Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 132

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Cooperation With The Auction House Several months passed quickly, during this period of time, be it Ye Feng or Blake, their strength and forging skills both improved substantially.

Ye Feng reached a bottleneck, so no matter how good his talent was, his growth was limited.

But Blake was different, after fighting in so many battles and having received Ye Feng’s guidance, he returned to the Knight’s Academy and grew rapidly, his forging skills and strength had improved tremendously.

… Ye Feng opened the door and looked at the sun in the sky, he subconsciously covered his eyes with his arm as he walked out.

As a Blacksmith, there was no way he would not visit the Auction House.

Weaker Blacksmiths were too poor to do this, but with Ye Feng’s current strength and reputation, any Auction House would treat him as their VIP.

During this period of time in Aden City, he had been taking forging orders while selling or auctioning the other equipment that he made.

Of course, the ones sold at the Auction House were the better creations.

During this period of time, he had made another batch of equipment, including stage five ones.

Because he did not want to go to the Auction House frequently, he went there after having a sizable number, as for how the profit could be maximized, that was the Auction House’s problem.




The higher the price, the more fees the Auction House could charge, they were professionals in this business, it was definitely better than having Ye Feng do it himself.

Aden City did not just have one Auction House, sometimes, Ye Feng would go to the other ones for auctions.

After all, he did not have any specific requirements in this, any Auction House was capable of selling his weapons for about the same price.

None of them would scam him.

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COM But in most cases, he would go to the one that was closest to the Blacksmith Shop.

“Sir Ye Feng.

” The receptionist saw Ye Feng and became stunned for a moment before smiling to him: ” Would you like to rest in the VIP suite first? I will inform the manager now.

” She seemed to have been instructed to wait for Ye Feng’s arrival.

“Sure…” Ye Feng frowned a little, even though he was a little suspicious, he agreed.

Although he did not know what the Auction House was up to, it should not be harmful to him, it was fine to wait for a while.

This was a business after all, even if anything bad happened, it could not affect his safety, there was nothing to fear.

“Hello Sir Ye Feng, I will be in charge of the things you are auctioning.

” The manager soon arrived at the VIP suite and explained after seeing Ye Feng’s confused face: “The person-in-charge of our Auction House is outside now, she will be back soon.

She wants to speak to you regarding a matter.

” He understood Ye Feng’s suspicions.

If they were only verifying the things he wanted to auction, this VIP suite was unnecessary.

Furthermore, the manager came right after Ye Feng arrived, there was no need for him to wait.

But there was no helping it, the person-in-charge had said that if Ye Feng came, he had to be treated as a VIP while they informed her immediately.

Before she arrives, he will be the one to entertain Ye Feng first.

“I get it.

” Ye Feng was silent for a while before nodding: “I want to auction…” The person-in-charge was looking for him? It did not seem like a small matter from this treatment, but he was here to auction things anyway, it was fine to wait for a while.

He would not be inconvenienced anyway.

While the manager was still verifying the products, a tall figure walked in.

“Alright, I will handle the rest.

” The woman first said to the manager before smiling at Ye Feng: “Sir Ye Feng, we have met before, my name is Tiffany, I am the person-in-charge of the Auction House.

” Ye Feng subconsciously took a look at the manager who was leaving before nodding and saying plainly: “What is the matter?” “It is like this, our Auction House would like to establish a long term cooperation with you.

” Tiffany sat down before Ye Feng and said in a serious tone.

Saying so, she casted a glance at the equipment he brought, after seeing a stage five weapon, her pupils contracted slightly but she quickly concealed it and looked at Ye Feng again.

“Oh? What sort of long term cooperation?” Ye Feng became interested as he sat upright.

“Let our Auction House auction all the equipment that you forge… no, we don’t need everything, it will be fine as long as you don’t go to other Auction Houses.

” Tiffany looked at Ye Feng and said solemnly: “We will cut your auction fees in half, you will also receive priority to be informed when we get a new rare material, if an auction is not necessary, we will let you purchase it with priority as well.


” “What do you think about this? If there are any requests, we can negotiate.

” Ye Feng lowered his head slightly, he considered Tiffany’s words while rubbing his chin.

Tiffany’s conditions were quite sincere, there were no demerits for Ye Feng, it was even okay to not have the halved auction fee condition.

Just collecting forging materials for him and giving him priority to buy them was a great offer.

After assessing the merits and demerits, Ye Feng nodded without hesitation: “No problem, I agree with this.

” Tiffany had been keeping her eyes on Ye Feng the entire time, after seeing that he agreed, she let out a sigh as she stretched out her hand and smiled.

“Sir Ye Feng, here’s to a delightful cooperation.

” “Yes, it is my pleasure to cooperate.

” After confirming this, their conversation became much more relaxed.

After verifying the equipment, Tiffany hesitated for a while before speaking: “Sir Ye Feng, you should be careful of the Odin clan, they seem to be trying to find out the origin of the equipment that you forged… they must not be up to anything good.

” “Odin clan…” Ye Feng squinted and thought to himself: “Has my information been leaked already?” “Not yet.

” Tiffany shook her head, since the cooperation between them was confirmed there was no need to defame her competitors: “They are still keeping this confidential for now, but this is only temporary, you should know why.

” Ye Feng nodded.

There was no absolute secret in the world, if they kept trying to find out, they would get his information eventually.

It would be harder if he tried concealing his identity, but Ye Feng had done no such thing.

The Odin clan had a poor reputation, it was likely that they were up to no good by trying to find him.

“I get it, I will leave first.

” Ye Feng got up and said goodbye to Tiffany.

“Alright, I’ll send you off.

” Tiffany and Ye Feng walked out together, towards the end, Tiffany reminded him again: “I will try to conceal your information, but you need to be careful.

” Now that they were in a cooperation, if anything happened to Ye Feng, her benefits would be affected too! “Thanks!” Ye Feng said as he left.