Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 134

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Stage Six Material “So what if I lost to my teacher? Isn’t that a normal thing?” Blake was not insulted by his words.

“That is your teacher? You are really trash, a random person from nowhere managed to defeat you and become your teacher.

” Lamela clearly had no idea about the situation as he mocked, otherwise, he would not have insulted Ye Feng as well.

But no matter what, Ye Feng was the Blacksmith Teacher of the academy, even though he had no real authority, in terms of status, he was far beyond an ordinary teacher.

When Ye Feng came, Lamela had coincidentally taken leave, thus, he did not know about this.

With his personality, he would not have bothered to learn of it anyway.

Once he heard that Blake had competed with a man, he lost all his interest.

“You are quite daring!” Blake squinted, a strong aura burst out of his body that attracted everyone’s attention.

Lamela dared to call his teacher a random person from nowhere? He should take a look in the mirror! The other students were still fine, although they sensed the aura, they did not feel anything special from it.

But Lamela who was facing Blake felt a different sensation, even though he had the clan’s resources and had considerable strength.

In terms of mental strength, he was quite lacking, because he had never engaged in any life-and-death battle, he was starting to shiver from sensing this aura that was filled with blood.

The truth was, although Blake had killed strong enemies before, the quantity was not too high.

It was just that his opponent had never killed anyone in his life.




If he had even killed one person and had experienced the feeling of drawing blood, he would have had more resistance to this.

It was a pity that Lamela had no such experiences.

“Alright, alright, don’t fight among yourselves.

” In the end, the teacher intervened and got the two to stop fighting.

Seeing that Blake retracted his aura and returned to a calm state, the teacher sighed to himself as well.

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COM Blake had grown a lot in this period of time.

Not long after the two were stopped, Lamela came to find Avril again shamelessly, he only stopped pestering her after the battles started.

… Ye Feng did not know about the conflicts in the Demonic Wind Mountain Range.

He was currently busy with the forging of a stage five weapon, this time, he felt some difficulty from the attempt.

It was different from all the other stage five weapons that he had forged before.

He used a special material this time, if this succeeds, even though it would very likely be a stage five middle-grade, the weapon would likely have a special trait.

“The final formation…” Sweat dripped from Ye Feng’s forehead but it quickly evaporated.

This attempt used up a lot of Ye Feng’s mental energy, he had to keep himself focused at all times to prevent failure due to any accidents.

“Success!” Ye Feng sighed to himself and took a deep breath, no matter what weapon it was, he had succeeded at least.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage five middle-grade weapon, Numbing Dagger, you have obtained 9000 lightning elemental points, and 6000 fire elemental points.

” It was a stage five middle-grade after all… Ye Feng let out a deep breath and checked the dagger’s information.

[Numbing Dagger] Grade: Stage Five Middle-grade Special Trait: When it comes into contact with an injury, lightning will enter the wound and cause numbness to the whole body.

“Hahaha, as I expected, there was a special trait in it!” Ye Feng held up the blue patterned dagger and assessed it, because this was a stage five weapon, even a Silver Knight would be numbed to a certain extent.

It was even more useful on Bronze Knights! Right when Ye Feng was feeling happy, a guest came to the Blacksmith Shop.

“Sir Ye Feng, it has been a while.

” Tiffany was an acquaintance, Ye Feng quickly let her in.

At the same time, he thought to himself internally: We have just met recently though.

“It has been a while.

” Ye Feng smiled and replied: “Lady Tiffany, do you have any good news to share with me?” “You are right!” Tiffany first looked around the room subtly before smiling: “Take a guess, what good news do I have?” She saw the dagger at the first moment, but she did not spend time on it, she observed everything else.

This was the first time she was in the interior of Ye Feng’s Blacksmith Shop.

“If it is good news to me, it has to be about forging.

” Ye Feng was in a good mood now, he said: “But I can’t guess what it is exactly.

” Be it blueprint, techniques, or materials, he needed them all.

But it was most likely to be about materials.

Ye Feng said he did not know immediately to save time, if he had to keep guessing, a lot of time would be wasted.


” Tiffany was a shrewd person, she understood his intention immediately, she stopped wasting time: “It is a stage six forging material.

” She believed that this would gain Ye Feng’s attention, even though stage six materials were not too rare, in Aden City, they would only appear a few times a year.

” “What?!” Ye Feng stood up abruptly and showed shock in his eyes: “Are you serious?!” Stage six material! It was what he needed now! “Of course, how could I lie to you?” Tiffany smiled and said: “I’ve only told you about this, the stage six material will be up in the following auction.

” This was a fact, the stage six material had just been entrusted to the Auction House, not many people knew about it now.

She was one of the people with the highest authority after all.

“I understand, thanks.

” Ye Feng calmed down and sat, he let out a deep breath and said.

Even though this was part of their earlier agreement, Tiffany came here to tell him personally, it showed her sincerity, Ye Feng had to thank her.

“Then, Sir Ye Feng, do you have anything you want to auction?” Tiffany’s eyes darted around as she smiled and asked: “For example, this dagger?” The dagger was slightly far from her, she could not assess it with her naked eye, but something was certain.

This was a stage five weapon.

Even in Aden City, there had not been many stage five weapons in the history of auctions, although they had put up some of Ye Feng’s stage five weapons earlier, who would not want to auction another one if there was a chance? “This? Forget it, I want to use it myself.

” Ye Feng was unwilling to sell the Numbing Dagger, he might not use it in the future but he did not lack money, there was no need to sell it now.


” Tiffany said with a tone of pity, she sighed and stopped speaking, taking her leave instead: “Then, Sir Ye Feng, we will meet again during the auction.

” “See you.