Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 119

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Ye Feng Enters The Battlefield “He should be back soon…” Claude answered casually: “Normally speaking, teacher should have gotten the news already, but we do not know how long he’ll take to get here.

” They had already sent people to inform Osborne City long ago.

It was a pity that the person did not get to meet Ye Feng.

A few minutes after he left Osborne City, the person arrived.

They had missed each other.

“Regardless, we need to persevere.

” Blake sighed: “We cannot let them destroy the entire City of Chaos!” The two of them looked at the beastmen who were getting closer, they raised their weapons and charged relentlessly.

Right now, the two of them were important targets for the enemy, but many people on the side of the City of Chaos were providing them support.

Otherwise, the two of them could not last so long.

Suddenly, a fireball that was the size of a human head appeared in thin air and shot out towards the beastmen who were invading the City of Chaos.




Everyone in the City of Chaos were stunned by this signature spell.

Ye Feng was back! The beastmen who were hit instantly turned into ashes without surprise.

Compared to the fireballs that were more explosive in nature, Ye Feng preferred to use such flames that obliterated his enemies.

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COM Because the area of effect was small, it would not hurt allies.

The power was also incredible, far surpassing explosive fireballs.

Of course, this was in a normal situation, under certain situations, he would use the most appropriate spells.

“However, I do not want to rely on fireballs today.

” Ye Feng laughed sinisterly as he entered the battlefield.

He was very very angry now, although he was not too close with the people in the City of Chaos, they were still acquainted.

He did not think of himself as a sage without emotions, but he was also not someone who easily succumbed to emotions.

He only knew that he was very angry and annoyed now, especially earlier, when he saw those familiar faces lying as corpses on the ground, he knew he could not suppress his anger.

“Teacher!” “Teacher!” Two voices resounded and calmed his anger for a moment.

Ye Feng looked at his disciples and nodded, saying ‘stay safe’ before charging towards his enemies.

The two disciples were left looking at each other.

“What is up with teacher…” Blake shook his head in confusion.

Earlier, the surrounding beastmen were killed by Ye Feng, they had the time to relax and recover now.

“Who knows…” Claude shook his head and looked at the corpses with pity and sadness.

He had been in the City of Chaos for as long as Ye Feng, because he was Ye Feng’s disciple, he had not been bullied much, he naturally developed some feelings for his ‘neighbors’.

“Even though I am unsure of the exact situation, I can still tell something.

” Blake raised his heavy sword and looked at the battlefield: “Teacher is really angry now.

” Anyone could tell that Ye Feng was fuming, he was someone who disliked combat, even if he had to fight, he would use fireballs to easily resolve the situation.

But now, he charged into the enemy’s fray! “No kidding!” Claude looked at Blake and scoffed, the two of them had a close relationship now, even though they were fellow disciples, they behaved like close brothers who did not need to be polite to each other.

“Anyone with eyes can tell that teacher’s mood is extremely poor now.

” Claude looked at Ye Feng who was an unstoppable war machine, he did not know who he should pity at this moment.

“Void Slash!” After killing another beastman, Ye Feng turned around expressionlessly to find his next target.

Looking at the blood on his body and his indifferent expression, together with that shockingly powerful aura, Ye Feng was simply like a Demon King who had entered the battlefield! Some beastmen even ran in fear when Ye Feng got close.

“You are Ye Feng?” A werewolf approached him as he licked his claw covered in blood, his ruthless expression could be observed clearly.

“I heard you are a formidable enemy? Allow me to retrieve your head as my victory trophy!” Ye Feng frowned and said impatiently: “Cut the crap.

” Even though this werewolf was here to send himself to death’s door, it was obvious that he had succeeded in wasting Ye Feng’s time.

Ye Feng did not speak, he slashed at this werewolf.

“Heh, I like people like you, it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I kill you.

” The werewolf lowered his body and charged up fearlessly.

“Void Slash!” “Hehe, I am prepared against this move… wait what?!” Ye Feng did not use Void Slash, this werewolf was only an Advanced Knight, he seemed to be mentally challenged, Ye Feng did not want to waste his Void Slash so easily.

Ye Feng used his advantage in speed and strength, after kneeing the werewolf, he slashed at the throat.

With his peak Bronze Knight strength, how could he have trouble against such trash? The werewolf did not even get to react in time before Ye Feng killed him.

“Idiot!” After saying that, Ye Feng continued on his slaughter streak.

… “None of you told us that Ye Feng is so strong?!” Far away, a werewolf with considerable age screamed.

Facing him were several dwarves from the Iron Hammer tribe.

“We mentioned it, but you did not care.

” The dwarves tried to suppress the lack of confidence in their tone, even though they mentioned Ye Feng’s strength, it was only a passing remark, it would not raise any attention.

But to think that Ye Feng got the information so quickly and returned to help.

“That is my son! My son!” The werewolf leader screamed and stared at the dwarves: “I’ll remember this, you will have to pay me the appropriate price later.

” Saying so, he charged into the battlefield, he seemed to be heading towards Ye Feng.

The dwarves sighed in relief, someone asked: “Is he looking for revenge with Ye Feng?” “Likely so.

” “That is his son after all.

” “There is a chance that he will not be able to make us pay the price later.

” They understood Ye Feng’s strength.

The werewolf leader was a peak Bronze Knight, he might be stronger than Ye Feng, but the extent was likely to be small.

And most importantly, Ye Feng was a Magician, even though he was fighting at close range now, it did not mean that he would not use magic if he got into danger.

The werewolf leader was definitely not Ye Feng’s match, of course, escaping should not be an issue.

At this time, the werewolf leader reached Ye Feng.