Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 131

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Back To Aden City “Good morning, Sir Ye Feng!” “Good morning!” Ye Feng smiled and nodded, he greeted the enthusiastic residents of the City of Chaos.

The truth was, it was not early now.

During this period of time, he had a rare moment of peace, the City of Chaos had already been rebuilt, it was even larger than before.

After resting for some time, he started to forge.

Blake had been training to raise his strength, a lot of Ye Feng’s forging materials were obtained by him when he hunted.

After Claude finished settling the affairs of the dwarf tribe, he started to forge again.

Even though his forging skills had not gotten worse after this period of handling the tribe, he had gotten quite rusty.

“Sir Ye Feng?” Soon, Ye Feng arrived at the Auction House, after the manager saw Ye Feng, he became very excited.

Ye Feng’s arrival meant that something great was happening! .



The truth was, Ye Feng had attended a few auctions before to see if he could buy any good forging materials, but now was not the time to attend an auction, thus, Ye Feng could only come here for one reason! “I have two stage five inferior-grade weapons.

” Ye Feng spoke to the manager with a faint smile on his face: “Same rules as before.

” To speak the truth, there was no use in keeping stage five weapons anymore, the ones who were close to him and were able to use stage five weapons had already gotten one each.

He could only sell the rest, he might as well auction off the weapons instead.

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COM Because of the material issue, stage five weapons were quite rare in the City of Chaos, if he wanted to get the most benefit out of such rare weapons, the best way was to hold an auction.

“Don’t worry, rest assured!” The manager nodded immediately, patting his chest in confidence.

A stage five weapon! Even in the entire City of Chaos, only a few existed, the Auction House was actually going to auction one! The City of Chaos finally had a stage five Blacksmith! This was definitely the fortune of the entire city! Of course, it was also the Auction House’s fortune.

“After it is sold, pass the sum to Claude, I am leaving the City of Chaos now.

” Ye Feng took out two weapons and said while smiling.

He had taught Claude a lot of new forging knowledge, Claude still needed some time before he could completely digest his new lessons, so there was no worries in this aspect.

“I see… alright.

” Even though the manager felt that it was a pity for Ye Feng to leave now, he was a merchant after all, there was no point in saying too much.

After all, Claude was still here, could the teacher not return to look for his disciple in the future? Furthermore, with Claude and the dwarf tribe around, the City of Chaos would not lack weapons for the foreseeable future.

At most, they would not have top tier weapons, but not many could afford to buy them anyway.

After many rounds of cooperation, Ye Feng and the Auction House had established a basis of trust, of course, he was not afraid that they would scam him.

“I will leave first.

” Ye Feng said goodbye to the manager and went to find Blake.

They were going to return together.

Blake had not returned to Aden City for a long time, at this rate, he would have to drop out of school.

Blake was a student of the Knight’s Academy after all! The two of them did not rush back to Aden City, there was nothing urgent anyway, they did not need to waste their energy.

Along the way, Ye Feng even sighed to himself, thinking that he had not traveled at normal speed for a long time.

After returning to Aden City, the two of them split up, Blake first went back home to inform them that he was back while Ye Feng went back to his Blacksmith Shop.

In the following days, Ye Feng returned to the familiar lifestyle that he was used to.

When there were classes, he would go to the Knight’s Academy as a Blacksmith Teacher, if there were no classes, he would go back to the Blacksmith Shop and forge.

Of course, during this period of time, he was not alone, as a student of the Knight’s Academy, Avril came to find him frequently.

“I’ll stay here at night for this period of time, how’s that?” Whenever Avril was free, she would visit Ye Feng.

During this time, the two of them stayed together and their relationship developed rapidly, but the two of them had good self control, it did not affect Avril’s studies or Ye Feng’s forging.

“Don’t you stay in the academy most of the time, they allowed you to stay outside?” Ye Feng grabbed Avril’s legs and moved her into a more comfortable position.

Because Avril had always been staying in the academy, he thought that they did not allow her to live outside.

“Oh, that is why you are here.

” Avril looked up and stared at Ye Feng with her beautiful eyes: “You are our Blacksmith Teacher, I am sure the academy will allow me to stay with you.

” “Why, you don’t want me to stay with you?” When she said the final line, a trace of bloodlust was apparent in her tone.

“Uh, I will speak to the academy.

” Ye Feng said without hesitation, it was a wise choice.

After hearing his reply, Ye Feng nodded in satisfaction before turning her head again, lying on Ye Feng’s chest and saying softly.

“Don’t worry, the academy wants us to stay on campus because it is safer, but with you here, how can it be dangerous?” “Yeah.

” Ye Feng nodded and did not speak anymore.

It was obvious that he wanted Avril to stay with him, since it would not affect her studies, he would talk to the academy about this.

“Should we go out and do some shopping?” After lying around for some time, Ye Feng suddenly suggested.

Avril’s presence here made his mood improve, since she was a woman, she definitely enjoyed shopping.

He was a wealthy Blacksmith at the moment, it would be a waste to not spend any.

Matters regarding forging could not be rushed, if his girlfriend was around, forging could only be ranked second in importance.

“Really?” Avril raised her head, the shining light in her eyes dazzled Ye Feng.

It was clear that Avril was very happy.

It was as he expected, Avril enjoyed shopping, thus, they would definitely go have fun.

Ye Feng saw that Avril was in a great mood and he smiled to himself.

“Of course, since when have I lied to you?” Ye Feng showed a solemn expression as he said this, before showing a smile immediately after: “I have so much money, it is pointless to keep it, I may as well buy you stuff you want.

” Saying so, he patted Avril’s arm and said: “Get up, we’re going to leave soon.

” “Mm.

” Avril said obediently before getting up, freshening up her appearance.

This is my ideal lifestyle… Ye Feng looked at Avril’s back and smiled to himself.