Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 125

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Bringing Back Information Ye Feng did not go back to the Iron Hammer tribe, after confirming that his enemies had retreated, he returned to the City of Chaos.

“Teacher, you are finally back.

” Blake saw Ye Feng and immediately went to greet him, smiling bitterly: “You didn’t tell us before leaving, if not for our belief in your strength, we would have gone to look for you.

” Back then, he had panicked with Claude, after all, it was quite scary to see someone disappear without any notice.

“Yeah… my bad.

” Ye Feng scratched his head while feeling a little embarrassed: “I was too angry then, seeing that you were busy, I left without saying anything.

” The truth was, he had not noticed what Blake and Claude were doing, he had no intention to tell them either as he left without second thought.

He had wanted to settle it quickly and return before they noticed, but to think that he would spend so much time there.

He had not expected that Claude found out he was missing so quickly.

“You need to tell us beforehand no matter what.

” Claude sighed helplessly, he got to the next topic: “Teacher, where did you go, did you go to find trouble with the beastmen?” .



This was their previous conjecture, looking at Ye Feng, it was quite likely that they were right.

“Yes, I made a trip to the Iron Hammer tribe by following them.

” Ye Feng smiled, he seemed to be in a good mood.

“Teacher, looking at your joyful expression, did you gain a lot?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Blake looked at Ye Feng and asked curiously: “Did you kill many enemies?” Most of the time, Ye Feng was a stable person, he would not show such an expression.

“Not much.

” Ye Feng chuckled and said smugly: “Killed only around ten Bronze Knight.

” But the shock that he expected to see did not appear.

“Oh…” Blake and Claude said at the same time, there was no surprise in their eyes, they seemed to be completely unmoved.

But Ye Feng cared, he was in a good mood now so he wanted to toy around.

“Hey, your reaction is too boring, why don’t you praise me?” Ye Feng frowned and spoke like he was unhappy about their reaction.

The truth was, if he had to kill them one by one, it was not hard to kill ten, but he had gone into the enemy’s base and fought them together, it was not simple at all! “Oh… oh my goodness, teacher, you are too amazing!” Blake was first stunned before he started to scream: “No way, how did you do it!” “Alright, alright, you may as well not praise me.

” Ye Feng held his head and waved his hand.

“Alright, teacher, tell me what are your other gains.

” Claude interrupted their banter.

The truth was, both Blake and him were just surprised that Ye Feng went missing, after knowing that he was at the Iron Hammer tribe, they no longer felt any curiosity.

After all, Ye Feng was a man of miracles, they knew about his true strength as well.

Even if he said that he had wiped out the Iron Hammer tribe, they would not be too surprised, at most, they would sigh at his amazing strength.

They would also ask Ye Feng what method he used.

“Alright!” Ye Feng said in a tired manner: “Their plan is…” … “Teacher, you got the information before you attacked them?” Blake rubbed his chin and said: “Do you think they will suspect that teacher has already learned of this?” This was quite likely, since Ye Feng was able to attack them sneakily, it was possible that he had entered the tribe to secretly hear their plans.

“This is possible indeed.

” Ye Feng thought about it and said: “They should know that their defense is not strong, since I could have entered easily, in their eyes, I am strong enough to lurk there and listen to their discussion.

” Truthfully, in that situation, as long as it was a considerably powerful Bronze Knight, anyone could have sneaked in.

“In that case, we need to guard against their change of plan.

” Blake continued talking: “But there is no issue with being careful, increasing our defense is necessary.

” Appropriately raising their defenses was not a problem, it would not expend their energy.


” Claude nodded in agreement: “I will go inform them to stay guard now, at least for these few days.

” “I’ll let you two handle this, I am going to their tribe again.

” Ye Feng patted his disciples’ shoulders happily: “I will try and bring back more information.

” He had just attacked them, it was possible that the Iron Hammer tribe felt he would not attack again.

Even though it was unlikely, what if they really did not raise their defense? It would be a huge bonus! “Teacher, are you still going there?” Blake did not agree with it: “They will definitely raise their defense now, you won’t be able to listen to their conversation so easily.

In fact, they might have gathered already, it will be hard to attack them separately.

Even if there is a chance to attack, you won’t be able to kill many.

” “Don’t worry, I have always been vigilant.

” Ye Feng did not mind it: “If they want to gather their forces, they will need time.

This is enough for me to do my thing.

” He would not let himself get into danger.

“Sigh… teacher, you have the final say.

” Blake felt a headache as he shook his head and said: “Mind your safety, our City of Chaos is not weaker than we, we won’t lose.

” The truth was, in terms of strength, the dwarf and beastman alliance was stronger, they had more members and elites.

But the City of Chaos had its own advantage, there were the mechanical beasts and equipment made by Ye Feng, his disciples, and the Yoruk tribe.

Because they were defending, it was easier as well.

Furthermore, the alliance was too chaotic and scattered, there were many different tribes, although they could be led, in terms of compliance and cooperation, they were far inferior.

If the two sides had to fight, with the City of Chaos staying defensive, they simply could not be taken down.

Of course, this was in the absence of accidents.

“Alright, don’t worry, you just need to handle the matters within the City of Chaos.

” Ye Feng waved his hand and turned to leave: “I will teach them a good lesson.

” “Sigh…” Blake and Claude looked at each other with a helpless gaze.

What did he mean by ‘just handle the matters’, they were clearly the ones with more work, right? Forget it, this was their teacher… Furthermore, Ye Feng was going alone to the enemy’s base, it was a dangerous action after all.