Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 126

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Infiltrating Again After reaching near the Iron Hammer tribe, Ye Feng started to observe it.

This time, their defense was much tighter than before.

Other than four dwarves standing guard at the entrance, there were also many beastmen and dwarves patrolling the vicinity, there was no loophole that could be found.

Of course, if someone was specialized in infiltration, they could enter, but Ye Feng was not.

“But… there are many unfamiliar dwarves that I see.

” Ye Feng squinted and observed the patrolling dwarves: “There are much more dwarves as well.

” If he only felt that a few dwarves were unfamiliar to him, then that was normal.

After all, the Iron Hammer tribe was his enemy, he should have seen at least most of their dwarves right? But if there were too many unknown ones, it would be too fishy.

In terms of beastmen, Ye Feng could not differentiate their appearance well, but the dwarves were different.

Among the patrolling groups, more than half the dwarves were foreign to him.

Ye Feng thought for a while and decided to get closer.

Of course, he could not enter the tribe at this time, he would definitely be found out.

But he could stay outside to listen, because the tribe was not a military base, these patrolling dwarves were not well trained.

As long as they completed their mission, it did not matter to them if they took a break during the patrol or stopped to chat.




These members patrolling knew each other, they would not keep to themselves, almost all the groups were having conversations.

“I heard the Iron Hammer tribe was attacked by Ye Feng earlier?” A dwarf asked curiously: “They didn’t manage to kill Ye Feng?” After hearing this, Ye Feng felt a little proud as a smile appeared on his face.

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COM This dwarf was shaming the Iron Hammer tribe, his voice was not soft either.

He was currently at the Iron Hammer tribe, to think that he would speak ill of them at their territory.

Ye Feng shook his head, he knew where this group of dwarves came from now.

“They were too weak, even with the beastmen’s help, they could not kill that Ye Feng.

If it were our Heavenly Forging tribe, we would have dealt with him already.

” They were so proud and haughty, it was obviously the Heavenly Forging tribe.

“Heh, isn’t that why they asked us for help? Earlier, the Iron Hammer tribe contacted the beastmen and felt that they could resolve the issue of the City of Chaos, but they ended up getting beaten.

” “In my opinion, if they had asked us for help earlier, the City of Chaos would have been our long ago.

” “Well, they have suffered greatly now, so many dwarves and beastmen died.

If they had fought with their full strength from the start, they would not have lost so many people.

” When speaking about the Iron Hammer tribe, disdain was contained in their tone, in their opinion, the City of Chaos was nothing much.

Other than that Ye Feng who was quite good at forging, everyone else was trash.

It was only because the Heavenly Forging tribe had no interest in attacking others, otherwise, they would have been taken down long ago.

Ye Feng listened and squinted uncontrollably, he had made the right decision to come here, this information was quite useful.

According to their words, it seemed like all the dwarf tribes had gathered here, although this could not be their full force, it was a certainty that they were working together.

He decided to leave after waiting for a bit to see if there was any more information, instead of attacking them, he had to return immediately to tell Blake and the rest.

If the other party changed their plan because he showed up, it would become troublesome.

It was a pity that this was all Ye Feng heard.

After saying this, the group went back to talking about random things, they started bragging to each other.

Patience… Patience… Ye Feng breathed out lightly and left the place quietly, he decided to find another place and listen in to the others.

It was a pity that information could not be obtained so easily, even after Ye Feng changed several locations, he only heard some useful information after two hours.

“What do you think the elders are discussing inside?” “Who knows, they must be talking about how to take down the City of Chaos.

That Ye Feng is too arrogant, we must get rid of him now.

” “I’m grateful for your attention.


” Ye Feng thought to himself internally as he continued to listen.

“I have some information here, it seems that the elders are planning to attack forcefully to take down the City of Chaos!” “Oh, how so?” “Originally, the elders wanted to wait for some time and expend the City of Chaos’ strength, but after Ye Feng appeared, they decided to become more serious.

Ye Feng is too strong, if this goes on, we may become the ones who are weakened.

” “I thought Ye Feng is only a Blacksmith? He has so much combat strength?” After hearing this, Ye Feng turned around to leave, even though they were going to praise his strength now, he was not so shameless as to continue listening, it was too embarrassing.

And he had already gotten enough information, he had to return to tell the City of Chaos now.

He did not expect that the Iron Hammer tribe was so mentally weak, after so few people died, they had already called for reinforcements, and many of them at that.

… “The dwarf tribes are going to attack together? A cooperation between many tribes?” The higher-ups of the City of Chaos sat together, Ye Feng and his disciples were among them.

“Indeed, I heard them talk, each of the dwarf tribes has already sent members to gather in the Iron Hammer tribe.

” Ye Feng nodded seriously and continued speaking: “They had allied long ago, earlier, these six tribes joined hands to attack the Yoruk tribe.

” He had thought that they would be progressive in their attack, but to think that they were going to gather everyone to attack now.

Honestly, if Ye Feng had not gone there to spy on them, he would not have expected this and would have been caught unguarded.

“Sir Ye Feng’s information is believable… There is nothing wrong with staying vigilant, we will stop the rebuilding and prepare ourselves for a battle!” Everyone had the same consensus, it was not an issue to delay the rebuilding, but if the City of Chaos was attacked while they were busy, it would be a huge issue, they could not afford to lose the City of Chaos! After the meeting ended, Ye Feng and his disciples returned to the Blacksmith Shop, they got to work.

“Speaking of which, I have not forged for some time.

” Ye Feng waved his hammer and said casually: “I have been moving around for too long, my skills are starting to get rusty.

” He had not rested at all due to these consecutive battles, he had to rush all over the place.

Even though he forged during this period, they were all for the sake of these battles.

He had not been free at all during this period.