting this material to Ye Feng, but since he was here, they did not need to interfere now.

“23000!” The Odin clan was thinking of using this material to recruit a Blacksmith, they were not going to give up now: “Are you sure you want to offend our Odin clan?” “Heh… 25000!” Ye Feng shook his head and ignored their threat.

“25000, going once!” “25000, going twice!” “25000, going thrice!” “Congratulations to the guest from the sixth private room!” This price was too high, it exceeded the limits of many people, be it the Odin clan or others, nobody else continued to bid.

Ye Feng did not care about the rest, after getting the material, he immediately went back to the Blacksmith Shop.

Of course, the Auction House concealed his traces for him.

“I finally have a stage six material.

” Ye Feng rubbed his hands together, he started to forge with much anticipation.

Stage six formations could not be carved on stage five materials, now that he had a stage six material, he could finally start practicing his stage six formation to raise his forging skills!